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Saturday Stumblefest

October 2, 2004

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Dream Journal - A Coworker at Notre Dame

October 2, 2004

I was dreaming a lot last night, but I didn't retain a whole lot. Here's what's left in my head:

A coworker of mine, Mark B., told me he was going to play football for Notre Dame for the next 5 weeks. Or he might have said 5 months. I thought that was so cool because I could watch him on TV.

I went to a shopping center and kept running into people who were in a group with whom I'd go see movies. I was wearing a black dress with two belts. One of the belts was a seat belt that came from the movie theater. I showed it to the people, but they weren't impressed. I thought maybe I could start a trend of women wearing seat belts around their waists over their dresses.

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Unconscious Mutterings

October 3, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Courage:: lion

  2. Stamina:: heartbeat

  3. Leader:: president

  4. Idea:: writing

  5. Rockstar:: long hair

  6. Dew:: Mountain

  7. Guards:: tall hats (like at Buckingham Palace)

  8. Lenny:: Squiggy

  9. Alliance:: Survivor

  10. Cigarettes:: gross

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My Keyring Camera

October 4, 2004

I got a little keyring camera a few weeks ago. They call it a keyring, but it's a necklace. It comes with a cord so you can wear it around your neck. And it's a thumb drive, too. You can drag any kind of file up to 128MB into it and transfer it to another computer.

I love it. It's not for professional photography, though. There are no manual controls (except for on and off). No focus or flash. There's nothing to tell you how much memory you've used. It doesn't take the sharpest pictures in the world. But it's right there when you need it (provided you remember you have it). It plugs right into the USB port and shows up in the file system... no special software or cables to transfer the pictures. All I have to do is drag the pictures from the camera to my hard drive.

I made a gallery of 15 of the pictures I've taken with it.

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Those are nice. I had the model before that and they were pretty fuzzy.

Excellent pics. That thing is going to be fun to have around, especially for those "wish I had a camera" times.

I always wondered where the sidewalk ended.

Hi Gary! Thanks. I didn't have to sharpen the pictures, but I did do some brightness and contrast adjustments.

heehee, Rob. I've been wanting to take a picture of the end of the sidewalk for a while.

Oh cool -- geek drool! A camera AND flash drive, AND it's super portable!

Really neat pictures too.

But what you said about not needing drivers, just plug it in and it shows up -- that's XP only. As hard as it is to believe, not everybody has that! Karlyn and I do, and I do at work, but mine at work is one of only 3 that have XP. The others (30 computers?) are 98, 2000, ME, or NT.

That's one of the great things about XP: True plug and play for almost all of the simpler USB devices (card readers, external drives). It seems like a little thing, but it SURE makes a difference.

I don't have XP at work, and it works fine there. It's either NT or 2000... not sure.

It sure is cool, though. I've found myself starting to look for things to take pictures of again. happy

I have 2000 at home and at work and I haven't found a USB device that doesn't work yet.

What a Great Football Weekend

October 5, 2004

This weekend was a great football weekend for me. I won $80 in a college football pool. I tied with someone for first place out of 51 people. Last year I didn't win a dime.

All four of my favorite teams won. The UT Longhorns and ASU Sun Devils are undefeated. The Houston Texans won two in a row for the first time in franchise history (that's what the commentators say... like there's this long history there). And the Arizona Cardinals won. Emmitt Smith has a perfect passing rating... one attempt, one completion and one touchdown. I bet Irish Bruce $5 at work that Emmitt is the only NFL player with a record like that, but I lost. Jack Losch from the Green Bay Packers did it, too.

This week is the Red River Shootout. Hook 'em Horns!

In baseball news... I just found out this morning that the Astros are in the playoffs. I'm a fair-weathered baseball fan. I only like it when the Astros get past the first round of the playoffs. So Go Astros!

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What? Your not a fad of Rodney Dangerfield? How can you not be?Umm

I'm sad he died. frown I sent you an email, Mando! smile

TV Shows

October 6, 2004

  • Lost - I thought they were going to blow it with the mysterious giant beast that grabbed the pilot right out of the cockpit, but they've gotten away from that and have been focusing on the people. At the end of tonight's episode, there was a very interesting sequence. There was happy music playing (Ben Harper?) and people were being nice to other people unexpectedly and good things were happening. I was crying a bit because it was touching. Then the music changed unexpectedly, it focused on Terry O'Quinn, and everything felt ominous. I love a show that can take a sharp turn like that.

  • Wife Swap - I only watched this because I was too lazy to pick up the remote. It was much better than I thought it would be. I watched the one where the country lady swapped with the rich lady. I loved it when the country lady dismissed the nannies. It seems like everyone learned something or got something good out of it except the rich husband. What an arrogant ass! I loved when his kids told the country lady she was a good mommy. smile I haven't seen tonight's show all the way through, but I think both wives are bonkers.

  • Survivor - I think Twila saved herself last week when she softened up at Tribal Council and said maybe she would have the younguns braid her hair and do her nails. I guess someone decided she was cool and switched their vote. I was glad Mia got booted... she was too bitchy.

  • The Bachelor - That show is awful. A bunch of beautiful women competing over a man. Sheesh. Gives me the willies. I don't think I've ever really liked a show that's all about beautiful people. Plus... it would have to be some kind of weird and unforeseen situation where I would compete for a man. But then it's not like I'm having any luck finding anyone anyway.

  • Joan of Arcadia - God hugged Joan this week. That made me cry. I thought it was interesting how Kevin started feeling guilty about the accident after he went to see his friend. I think his friend just needs Kevin to be friendly with him so he can stop feeling so guilty. I bet he would drop the lawsuit.

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My "Lost" discussion group at work (!) thinks Terry O. might be linked to the secrets of the island somehow ... He's got a touch of Eastern Mysticism about him (the dog whistle, the lecture on the nature of backgammon), but we think he's got an Intelligence background.

