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You Found Me How?

December 2, 2004

Searches to my site:

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Isomniacs can't dress themselves because they're too tired in the morning to fully open up their eyes.

I know.

There should be a law about having to be awake in the morning. I'm too tired to fully open my eyes even when I sleep well. tongue

That must have been a typo. I bet they meant to say, "How to dress up narcoleptics".

I've done that, it's fun!

Serves 'em right for passing out at a party like that ...

I've never done that. haha

Hoot Hoot

December 2, 2004

On our morning walk a few minutes ago, I saw something swoop up to the top of a very tall antenna. I saw it just out of the corner of my eye, so I knew it was larger than the pigeons that frequent our neighborhood. I looked up, but I could only see a fuzzy silhouette because only the first lights of dawn were sneaking over the horizon. I thought it looked like an owl. Something about the way it swooped upwardly to land on its perch also made me think it was an owl.

I stared at it for a few seconds, but Lily pulled on her leash to keep walking. When we were past the house with the antenna, it started hooting. Lily even stopped and turned back to look. We'd walk about 15 more steps, and it would hoot again, and Lily would stop to look back.

When we got to Lily's field, I could hardly make out the antenna anymore between the lack of natural light and a street light shining in my eyes. I hurried Lily on her mission, and we started walking back home.

I could still see the shape up there and hear the hooting. As we walked by the house with the antenna, I stared at the owl. It's a wonder I didn't trip on a crack on the sidewalk, as I wasn't watching where I was going. Just as we passed the house, the owl took flight. I watched it fly southeast until I couldn't see it anymore.

If I gave in to the spiritual thoughts I have sometimes, I would think it meant something. An owl is the bringer of the dream and death, wisdom and deceit.

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The owls that hoot are ok!

You gotta watch the ones that whooot tho, cause they are internet night owls! cool

Whooot Whooot!

I came out to our property for a meteor shower by myself a long time ago before we built our house. I was aiming my telescope at something when everything went dark. I looked up just in time to see an owl fly from one of my big pines to another. He had filled up my field of view. The thing had to have a 10 or 12 foot wingspan and it just about gave me a heart attack. He was almost a bringer of death that night.

We had an owl in the back yard a few weeks ago, except it wasn't a big "you're going to dye, owl", it was a little tiny, "Hey, look at me turn my head all the way around owl". It actually looked like that little wind-up toy owl from some show years ago. What show was that? It would hop around and spin it's head around. And it was golden. Was that from some Gladiator movie? Or that movie with the Medusa head? What was that called? I think that was it.

In conclusion, yes - a Medusa-head, double-jointed, toy owl was in my back yard ... previosuly.

Wow... that would have freaked me out, too. Those owl wings are amazing. They tuck away so compactly when they're perched, too.

I don't know what movie that is, Kevin. Maybe "Clash of the Titans" or one of the Sinbad movies? The only owl I know of from the entertainment industry is the one in "Twin Peaks."

Lily's New Brother

December 4, 2004

Orion 01

I took the stray cat that loves LilyDawg to the pet wellness clinic this morning. I thought she was a girl cat, but turns out he's a neutered boy cat. Now I'm trying to think of a name for him. He was going to be Zooey when he was a girl. His temporary (maybe permanent) name is Jordan. I talked to a neighbor a few minutes ago, and she said her husband calls him Ocho like a Spanish eight ball.

They said he's a good healthy cat at the clinic. He just has a little tartar on his teeth that needs to be taken care of.

Yay! for our new family member!

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That a girl. Need to see the siblings together, too.

I'll try to get a picture. So far the only time they've been together long enough for a picture was when they were both crawling around on top of me. hehe

Kitty! I'm glad you gave a poor homeless baby a home. I like cats but I could never have one because of my allergies.

I like the name Ocho. It's very Texan (since it's Spanish), less pretentious (Jordan is a yuppie kid's name), and it's funny because of the 8-ball thing.

It can also be a conversation starter when somebody asks why he's named Ocho ...