With the Monster and the polar bear, the island seems to have elements of Dr. Moreau and Jurassic Park.

I bet some super-secret organization is involved.

Or maybe I just think that because of O'Quinn's and (creator) J.J. Abrams' connection to "Alias".

Still, it would be just like Abrams ...

Also: Joan of Arcadia seems to FINALLY be getting back to basics (i.e. assignments from God). I was about ready to give up on the show. Last night was its last chance ... and it came through!

I'm sorry, but to me it's just not the same show when it's not about God giving her obliqued, irrelevant jobs to do, that turn out to have direct impact on the lives of those around her. That's what makes the show tick. Everything else is just a very thick, overcooked icing on a really tasty cake.

O'Quinn was in the X-Files movie, and although he wasn't entrenched in the conspiracy, anyone related to the X-Files makes me think of super-secret organizations. I'm excited about TV again.

I still liked Joan without the formula, but I have a big crush on the dad and both brothers. happy I agree, though, that it wouldn't have been the same without the formula. I loved this exchange:

Joan: So what I was supposed to grow?
God: (pause) Grew.

Yay, Joan!

Actually, I think he T.O. WAS part of the conspiracy in the X-Files movie. Remember, he went in to where the bomb was, supposedly trying to defuse it, but all he did was watch it count down? It looked like they were implying that he had to give his life to make *sure* that it went off.

He's been in some more conspiratorial stuff too, but I can't remember what right now. (Also, he was Howard Hughes in The Rocketeer!) And he got his big break as the psycho title character in the first Stepfather movie (with a toupee!).

Oh yeah... I forgot about him just watching the countdown. It looks like next week, he'll be encountering one of the scary island critters. Maybe he has some control over them (or they have a mutual respect for each other).

The commercials are implying that he gets killed by the monster, but then the commercials imply a lot of things.

Last week they hinted strongly that Kate shot and killed the federal marshal. As it turned out: 1) He was dying and wanted a mercy killing; 2) She didn't do the shooting; and 3) He didn't die after all!

So you can't always tell what's going to happen on the show just going by the commercials ...

Yeah... I already figured he wouldn't get killed by a scary island critter because of all the false implications in past commercials. Sometimes too many false implications can lead to a level predictability. But I was thinking maybe he comes face to face with one and, instead of getting killed (as implied), he's able to communicate with it in some way. Or that look on his face could be when the earthquake starts. Oh wait... the earthquake is on the commercial for Survivor. laugh

You Found Me How?

October 7, 2004

Searches to my site:

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Moonset over the Gulf

October 7, 2004

Astronomy Picture of the Day - October 7, 2004 - I've never seen a moonset picture. This one over the Gulf of Mexico is beautiful. It's a long exposure, so the stars in constellation Scorpius are streaks. The lightning flash is fantastic, too.

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Great picture. I bet he closed that shutter immediately after the lightning.

I bet you're right. I need to learn how to do that with my camera (if it can do that).

Yeah, digital long exposure photography is on my list of things to learn, too. I'm an amateur astronomer (Very amateur). I took a few pretty good ones with my 35mm many years ago. If I ever find the prints again, I'll post them.

Spam Bombs!

October 8, 2004

I just cleaned up 280 comment spams. Two Hundred and Eighty Freaking Spam Bombs! All from the same spammer. Thank goodness for Jay Allen and MT-Blacklist! It only took me a few minutes to eradicate them all. If I'd had to do it manually, I'd probably have deleted my blog. Bastages.

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I got 8 of those damn things this morning. One day I had fifty. And Enetation doesn't have any anti-spam measures.

The only reason I know they're there is because I get comment notifications by e-mail, but they always seem to be infesting my archives, so unless I stumble across them while reading my old posts, I have no way of finding and deleting them.

Those bastards ...

I got that many once. There was a spam comment for just about every message. I've learned a few tricks. Check your email.

I wondered if they were hitting Enetation. I guess there's no reason they couldn't. frown Oooo... they make me mad. mad

Thanks, Rob! smile

Do you publish your blacklist? We don't @ Fanblogs and (shh) the personal blog no longer uses blacklist.

I used to publish it, but I haven't seen how to set it to publish with the upgrade. It came with a 2000 entry list that I want to pare down. It's a very inefficient list. tongue

Comments are (unintentionally) going through an approval queue

October 9, 2004

Rob planted a seed... he upgraded his moveabletype installation. It's been on my mind all day, so I took the plunge. So far, the only problem I can see is that comments are forced through an approval queue. So your comments won't show up right away. Blah.

There's another problem, but that might be with the operator. Hopefully, I'll get everything worked out tomorrow. smile

Edit: The comment problem seems to have worked itself out. So please... comment! happy

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Yours went smoother than mine. That is probably the operator, too. I'm pleased with it. MT-Blacklist for the new version of MT seems to be even more effective and considerably less maintenance. That's a winning combo if ever there was one.

I'm relieved I didn't screw everything up. I spent quite a bit of time in the afternoon backing up my templates, all the entries, and the database just in case. That's probably what made things go smoothly. If I hadn't, I surely would have lost it all.

I like the feature in Blacklist that matches a URL with the entered string. I'm happy. smile I edited the stylesheet for the interface today because I have a hard time reading that light gray Trebuchet font against a white background.

Just Some Stuff - Goat, Captcha, Sports

October 10, 2004

  • Yesterday I saw a man with a goat on my walk around the neighborhood. I wanted to take a picture of the goat, but the man was there. Later, I wished that I had asked the man if I could take a picture of him and the goat.