Yea new family members!

And yea Kim for giving a stray cat a home!

I was afraid I might be allergic, b-man. So far it's okay. The strong fragrance of the kitty litter I bought is getting to me a little, though. I'm not going with Ocho, but I agree with you about it's coolness except for the conversation starting thing. Last thing I want is a conversation starter. I *avoid* conversations!

Yea for Irish Kelly's help! smile

Congratulations Kim! He's beautiful. I used to have a cat, too...his name was Hunter...he was also a stray that adopted me. He just decided to get in my car and come home with me! I can't have a cat anymore though, since my husband is allergic.

That's too cool that he got in your car. Animals are so funny and cool!

Unconscious Mutterings

December 5, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Delightful:: wonderful

  2. Impact:: Deep

  3. Consolation:: shoulder

  4. Donation:: charity

  5. Blue moon:: once in a

  6. Grinner:: smile

  7. Smoker:: go outside and away from the door, please

  8. Muse:: mine's not around

  9. Tweet:: bird

  10. Guitar:: my black Tacoma that I need to pick up and play

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December 5, 2004

I ended up naming the new family member Orion. Ever since I discovered the constellation, I've wanted to name a pet that. Not that I discovered discovered the constellation. Someone else did that before me. It kinda fits the kitty cat, too, as he's black as the night sky with white hairs like stars (if you have an imagination). And Orion (the hunter in the constellation) likes dogs because he has a couple of dogs following him around the night sky.

Orion (my cat, not the constellation) hasn't been very social last night and today. He mostly stays under my bed. He was a little pissy to Lily earlier, too. I think he's recovering from our trip to the wellness clinic and all his shots plus adjusting to his new home. Hopefully, he'll adapt quickly. He used the litter box this morning, so that's good. Now if he would eat some food and drink some water, I'd be a happy momma. He did come out once last night and found the front window.

Orion's Tail

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Great name for him. I love Orion. My old BBS was called Orion's Sword.

Yeah, cool name! And good shot of his tail peeking out of the blinds, LOL!laugh

Is he yearning for his vagaband ways?

Thanks, guys! smile

Maybe so, P.T. Maybe looking for his wild cat friends. mischief

He looks like he will make a good friend for you and Lily! clap

He's a great little toot, Boog! happy

Gardening and Candles

December 5, 2004

Today, I did some indoor gardening. The Brykman sent me some aloe pups, so I went to Home Depot and bought a pot and some special potting soil for cactus and aloe and stuff like that. They look like happy little pups.

Aloe in a Rectangular Pot

I also bought a new pot and soil for my Peace Lily that outgrew its pot over a year ago. It hasn't bloomed in a long time. Poor thing. It should get to stretch its roots now.

Then, to make things smell pretty around the house, I bought some of the best candles ever: Betty Crocker Home Fragrances. I've had the Christmas Cookies fragrance since last year, so today I bought Chocolate Chip Cookies and Strawberry Shortcake. They're yummy!

Betty Crocker Candles

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Thanks as always for the mention!

Remember: You can water them now that you've just planted them, but resist the urge to water again until about February.

I'm serious!

They're desert plants, they'll be fine. Next summer you can put them in the direct hot summer; that's when you can knock yourself out watering them.

But not until.

May they grow strong roots so that one day, you'll be able to start someone else off with their own aloe plantgrinsmile

No worries, B-Man... I'm naturally neglectful of my house plants! Thanks, again!! smile

Thanks, P.T.! grin

Totally off topic but Kim...I sent you your list of mad lib words today...let me know if you didn't get them!

Were you able to buy these candles individually somewhere or did you have to buy a case? I've only been able to find them by the case and would like to find a retailer.

Albertson's was selling them individually around Christmas-time, but I haven't seen them there since. I bought up a bunch of them.

Depot and Candles - A Random Poem

December 7, 2004

Yay! A Random Poem!
roseFrom Rob's Random Poem Generator using my blog.
Depot and Candles
Just concentrated on its pot
and from where you want
to conflict this movie
But I know if he used the pigeons that boinking
to be a foosball tournament,
but Lily even finished cleaning,
I even sure the papery thing Gotama Buddha
He came in the color breathe
Again run to the pet wellness clinic
and I went to look back

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New Haircut

December 7, 2004

New haircut

See Webcam

Thank you, drive through

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I finally found you! I better fix the link on my blog! I love the haircut!

I like the new do.

Of course I have always considered you were beautiful as well as talented.

Very nice, Kim.

Thanks, CJ, Christy, Michael and Rob! Good to see you Christy! Michael... you make me blush. smile


You're still pretty as a bean and I finally got your e-mail too cool

Thanks, P.T. and boog! happy

Mad Christmas Libs!

December 9, 2004

Stacy at Outwit, Outblog, Outsnark is hosting a fun game where she's asked bloggers to do Mad Libs on Christmas carols. She sends each blogger a list of words she needs, and then she plops those words into a Christmas carol. My words were:

Noun: hammer
Noun: trophy
Verb: tickle
Verb ending in "ing": watching
plural noun: flashbulbs
plural noun: honeypots
verb (past tense): boiled
adverb: delicately
verb ending in "ing": pruning
adverb: tenderly
term of endearment: snugglepuss
verb: pay

The result worked surprisingly well!. Go read Let It Tickle, Let It Tickle, Let It Snow. Santa Claus Click on the days of her calendar, too. You'll find "Jingle Giblets," "Have an Exotic, Robotic Christmas," "Here Unscrews Santa Claus," and more!

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Yours was really cute! smile

Thanks! That was a lot of fun! Reindeer

Saturday Stumblefest

December 11, 2004

Stumble Upon Toolbar Stumbled upon through StumbleUpon

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Just Some Stuff - Crime, Cat, Christmas Decorations, and TV

December 11, 2004

  • This afternoon, there were two police cars and a crime scene van on my street. I don't know why they were there. I'm glad the coroner's van wasn't there.
  • Orion threw up on my pillow last night. I didn't know it until I woke up and stuck my hand in it.
  • I keep almost buying outdoor Christmas decorations. The thing that stops me is that I don't want to do anything half a$$, and I don't want to spend the kind of money and commit the time to do it right. I guess I just want my house to be magically decorated without doing any work. Isn't that what husbands are for? Actually... if I had someone to help me, I'd be all over it.
  • I miss college football so much. During the season, I watch some games, but usually I use it as background noise, and something to look up at periodically. Today, though, TVLand is showing the 100 Most Memorable TV Moments. It works just as well.

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I don't think there's a thing you can do about cats throwing up. They all do it. If it's not a hairball, it's something they ate that didn't agree with them. Doesn't seem to be as hard to clean up as when dogs do it, though. I guess there's that.

I have to admit... it was easier to clean up than when Lily urps.

Meet Boogaboo

December 11, 2004

Meet Boogaboo - Boog @ Get Me Music

Boogaboo is one of my internet music friends. My favorite Boogaboo song is "Honorable Thing," a country song you can hear at Get Me Music. Boogaboo and I did one of his songs together, too. There are two versions: Almost Right (AK Kinda Unplugged Mix) and Almost Right (RJR Rock Mix). Boogaboo has a bulletin board called Hidden Soul where more of our internet music friends hang out. Boogaboo claims he doesn't need his pinky to play guitar, but I saw a picture of him using his pinky.

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Haha Kim!

You know, sometimes I just wish I could reach out across the miles and Give you a big super duper Hug! happy

Thanks for putting up with me for so long. You're the bestest!

(((HUGS))) Hearts

Yay! Hugs right back atcha, boogie! Hug

Almost Right (AK Kinda Unplugged Mix) ROCKS!!!