  • I had to register my email address to download some software yesterday. They were using a captcha image to keep out the bots. I don't mind those things when I can read them. But when a sighted person struggles to see it, it's not serving its intended purpose (to let in the humans). I actually had to take a screen capture of the image, put it into my Fireworks program and blow it up 400% to read it. The image is below. Can you read it? Take a guess in the comments.

    Unreadable Captcha

  • Last week was my good sports week. All my favorite football teams won. This week is the balance... the only team that hasn't tanked so far is the ASU Sun Devils, and they had a bye week this week. Arizona is playing now, but I'm not holding my breath. And now that I'm getting excited about baseball, the Astros lost. I'm tied for 7th overall in the college football pool, though, so I can't complain too much.

  • Wife Swap is fun to watch! A recurring outcome so far (after seeing 2 shows) is that the dads end up spending more time with their kids. Moms, too, but some moms already spend a lot of time with their kids. Last week, the hippie husband bonded with his daughter over their distaste of the conservative southern lady who came to live in their liberal home. Watching the animal rights activist wife at the home of the southern hunter was a hoot, too. I liked the hunter guy until the end when he went off on the hippie husband just because he has dreadlocks. I can't stand intolerance like that. At the end of the last show, the only people I liked were the hippie husband and the kids. Save the kids before they become their parents!! The people either gain a new attitude (for the better) or they strengthen the attitudes they already have (not always for the better). I can't wait for the next show!

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Is there a prize ?

The prize is pride. mischief

Your guess is the first guess I made.
Two of those characters are wrong.


I had the same problem. I never got it right. I had to back up and start over and hope the next random number was legible.

Three of those characters are wrong.

I thought about starting over, but tried blowing it up first. Luckily, that helped.


PS: Saw Minnie Driver sing. She was okay, quite lovely, but I kept having the feeling that she wasn't "punching" her song hard enough! Anyhow, I am so happy for the heads-up! This might be a case for listening to her whole album before making a snap judgement, huh? What did you think of her voice and delivery?

P.T. One letter's case is wrong, and two of the other characters are wrong.

I love Minnie's voice. She has a soft delivery, but the songs are real laid back, so they suit her. One thing I'm not sure about... if I'd have liked the songs as much if she wasn't Minnie Driver. I can't answer that for sure, but I think I would.

Ah! So...I have one right! Hahahaha! It's that way because I was being "proper" and you know, I'm hardly ever that!laugh

Yep... the "proper" one is right if only it was "improper." laugh

...without looking at anyone else's answers: f5zety????

Close, otto! You got all but one character right.

It's gotta be


I win!

Hahah! Just kidding!laugh

Nope... still one wrong. smile

All the characters have been guessed correctly... just not at the same time!

Gosh, it's like playing Mastermind.

I would've guessed "l5zcty" or "I5zcty"... never would've even occurred to me that that first character was an "f" were it not for these comments.

I can't remember anymore which letter got me. I think it was the "z". Might have been the "f" and "c", too. Nutso!

Unconscious Mutterings

October 10, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Spacious:: living room

  2. Crash:: cymbal

  3. Autobiography:: never

  4. Sparkly:: diamonds

  5. Wild Thing:: The Troggs? okay... motorcycle

  6. Haagen-Das:: chocolate

  7. Sci-fi:: green

  8. Voice:: over

  9. Boy Scouts:: uniform

  10. Grief:: sadness

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Wild Thing: Heart Sing!Love

Oh yeah.. that, too! laugh

Name Three Things...

October 11, 2004

Monday Madness

1. your ideal salad has on it.
iceberg lettuce, creamy raspberry vinaigrette (do they even make that?), and crispy (but not hard) croutons.

2. you do religiously in the morning.
walk LilyDawg, pee pee, and check my blog.

3. you look forward to doing in your spare time.
work on my website, read my friends' blogs, and play and write music.

4. you've never done before, but think you will at some point in your life.
get married, drive around the U.S. visiting state capitols, and hear myself singing in the soundtrack of a tv or movie.

5. you love to do while on vacation.
take pictures, walk around university campuses and state capitols, and eat good food.

6. you took pictures of in the last month.
a decapitated giraffe, a truck with a palm tree in the back, and the top half of my coworker's head.

7. you have to do before the end of the day.
feed LilyDawg, walk LilyDawg, and brush my teeth.

8. you like about your best friend.
She snuggles up with me on the couch, she never asks questions, and she's nice to the kids on our block.

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Thank you for linking to me, happy to return the favour Party

Paul thumb

My pleasure, Paul! Thank *you* smile

Headless giraffe? What the hell is the world coming to?!

If Spritle saw that while in kindygarten, he'd have a cow!

I wonder who's the head of the toy militia?rolleyes

Some spooky stuff.

First it's toys, then it's games, and what after that?!

One day, I'll discover the head of the toy militia!! It's my mission...

I love walking around university campuses, too, particularly in the fall.


October 12, 2004

I've been haunted by a couple of ex-boyfriend/dates/whatever in the last few days. I heard some disturbing news that I won't go into out of respect for the parties involved, but it brought back all the anger I felt about the way my last boyfriend treated me. If you've been visiting here a while, you know he started seeing someone else without telling me and just kinda disappeared from the relationship. I found out about the other woman later. Saturday night I dreamed that he sent me an email. It would be the first I'd heard from him since January. He attached a document with the story of how he met the other lady with lots of pictures of them being happy together. I woke up feeling slapped. He's had some really bad stuff happen to him over the last week, so no comments kicking him while he's down. This is about me processing this stuff.

The bad news put a cloud over my whole weekend and is another reason why I threw myself into the Movable Type upgrade I did on Saturday. I tend to bury myself in my web site when things aren't quite right with my world. Well... I bury myself in my website when things are right, too.

Then this morning, I saw another ex-date at Starbucks. In the flesh. I'm not sure if he recognized me. I barely recognized him. I was standing right behind him in line. I remember him as this skinny guy, but he's filled out. Maybe he's doing circuit training or something. He had more gray in his hair, although he was prematurely gray before. He had the same mannerisms as he took his keys out of his pocket and dropped them back in. And the way he held his portfolio was very much like my ex-date would have. But I didn't *know* it was him until I heard his nasal voice when he ordered his coffee.

This is the guy who told me he didn't want to date me anymore because I wasn't thin enough. Gotta admire him for his honesty, but definitely not for his tact.

One thing about the "you're too fat" break up guy that's good is that he inspired parts of at least two songs. One of the most famous (in my small circle) lines from one of my songs goes:

I said, "Love is nothing for you to decide
Love is natural
If you've gotta think about it for a while
Your heart is cynical"

That was very loosely inspired by him. And, oddly enough, was a favorite lyric of the other ex-boyfriend.

I don't think I have any other exes with whom I've experienced unforgiven hurtful splits. Splits are never easy, of course, but the rest were amiable. Hopefully seeing the one guy at Starbucks was a fluke. Otherwise, I'll have to start going to a different Starbucks.

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Nice spooky look. Love is funny. You have this ability to overlook any and all faults. When the love is gone, suddenly all those things matter. Love is truly blind. It's wonderful. We should all be in love. Or drunk.

I want to so badly stick my two centses in, but I better not.

Now I'm thinkin' and thinkin'....

I wanna be in love. Not drunk, though. laugh

I'll email you, p.t.!

I want to fall over...in disbelief.frown


Thanks for sharing.Hug

Hey Kim, don't let them nuttzos get to you! just believe in yourself!

btw, my e-mail (hotmail) is at 98 percent full. so I am prolly not receiving your mails lately, ugh frown

Well, I posted the new one in your e-mail addy slot, I hope it works, lol

I'm cool, boog! I talked to a few people, and I'm feeling a lot better. Got your email! Hug

Jury Duty

October 12, 2004

Today I did the jury impaneling process over the internet. How freakin' cool is that? I got a summons on Saturday. Last time I got a summons, I had to go to an empty warehouse place and get herded with all the other cattle into lines for this and that. It took all afternoon. Then I didn't get called for a jury.

This time, I just had to answer a few questions over the internet. Now I wait to get an assignment by email. It'll be sometime between tomorrow and December 26th. I've never served on a jury. I've only actually gotten called to the courthouse once. It was traffic court, and they dismissed us all after an hour saying they didn't need us.

I think I'd like to serve on a jury at least once in my life. I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

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Yeah! I caution you! You better be careful what you wish for b/c I didn't wish for it, but like hell if I didn't get called for ONE WHOLE YEAR of Grand Jury Duty!mad

I kicked stuff.

Oh my gosh!! I forgot about Grand Jury!! I'd kick stuff, too. lolmad

I was summoned once and was herded in with the 500 other people like cattle but was the 3rd person called and the first person selected for the 6-person jury. It was a two day trial and it was an awesome experience. I don't ever need to do it again but I'm glad I did it once. 490 of those 500 people that were summoned with me sat around all day for a few days doing nothing but waiting.

I better remember to take a book with me in case I'm one of the ones sitting around for two days.

Yes, definitely take a book. I was called for jury duty twice; on a jury one of those times. (The other time I went in every day except Monday for 2 weeks and just sat in the room waiting to be called; never was.) I really didn't want to be selected for the jury but I was, and now I'm glad I experienced it. I agree with Rob; don't need to do it again either.


October 13, 2004

Houston AstrosMy momma loved the Astros. She used to watch all the games from her desk in the living room of our house. She'd sit and paint ceramics or stitch Christmas stockings or work on her direct mail order typing jobs and watch the Astros play. She was heart broken the year (or more?) that baseball went on strike. She'd be so happy to know the Astros are a series away from the World Series.

Being a fair-weathered Astros baseball fan, I decided to watch the Astros/Cardinals game tonight after I watched "Lost." After two innings, I remembered why I don't like baseball. It's mostly because of me... I can't keep up with the number of balls and strikes and outs. I know I can just look at the handy information graphic, but I still have a hard time. Does 0-1 mean 0 strikes and 1 ball or 0 balls and 1 strike. Don't bother answering... I won't remember. With football, I can keep up... there are 4 downs and there's a fake line "painted" on the field where the first down marker is. Whoever invented that fake line is a genius!

I also can't tell if it's a ball or strike half the time. I wish the announcers would say "strike" or "ball." It seems everyone knows but me. Even the people sitting in the stadium half a mile away!

Then sometimes the batter swings, and it doesn't look like he hit the ball because the ball goes to the catcher, but the batter takes off running anyway. What's that about? I don't remember that happening when I was a kid. And sometimes a foul is a strike and sometimes it's not.

And what is it about baseball that makes the players mouths water so much. *spit*

So I think I'll just keep baseball on in the background and look at the score every once in a while. It's too frustrating actually watching.

Go Astros!!

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The Astros and Cardinals are playing a great series. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see a lot of it.

It's exciting. Even the Red Sox/Yankees are exciting! happy

Abdication Almost Right

October 13, 2004

Yay! A Random Poem!
roseFrom Rob's Random Poem Generator using my blog.
Yay! for the end when I saw
a palm tree in the playoffs.
a long history there.
not support JavaScript.
Click to be interesting to date me
Abdication Almost Right
with their distaste of my Songs
A jury This week.

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Ha! That's one of the best poems so far!

I like the first two lines ...

Yeah... the first two lines are great!

And it found "Almost Right", it must have taste! grin

Googling 6870 Miles

October 14, 2004

A couple years ago, I did a google search for "6870 Miles." That was the name of a recording project I was a part of at the time. Two songs resulted from that project.