Thanks, Mick! grin

Unconscious Mutterings

December 12, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Plot:: movie

  2. Farce:: comedy

  3. Unexpected:: surprise

  4. Siren:: song

  5. Ben:: rat

  6. Freshman:: The Verve Pipe

  7. Quicksand:: Finger Eleven

  8. 24 hours:: Keifer Sutherland

  9. Spunky:: active

  10. Vicious:: Sid

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Dream Journal - A Boy and a Spinning House

December 15, 2004

I was on a street (presumably) near my house. There was a teenage boy riding a scooter or skateboard. I needed to talk to him, or he needed to talk to me.

He lived in a mobile home. The home had wheels and a steering wheel. We were standing by the steering wheel and that section of the house was kind of bouncy. I was telling him it was a feature of houses with front end suspension or something. He said he thought something was wrong with his house, or that his house wasn't supposed to have that feature.

We were going to his room and stopped in the center of the house. It was a square house. We were talking about something and the house starting spinning pretty fast. I asked him if it did that a lot. He said, "Sometimes."

I went in his room, and it was cluttered. We talked some more. Then I was going to leave, but as I walked by the living room, I noticed a football game on TV. I sat down on the floor to watch.

His dad came home. It was a guy at work named Ryan. Ryan went to the boy's room and was talking to him. I started to leave again. I was drinking something from a gourd. I decided if Ryan noticed me leaving, he'd think I was sneaking out, so I sat back down to watch the football game. I thought maybe he would feel good about me being there like I was watching over his boy like a babysitter.

When he saw me, though, he said, "Oh No! You can come in here to take care of whatever business you have, but when you're done, you need to leave." I put my hand in the air to stop him, and said it was no problem. I started to leave.

He said, "Well... wait. I have a question." He got what looked like a cardboard bookmark with sparkly fringe. The thing had words written on the cardboard and the fringe was words, too. He peeled some of the fringe off. The fringe he was peeling said something about "Better Than Ezra". It looked like he was going to replace it with some more fringe he had. He started to ask me something, but then some people came in. Then he was on the phone. So I was standing there waiting for him to get off the phone. More people came in. I just wanted to answer his question and go home.

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Christmas Questions

December 15, 2004

Big Orange Michael asks...

  1. Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping yet? For some, have you started? How far along are you? Pretty much finished. I have a few things still to be delivered, and I might get a few more small things, but I can rest easy now.

  2. What is the favorite Christmas present you've bought for someone else and why? I'm not saying, but it takes a couple of different sizes of batteries. happy
  3. Have you had time to do any Christmas baking? What is your favorite Christmas-time cookie or sweet? I don't have a Christmas baking tradition, but sometime in my life, I'd like to have one. Last year I made fudge and magic cookie bars. I might make some this year if I get my act together this weekend. I shouldn't. I'm already too fat.
  4. How many Christmas parties have you been to? How many more left to come? None. I'm not real big on parties. I've been to a couple of holiday luncheons at work. Today, 57 of us went to Spaghetti Warehouse.

BONUS. One of the favorite holiday-party traditions is the White Elephant or Dirty Santa game. Couple of questions. Do you like these games? What is the best or worst White Elephant gift you've received? I like White Elephant. I don't know what Dirty Santa is (*afraid to ask*). I don't know if Chinese Christmas is part of White Elephant, but I love that game. That's where everyone picks a number. Number 1 picks a present and opens it. Number 2 can either steal Number 1's gift or open a fresh one. Number 3 can steal either gift, or open a fresh one. I think any one gift can only be stolen 3 times. I guess the rules are up to the players. At the end, Number 1 can steal anyone's gift, if desired. It's a lot of fun!

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What you describe as Chinese Christmas is essentially what Dirty Santa is.

Thanks for answering!


Ah! Then I love that game! happy

Hi Big Orange Michael!Santa Claus

I like that Number 2 answer. Has the imagination going everywhere.

hahaha! I bought it for my brother. Perhaps that reins in your imagination a bit? I'll try to get a picture to post after Christmas. smile

You Found Me How?