Anyway... I decided to resurrect my Google findings from the past and see if I could find some more. Here you go...

  • Alaska has 6870 miles of state highway. See this Federal Highway Administration PDF document.
  • In 1995, Maine had 6870 miles of major striping done off the interstate at a total project cost of $2,472,206. Source: Maine Transporation Safety Trends Report (no longer available on the web).
  • Carol and Bryan started riding their bikes on August 12, 1995 in Castle Rock, Colorado. They arrived in Gila Hot Springs, New Mexico 6870 miles and 7 months later. Wow... I need to take some time to read through that stuff. They've ridden all kindsa places. smile
  • Moonrise: Ship's Log - As of June 18, 2004, the Moonrise had gone 6870 miles from Alameda on a sailing trip from Belize to the U.S.
  • The distance from Jerusalem to New Orleans is 6870 miles according to The Annotated Bob Dylan. You'll have to search for the reference on that page.
  • All of the major tributaries [of the Connecticut River] placed end to end would measure 6870 miles according to Connecticut RiverFest: River Minutes.
  • It's the distance in air miles from Paris to Buenos Aires. infoplease.com
  • It's the average miles per year that girls ages 16 to 19 are driving since 1975. Law Enforcement News
  • It's the distance from Seoul (via Bangkok) to Melbourne on Thai Airways Thai Airways
  • It's the distance of "snow lane miles" that Pennsylvania counties budget between $300,000 and $590,000 for salt and anti-skid to keep them safe and passable. Statistics Teacher's Network
  • It's the distance between Tokyo, Japan and Atlanta, George. How Far Is It.

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Ha, that's interesting! I'm tempted to punch other 4-digit numbers (say, 7293 miles) into Google and see what it's the distance between ... don't be surprised to see that show up in a post!

I'll watch for it! thumb

I Went to Work Twice Today

October 15, 2004

I've been working my hiney off lately trying to get our work website tidy on the back end. Oooo... I said "hiney" and "back end" in the same sentence.

I worked late every night this week. Tonight I worked until 6:00. When I got home, I thought of something else I wanted to do to a file and decided to look at it. I typed in the URL of our homepage and got a different page with a lot of broken images. It was a page that goes in a different area of the site. Looks like someone uploaded it over the homepage. It could have been me, but I didn't go near that page today. It could have been a couple other people, but I can't imagine they would be doing anything with that page today.

Bottom line... I had to go up to work to put the homepage back. I signed into the after hours log at 8:19 and signed out at 8:27. Eight minutes at work, and an hour round trip from home. I wish I had access to do it from home. I guess I should look into that.

The guard at the front desk is so young. I've seen him before, but never in his guard gear. I thought he was just some kid they hired to sit at the desk and ask people to sign in, but tonight he was all decked out in his cowboy hat and uniform.

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Irish KellyIrish Kelly | October 18, 2004 3:05 PM

I am Irish Kelly and I am innocent.

It smells of an Irishman.

Saturday Stumblefest

October 16, 2004

Stumble Upon Toolbar Stumbled upon through StumbleUpon

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Thanks as usual for the mention!

(Although I hope the proximity to the Urban Asshole item was a coincidence ... ha!)

ha! Mere coincidence!


October 17, 2004

I just got back from the grocery. I bought the following produce:

Squash, Pumello, Onion, Limes and Yellow Pepper

There's an acorn squash, which I'll bake one night this week with some butter and artificial sweetener. There's a pumello, which I'd never seen before. I'll talk more about that in a minute. There's a giant onion, which I'll cut and saute in butter to eat with chicken later in the week. There are 5 small limes which I'll use in sodas (sugar free cherry, raspberry or watermelon syrup and seltzer water). And a yellow pepper which I'll slice into slivers and saute with the onion. The lady got confused and charged me for a green bell pepper which is half the price.

Here's what the pumello looks like on the inside:

Inside of a Pumello

It makes me think of lungs. The pumello wasn't ringing up, so she arbitrarily charged me the same price as the acorn squash (99 cents a pound). I don't know how much it was supposed to cost, but I'm sure it was more than that. It tastes like a sweetened grapefruit. I had cut it up into bite sized pieces to eat it because trying to peel it with with my fingers was smushing the tasty part.

I like trying new (to me) fruit, but I don't think I've ever tried a new fruit and declared it better than any of the fruits I usually eat.

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That looks like a lot of rind on that pumello. Is that normal?

My early morning google research into the pumello revealed that it's actually spelled pummelo (my bad) and that the thick rind is normal. Gosh I love the internet. happy

Ears. I say they look like ears. Or two raw steaks.grin

Oh yeah... red ears or steaks with a lot of fat. haha That rind in the middle was interestingly spongy.

Unconscious Mutterings

October 17, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Dimension:: measurement

  2. Roger:: wilco

  3. CSI:: Miami

  4. Passenger:: jetliner

  5. Thankful:: saying grace

  6. Has-been:: down and out

  7. Bambino:: baby

  8. Wrinkles:: eyes

  9. Cable TV:: woah... a direct tv commercial is on right now.

  10. Voicemail:: I hope I don't have any messages.

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Baseball is Fun!

October 18, 2004


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Yes, both series are fun now.

This baseball stuff keeps me up past my bedtime. It was a late night last night, and it'll be another one tonight. Fun!

RSS Feeds were Wonky

October 19, 2004

All my RSS feeds went wonky for a while after I installed MTMultiBlog. Hopefully, I didn't lose anybody. If you're still here... it's fixed. smile

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Just stoppin' in to say Howzit, Kim!cool

Hiya P.T.! Things are grrrr-eat! I need to take a trip to the post office to send an envelope to Hawaii!! wink

My fridge

October 19, 2004

Pete, whose cat, Joey, graces my Halloween blog skin, had "What's in Your Fridge Day?" yesterday. Better late than never, here is my fridge:

My Fridge

I spy Brita filtered water, sugar free juice, heavy cream, a styrofoam container of ranch dressing, pineapple, a container of brownie dough, chicken broth, lots of seltzer water, Braunschweiger liver sausage, cheese, a deep fried turkey breast, eggs, butter, bacon, cantaloupe, two containers of chicken wings, Diet Rite sodas, Worchestershire sauce, sugar free bbq sauce, a plastic cup of some kind of home mixed dressing, mustard, salsa, caramel topping, pickles, mayo, salad dressing and, surprise... Kahlua! Thank goodness my fridge is clean. smile

So now you take a picture of your fridge and post it on your blog. Don't forget to comment or trackback at Petes and here. And check out all the other people's fridges at Petes.

I can't wait for "What's in Your Freezer Day?"!!

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yay! you know, so far everyone's fridge has looked cleaner then mine. i may need to do something about that before we have what's in your freezer day... smile

mmmm, pineapple. Mix that with the Kahlua, a little liver sausage, and the seltzer, and stand back. That's what we used to make geysers in 8th grade Earth Science. sick

Two containers of chicken wings!

You're hooked huh wink

I should probably clean my freezer, too, Pete. heh!

hahaha Kyle! That Seltzer water has a lot of umph.. I'm sure I could make a real mess!

Boogie!! That's usually all I eat on weekends. I had leftovers because I ordered Chinese on Friday night, so I had too much food!

If only my refirgerator was that clean.

Actually, I'd be satisfied if I could just find the source of the funky smell.

Funky smell... ewwww. laugh

You Found Me How?

October 21, 2004

Searches to my site:

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Oh my....quite a bunch of weird search strings. What the hell are these people thinking, or should I say, looking for?!nerd


Hi Kim!*smile

Yep... nutty!

hey kimba -

'swiss cheese guitar' caught my eye ... the one i know of was made famous by 'bumblefoot' ... aka ron thal, the engineer on vital point's first cd. he's an old pal of ours and an other-worldly guitarist. he also has built many of his own over the years, including the swiss cheese one. check out www.bumblefoot.com for more ...


Thanks, Ant! I posted a new post about it. smile

Back to Hating Baseball

October 21, 2004

I've got my life back (such that it is). No more watching baseball 'til late every night. Instead, I'll go back to cursing the fact that baseball is taking up sports conversations during football season.

If I were to continue watching, though, I wouldn't know who to root for. My momma's philosophy was always to root for the team that beat you. She would want the Cardinals to win the World Series so she could say the Astros got knocked out by the champions.

But I spent the last couple of weeks pulling for the Red Sox. Plus there's that curse thing where they haven't won a World Series in 3000 years or something. That would be something if they won. Then again, being a fair-weather Astros fan, the thought crosses my mind... "at least they got to the World Series."

Doesn't matter... baseball is so over. Bring on Chad Pennington, Eric Ainge, David Carr and the Manning boys!!

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I have no one to root for. My two favorite teams made it to the series so I'll just root for a seven game nailbiting best series ever thing. When the Red Sox and Cardinals played in 1967, I enjoyed the way the two teams played so much that I've been rooting for both ever since. Sorry to see the Astros go. I like the way they play. Delighted to see the Yankees go.

That's a tough spot. I guess it takes some pressure off, though. You know a team you like is going to win! smile

Support the Austin Zoo

October 22, 2004

From Irish Kelly...

To promote their new game, Zoo Tycoon 2, Microsoft is in search of America's Favorite Zoo. The winner of this contest will receive a $25,000 grant. Austin Zoo is one of the 15 semi-finalist and is the only private, non-profit Zoo in the running. Yay! Austin Zoo!

Please support Austin Zoo by going to the Zoo Voting Site and voting for it. Just scroll down, click the button next to Austin Zoo (first on list) and submit.

Here's the Austin Zoo.

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It got my vote.

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | October 22, 2004 5:59 PM


Thanks from Irish Kelly. The Austin Zoo deserves any support it can get.

Thanks, Rob!

Thanks for telling me about it, I. Kelly. I hope they win!

Bird of Sorrow and Dreamers Two

October 23, 2004

My friend CJ Wray asked me to sing on a song on his upcoming CD, Dreamers Two. It's a touching, sad song called "Bird of Sorrow." The CD will be released on December 1st, and CJ has set up a website with clips: Dreamers Two Mini-Site.

CJ is also going to perform a live concert of the music on the CD online December 1st at Ampcast.com. I'll post a reminder when it gets closer. smile

CJ Wray: Future Live 2004 Concert Poster

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I heard keyboards, they sounded nice!

Anyways, congrats on the collab you two! smile

You're welcome, CJ! Thank *you*!

Yep... CJ's great with those keyboards, Boogie. Thanks!

Dream Journal - Chocolate Sandwich

October 24, 2004

I was going to a party in a hotel or apartment building. I walked up to a door with a table in front of it with a small layout of food. A chocolate sandwich caught my eye. It had chocolate bread that looked like white bread with cocoa added to it. It also had lines of chocolate on top (like that magic shell stuff). Inside was a slice of chocolate pound cake and 3 or 4 1-inch square wafers that looked like they were made from the same stuff as Cap'n Crunch. I wanted to eat the sandwich, but some people were walking by, so I walked away.

I found a vending machine with a sign pointing to it, but I don't remember what the sign said. I found another door, and somehow I knew the party was inside. I stood outside for a minute and decided not to go in. I knew I would feel out of place and people would comment on how I wasn't having a good time which would be the lone cause of me not having a good time.

I started walking back to my hotel. I was walking with some women. One of the women said, "I think I'll go on 51st [or something] Street." I walked with her. We were walking through an old neighborhood with large houses (like Hyde Park in Austin). She said I was going the wrong way, and I realized I didn't know where I was or how to get to my hotel. She pointed me in the right direction.