December 16, 2004

Searches to my site:

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naughty kim novak

I won't tell tongue

That first search frightens me...a lot!nerd

I found you first through Y'all Blog but added you to my blogroll with the whole Mad Lib thing. smile

You didn't find her through my site?? How could you miss it -- Kim's listed just a little above you!

I Am An IMDB Contributor!

December 17, 2004

I am a bona fide contributor to the Internet Movie Database. I submitted the pictures I took on the set of Tommy Lee Jones "Man of the House" (aka "Cheer Up") movie, and they posted them in the External Links section for that movie. See the link for Kim's Place Pictures - photo gallery. Yay!

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Congrats on that Kim happy

And to think...I knew you when. smile Awesome!

Wow, you're in the big league now Kim. smile

Great Photos!!!

Whoa, I'm impressed! I've thought about submitting the occasional review or comment, but I never have. There's just not a lot that's not already got a lot of comments ...

Oooo... I'm on the same website as your Dad, Mick! Woohoo!

I bet you'd write some great reviews, bryk-Man! But you're right... even the most obscure movies have tons of reviews and comments written already. I wonder how they decide which comment appears on the movie page.

Cell Phones Suck. A Lot.

December 17, 2004

I decided the other day that I need to break down and get a cellphone. Irish Kelly just got a prepaid one, and I thought that's the way to go since I only want it for emergencies. Then I started reading about the plans. I thought I could buy a phone and pay for some minutes and not pay anything again until I used the minutes. Nope. I still have to pay for "service" even if I don't use it. Bastages.

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I have one with a built-in camera and all sorts of bells and whistles I have no desire to learn about. All I really wanted was one I could hear over the road noise. Mine has almost found the bottom of Lake Ponchartrain many times. As for plans, the cheapest is going to be about $25 per month no matter who you decide on. Figure on that and get as much as you can for it. If it turns out that ordering takeout Chinese food on your way home constitutes an emergency, so be it. smile

I found a special for a cell phone and a year of service for $99. I don't remember how many minutes. I tried to enter the promotional code to get it, and it told me that promotional code was no longer good. Probably a bait and switch scheme.

I'll end up getting one, but it's going to take a lot of agonizing over it first.


December 17, 2004

We've set up a calendar for our website at work. We're using a fantastic program: CalendarScript. It's Perl based, fully customizable, and reasonably priced. I'm very happy Matt (the developer) considers government agencies in the "non-profit" pricing structure. Since we have no software budget, we have to scrounge from other areas (like training and supplies) to buy software. He even allows people to download and install before they pay to make sure they are 100% satisfied. The program has far exceeded my expectations!

So if you're in need of a calendar program for your website and don't mind learning a little bit of Perl if you want to customize the look and functionality of the thing, I whole-heartedly recommend CalendarScript. I wish I had a need for a calendar on my website.

On another note... MovableType considers government the same as commercial for their pricing structure. I really wish they would reconsider. tongue

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It's quite coincidental b/c I was just looking at a calendar service at another place [for the the blog].

If only I knew what the hell PERL is! I don't!

What's "PERL"? There's Perl (the language) and "perl" (the program), but no such thing as "PERL".

Hi P.T.! This program might be more than what you need. Like being thirsty and getting a drink from the firehose.

Hi Randal. I corrected the capitalization.

Thanks, Kimbo! Yeah, you know me, I is a simple girl! A part of me wants to mess around and learn, just to know what it's about, and the other part of me doesn't want to mess around with nothin'!

(I capped PERL--sorry!rolleyes)

I led you astray with the caps, P.T. laugh

i'm glad you posted this! i've been looking for a web-based calendar script to coordinate my group at work. we have 8 people at 4 different physical locations, and the email between us is getting totally out of control.