I found my hotel and had to walk through some shops to get inside. First was Starbucks, but it was closed. Then there was a candy store with some great looking chocolate stuff. I wanted some, but thought the people inside would look down on me for buying candy.

The dream changed, and I was at work. I turned around to say, "Hey David, we going to lunch?", but before the whole sentence was out, I realized there wasn't a David there. Bruce was in the cubicle next to me, and Boogaboo was in the cubicle behind him. I couldn't remember who I usually go to lunch with. Then a girl came by Boogaboo's desk, and they went to lunch holding hands. I looked at Bruce, and we gave each other a "Woo Woo" kind of look. I thought about it, and realized I never go to lunch with Bruce, so I just went to lunch by myself.

Then I was back in a hotel room. I was getting dressed to go to dinner. I was having a real hard time. My panties were very hard to pull up. I got everything in place, but as I was leaving, I realized my panty hose had slipped down around my thighs and they were very tight. I should have just been able to pull them up, but they wouldn't pull up without a struggle. Then I put some jeans on, and they were huge. I was looking for a pin or something so I could pleat the waistline and make them fit.

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Obviously it was a wierdo dream Boogaboo... The Real Boogaboo, would have insisted on taking YOU for lunch thumb

hehehehe Hi Boogie! smile

Howdy back atcha Kim tongue

Say! When do we get to stop staring at that ceiling on your web cam, and see your smile again! cool

I'll work on that! Maybe tonight. smile

Ack!! your hair has grown so nice and long!

And you're still cute as a bean wink

Thanks, boog! happy Take a good long look... I might not have all that hair the next time you see me. tongue


Well, that's ok, you'll still be a cute beany smile

A chocolate sandwich??? Ha -- I know what Freud would say about that ... !

Unconscious Mutterings

October 24, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Blackout:: cake

  2. Platinum:: album

  3. Leather and lace:: Stevie Nicks

  4. Court:: tennis

  5. Mind your own business:: hahaha

  6. Gambling:: Las Vegas

  7. Lily:: Yay! My Puppy Dog!

  8. Evasive:: closed off

  9. Turn-on:: something sexy

  10. Suspect:: Kevin Spacey

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Checking Myself Out

October 25, 2004

My grocery store (no.. it's not really *mine*) has 4 self-checkout stands. They're relatively new, and I haven't used them because I usually have a basket full of stuff. I wanted to wait until I had a small purchase, so there would be less risk I'd have a problem.

Tonight, I went to buy fruit and something to serve it in tomorrow at work. I already had some fruit, so I didn't have to get much. I bought strawberries, blueberries and two big sectioned storage containers. The first thing I scanned (blueberries) didn't work. The computer complained that it was an unknown item and told me to set them aside. I put them down next to the computer screen. The computer complained that there were items there, and told me to move them. D'oh! The other two things scanned okay.

I had to wait for the lady working the stands to come over and help me with the blueberries. She asked me how much they were, but I didn't know. So she charged me $1.99. They probably cost more than that, so it worked out well.

Then I scanned my debit card, collected my receipt and headed home. It was kinda cool. I wouldn't want to do a whole basket full of food, though.

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I have mixed feelings about it. There was a time at service stations that there was a difference in price between self-serve and full-serve. There should be. I don't mind a company cutting expenses and increasing their profits but I'm not wild about them inconveniencing me to do it.

I self-checked out today. It never goes smoothly. The thing is always scolding us for something or other; unrecognized item, unreadable barcode, move items, don't move items, call the cashier! It's always something or other and it drives me wild!

Tonight's biggie was a warning on the screen for us to "touch" the item to the screen to deactivate it? What???!!!! So, like a dummie, husband did it, but absolutely nothing happened no matter how many times he shoved the thing against the screen. I stood on the side thinking it was retarded. The cashier finally came over.

In the end, she might as well have just rung us in, dammit!

Drives me flippin' crazy!mad

Albertson's...helping make your life easier! Um...no. I'm a smart, edumacated woman and I've never felt so stupid in my life as I did the one time I tried to check myself out there. Three items...took about ten minutes. Oy!

Hi Kim! I've tried the self-checking-out thing a couple of times and both times were a complete disaster...it ended up taking longer than if I would have stood in line to be checked out by the grocery clerk. I stay away from them now. By the way, I've recently created a new blog...come by and visit sometime! smile

I hate self-checkouts as well. My husband loves to go to them for some unknown reason. He thinks it's quicker - it NEVER is! We always always have to wait for a cashier/manager to come over and fix something.

Dang... sounds like it never works for anyone. tongue To me, it's one of those things that would be really great if it would only work! laugh

Kimber! I found your blog the other day, and put a link in my sidebar, but I haven't had much time to visit. I'm so glad you're back to blogging! I'll be around there for sure!!

Self-checkout lanes are bad for numerous reasons; the most important being computers replacing humans. Quite simply, these represent lost jobs. In the same way that jobs have become our country's largest export comodity, self-checkout lanes represent large companies saving money at the cost of human lives. Sure, they may cost $40,000 to install one, but to the large corporations, they translate to no sick days, no health insurance, no vacation pay, etc. It is important to realize what these represent as a whole. Quite frankly, I would prefer taking the chance of getting the incorrect change.

I don't mind self-checks (the ones here usually have a supervisor nearby in case there are questions), but Albertson's shop-and-scan system sucks big green ones.

The weigh-and-sticker system for the produce negates any time savings at checkout. Plus, one time they decided to "audit" (i.e. re-scan) all my items. Fortunately, they came up with the same total as me; besides the fact that it totally defeated the purpose of self-checking and cost me 10 more minutes, I keep wondering if I had forgott to scan one item, would they have charged me with shoplifting.

To make matters worse, they said that because it was an audit, I couldn't use my debit card (WTF?????), so that drained all the cash I had on me, and incovenienced me mightily at lunch the next day.

That's why I haven't shopped there in 4 months, and I warn everybody else not to either.

You don't see THAT on the Patricia Heaton commercials ...

Yes... jobs are an unfortunate casualty of the self-check process. I don't see how my Albertsons stays in business with or without self-check, though. They never have that many customers. I choose to go there because the overcrowded HEB and Randalls stores give me shopping cart rage.

Audit! Cripes. What a way to treat the customers! tongue

I Wish I'd Lived on Venus

October 25, 2004

Venus may have been habitable when the sun was 40% cooler. That's fascinating.

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My First Phone Number

October 27, 2004

I searched Google for the first phone number I remember back in the 70s. Now it belongs to:

  • a funeral home in Paris, IL
  • a day care in Rossburgh, South Africa
  • a apartment property in Pembroke Pines, FL
  • a barber shop in Alton, IL
  • a photographer in Cape Town, South Africa
  • a church in Coleman, MI
  • a video store in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
  • a mortgage company in Rockville, MD
  • a fax at a marina in Ft. Pierce, FL
  • a financial consulting firm in Green Bay, WI

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Wow you've got a better memory than me -- I can't remember any of my numbers other than the one we've had for 10 year (except for the one I grew up with -- it's still my mom's number!).

... Although I think X-wife and I once had a number ending in 1702 ...

I only remember 2 numbers from my past. Both of those were my parents' numbers for many years, and the first one had a sing song-y pattern that made it easy to remember. 1702... rolls right off the tongue.

Seatac Airport Cam

October 27, 2004

Back in June, I was surfing webcams, and this picture from the Seattle airport made me chuckle out loud:

Seattle Airport Cam

Do those Alaska Airlines faces on the tails of the planes look funny to you, too?

Seatac Cam

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i dun get it ehehehehhe i am very slow

Ah well... maybe it's just me, feli. I've always thought the Alaska Airlines planes were kinda creepy, then when I opened the Seatac webcam and saw a whole slew of them, it struck me as funny. heehee

You Found Me How?

October 28, 2004

Searches to my site:

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Bumblefoot's Swiss Cheese Guitar

October 29, 2004

Someone found my site a couple of weeks ago with the search term "swiss cheese guitar." My friend Anthony of Vital Point pointed out that Ron Thal of Bumblefoot has a swiss cheese guitar as well as a few other fun axes. Thal was the engineer on Vital Point's first CD. Neat!

Here are the swiss cheese guitar and others including a hand, a double neck, and something I can't make out to the far right of the bottom picture. There's also a guitar shaped like a foot.

Thanks, Ant! happy

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Wow, that makes me hungry. I'll have a pastrami guitar and swiss guitar on rye guitar ...

Unconscious Mutterings

October 31, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Right now:: ouch

  2. Halloween:: Boo!

  3. Provider:: service

  4. Rescue me:: my song

  5. Confidence:: certainty

  6. Fungus:: mushroom

  7. Candy corn:: yuck

  8. Reunion:: yuck again

  9. Winner:: money

  10. Tradition:: holidays

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Right now:: Kim Cam !! clap
Halloween:: candy
Provider:: nature
Rescue me:: whooot song!
Confidence:: at ease
Fungus:: infection
Candy corn:: kids
Reunion:: Our house is bigger than yours!
Winner:: lottery
Tradition:: Fiddler on the roof

haha... our house is bigger than yours!

And our kids are smorter too, lol grin

BTW Kim, I don't know if you've mailed me or not recently, however it seems my hotmail is wacked for some reason, now all I seem to get is spams. And jokes and stuff from a whole SLEW of contacts isn't coming anymore. So if you've mailed me and haven't received a reply, that's why.

anyways... *HUGS*

Thanks, boog! I haven't written... been wrapped up in other things. smile


Ok, Anyways your blog is looking great, haha, I like the No,Boog in the webcam! laugh

That cracked me up this morning

ya got me!

btw, there's a funny in Ralphys for you, before you change that webcam pic grin

What's on my Desk?

October 31, 2004

Kyle challenged bloggers to take a spontaneous picture of their desk (no cleaning allowed) as a follow up to Pete's "What's in your Fridge?" challenge.

My desk is really my dining room table. Luckily, I had cleaned it earlier. Unluckily, it had already gotten cluttered again. Not as bad as earlier, though. Here ya go:

My Desk

There's a photo album on the corner I pulled out a little while ago to look for pictures of a trip to Florida in 1984. There are lots of blank CDs and stacks of music CDs. There's the latest Harry Potter book that I haven't read yet. There's my DVD and TiVo remotes. And there's a big glass of iced tea I'm almost finished with.

Make sure you check out Kyle's and Pete's desks, too. Now what's on your desk?

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Iced tea? Bleh happy


hehe You must be from the land of hot tea and crumpits. wink

I like iced tea; tea with ice in it. I get bewildered when they cram your glass full of ice, then pour a little tea over it. ... How often do you want to come back and refill this thing? Foot Tap

Are those the CD's I sent you, sitting by your keyboard? It sort of looks like my labels and case colors ...


What's that blue book under the spindle of blank CD's in the foreground? (Yeah, yeah, I'm nosy ...)

Speaking of blank CD's, it looks like you're like me: Whenever you get below about 100 CD's in stock, you get all nervous and have to go out and buy another spindle just so you can sleep nights?laugh

Yeah, Kyle... sometimes it's all ice! laugh

Yep, Mark... those are the CDs I've listened to. The rest were in my purse. Now they're in my car. smile The blue book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's still sitting there. I know once I start it, I won't be able to put it down. nerd