Unconscious Mutterings

December 19, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Perfect Gift:: not always obvious

  2. Santa:: red suit

  3. Lucy:: Linus

  4. Buckets:: silver

  5. Recital:: piano

  6. Stamp:: postage

  7. Teacher:: music

  8. Matchbox:: 20

  9. Spit:: saliva

  10. Feeling:: woah woah woah, feeling(s)

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Meet k-sue

December 19, 2004

Meet k-sue - orangecatplays

k-sue used to have a blog called orangecatplays. She used to begin all her entries with a note about what orangecat was doing at that moment. I always thought that was neat. Later she got another cat, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember what she called that cat. I'm not sure why she quit blogging, and I don't want to put her on the spot, but it's cool that she's still reading mine and commenting periodically. smile

Where k-sue Would Like To Be:

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wow, thanks Kim! when i realized what you were doing with people's info, i figured that you would just skip me. you really brightened my day. thanks thumb

the reason i stopped blogging: earlier this year i came across a blog by a person who, at the time, worked at my parents' small business. i read some entries in which this person referred to my parents by name, as well as other employees, and said some mean-spirited things about them. it hurt me to read it, first, because i knew my parents would be terribly hurt if they were to read it, and second, because my parents thought (and still think) very highly of this individual who worked with them for more than 10 years. anyway, i admit it's a lame excuse for letting go of my blog, but i needed a chance to think about the whole blog thing.

i have another website that i'm planning to set up soon. it will be lighter on the personal-blog aspect and include more general- and web-blog stuff, photos, personal info (my other blog was essentially anonymous), etc-- basically a way i can stay in touch with my family, friends and net-friends. when it's up and going, i'll let you know. (it will undoubtedly have news about orangecat and calicocat, too.) smile

This is all very interesting and very neat!

Aloha, K-Sue!

My pleasure, k-sue! I can understand your re-thinking the blog thing. I can relate in a way. I've come across a blog where someone who knows me was talking about me and said things that hurt my feelings. I'm looking forward to your new website and hearing about orangecat and calicocat (calicocat!)!

Top 7 Spam Subject Lines Received Since Thanksgiving

December 20, 2004

7. nile pythagoras
6. inversion o'clock
5. stationarity ajar
4. social napoleon
3. mushy pandemic
2. noodle phonic

And the number 1 spam subject line I've received since Thanksgiving:

Continue reading Top 7 Spam Subject Lines Received Since Thanksgiving.

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About half of which (7, 4, 2, and 1) would make great band names.

My boss got a great one last week, but I forgot what it was ... I need to write these things down ...

Oh yeah! Excellent band names! Rock!

Though Social Napolean and Noodlephonic are the best ...

And "Nile Pythagoras" sounds like a pulp hero, like a private eye, or an adventurer like Indiana Jones ...

True!! But in reality, Nile Pythagoras sells "genuine replicas" of Rolex watches, or offers to refinance your mortgage. laugh

Not So Much In Common

December 21, 2004

As I contemplate actively seeking to fill the hole in my life, I reflect upon the time at the beginning of a relationship when you assess what you have in common. Sometimes I'll think I have something in common with a guy, then find out it's not quite what I think it is.

Take the guy who liked to see live music. Perfect. At that time, I was going to at least one or two concerts a month. I'd go by myself most of the time, which was fine. I've never had a problem with going it solo. But since this guy was so into live music, I thought it was a great match. He thought so, too.

Later I found out it was worse than if he'd not liked live music at all. He liked to stand in the back and drink beer or cocktails. I liked to be right up front with the moshers. Well... I could do without the durned moshers, but I liked to make eye contact with the lead singer and catch guitar picks in my cleavage.

Nothing against the guy, though. He was a nice guy; we just didn't do concerts the same way.

On a side note: I don't go see concerts anymore. I have a lot of great memories and memorabilia. And, luckily, no scars from the durned moshers!

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This is so going to date me, but I used to love live shows too, but now it just hurts my ears, so I stopped going.

Guess I'm dated too - loud music hurts my ears, in particular my right ear as I have the same problem Phil Collins now has. If I go it's basically earplug city.

Hi Kim! wink

In fairness, it is REALLY hard to find a guy that likes to catch guitar picks in his cleavage. laugh

Is "Luhrve" a fairly new category? I like it!

But enough about blogging: Let's hear more about your cleavage.

and catch guitar picks in my cleavage.

Haha Kim, that cracked me up laugh

It reminds me of the time I was trying to get you to lower your webcam a nudge. I think that's when you first showed that "No Boog" note to me grin

During the general admission heyday and pre-mosh: I used to push my way to the front for the good shows. Now, I like a good reserved seat. I don't mind standing but I don't like the body contact that much any more. I have never caught a pick and don't remember one ever being thrown near me. I was always close to the lead guitarist, too. Maybe if I had more cleavage........

Luhrve's new! So you want a Cleavage category, too? laugh

haha I have several of those "No" notes. No, Jon. No, Denny. No, Adam. No, Boog. :Grin

hehe Cleavage helps, Rob. wink I'd be happy for a good reserved seat now... for a show on a weekend night... that starts early. Sucks getting old. heh!

Merry Christmas, Friends

December 23, 2004

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, my friends. May your days be filled with joy, your stockings be filled with stuff that's not coal (unless you like coal), and your fantasy fudge be smooth (or nutty, depending on preference).

Christmas Tree Reindeer Snowman Santa Claus

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I'm told I'm only to expect coal, but I do hope your Christmas is more festive! cool

well I bought some 'After Eight' mints to take away that coal taste, Kim. Hurry though, I know what people are like when it comes to After Eight mints grin

Merry Christmas sweetie

Happy Holidays to you, too, Kim.

Merry Christmas and all the best Kim, am hoping your dreams come true in 2005, naughty and nice wink

Christmas TreeHeartsHeartsChristmas TreeHeartsHearts:Christmas TreeHeartsHearts:Christmas TreeHeartsHearts

yeah, what Boog said!

Merry Christmas, Kimbo.

Merry Christmas! Hope it's a happy one!

Christmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas Tree
Merry Christmas Kim
You are the BEST!!!
Wishing much prosperity for you in the New Year!!!

Thanks, everyone! happy

my favorite gift as a child was a piece of coal painted white that i got in my stocking when i was about 8.
weirdo. Shake

haha Hi, Smackers!

Just Some Stuff - Christmas, Cat and New Year's Resolutions

December 26, 2004

  • My Christmas trip to Houston was great. I got to hang out with my family, watch movies, eat yummy food, catch snowflakes on my tongue, and exchange presents. I came back with enough DVDs to last me through next Christmas, including all three seasons of Alias. Whooot!
  • There's a cat on my roof. And no... I don't have a hot tin roof.
  • I'm pretty sure my New Year's resolutions will including something about diet and exercise. I-yi-yi!
  • How do you spell I-yi-yi?

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Welcome home. I never saw your cat, only the evidence of his existence.

DVD's seem to be the holiday gift this year. Got a bunch of them, myself. Funny you should mention catching snowflakes. We were doing that this Christmas, too. I'm sure you noticed. smile

Antisocial little feline. He crawled all over me all night long last night. Thanks for checking on him! smile Funny gravatar. Makes me think of that Mike Reissig Brown Bag flyer.

I saw that, Rob. It's a great picture!

Unconscious Mutterings

December 26, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. holiday:: lights

  2. fault:: blame

  3. beep:: pager

  4. bubble:: bath

  5. needle:: haystack

  6. fare:: bus

  7. treat:: trick or

  8. express:: train

  9. webcam:: here are some webcams

  10. capital:: Austin

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Just Some Stuff - Big Bird, Pot Roast and Hungry Lily

December 27, 2004

  • I saw a heron or an egret on my way to Houston last week. It was next to the highway not too far outside of Austin. I saw it take flight, and it had a huge wingspan. It flew parallel to the road, and as I drove past it, I looked out the passenger window. For a few seconds, it seemed as if it was flying with me.
  • I made a pot roast tonight. It was okay, but it didn't fall apart like a good pot roast. Anyone know the secret to making a good fall-apart pot roast?
  • LilyDawg won't eat her dinner, but she's begging me for treats. I have a feeling she's going to be bugging me into the night. I won't give her a treat until she eats some of her dog food, though. It's hard to explain that to a dog.

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Whenever that happens to me (making pot roast that doesn't fall apart) I blame it either on cooking it to long or not long enough, but I'm never sure which. So I guess what I'm saying is, I hope someone answers your question cause I haven't a clue, and would love to know.
(don't listen to the folks who say you need a crockpot, it can be done without!). Although I do wish I had a crockpot. Gosh I can blab.

That's funny, what you said about Lily Dawg. I have a feeling, even if she understood, it wouldn't change her mind. Not one bit b/c us girls, we like our treats.laugh

Low heat and slow cooking time are what I've had the most success with. My last pot roast was 25 lbs of meat, cooked at 300 degrees for 12 1/2 hours (big party). It was absolutely falling apart. For a smaller, more managable roast, I'd say at least 45 minutes for each pound of meat.

That's the secret. Long time, low heat. No crockpot necessary.

The worst pot roast I ever made was in a crock pot, gmd. Please keep blabbing... I've missed it!

hahaha, P.T.!! Ain't it the truth!! She finally did eat her dinner. At 3:30 a.m. rolleyes

Thank you so much, melissa!! happy That's the problem. I had the heat a little higher than that, and I only cooked it 2 hours for 4 pounds.

Thank you, too, Rob! smile

Thanks, Cupid, But I'm Done With That

December 28, 2004

I gutted my profile at that online dating/friend meeting site. I was wooed by the quizzes and all the questions they use to match you up with people. Once I finished answering all the questions (over a thousand... it was addicting), all that was left was to meet people. I can't even keep up the correspondence with friends I already have (sorry Christy! sorry Walter! sorry everyone else to whom I owe an email!).

I initiated contact with one person, and I responded to another person who messaged me first. My instincts told me they were good people. I left a bunch of messages from other people unanswered, and I felt a little guilty about that. I didn't intend to be snooty, but there's no way I could keep track of that many different people. A couple were kinda creepy, too. Who knows... maybe I'm creepy, too. I don't think creepy people know they're creepy. Then again... would a creepy person realize that creepy people don't know they're creepy?

I noticed something funny about that site. When you set up your profile, you answer a series of questions. On one, you have to name "The SIX things I could never do without." When you view someone's profile, though, a random 2 percent of the time the question changes to "What I think about while masturbating." They don't tell you that's going to happen. I guess it's a little joke the creators are playing on the users. It can be quite funny if you hit it right. For example, one guy's profile would say "What I think about while masturbating: My piano, my iPod, a well-equipped kitchen, a new book to read, a tub to soak in, and my sense of humor." If someone hit my profile just right, it would have said, "What I think about while masturbating: Broadband, the sun, sleep, Tivo, chilled water, a car." Ooooo... how sexy is that? laugh

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When I was twelve, at the Philadelphia Zoo, I saw a gorilla "helping himself". I wonder what he was thinking about.

Yeah, when you linked to the profile of that one guy, I checked it out, then later, when Karlyn was checking it out to, I went back to it and this time the "masturbating" thing came up. I said, "I can't believe what this thing says! I'm pretty sure it didn't say that before!" But it wasn't on Karlyn's screen, and when I refreshed the page it wasn't on mine either. I figured the site had been hacked. It's pretty strange that it should be intentional ...

I'm sure he was thinking of the gorilla equivalent of Jenna Jameson. laugh

There are some other crude intentional things on that site, so I'm not surprised. The first time I saw it, it was only out of the corner of my eye when I was clicking on a link. I immediately went back, and it wasn't there anymore. They got me!

Sounds like a handy website blush

Ok, bad joke tongue

Time Off To Do List

December 29, 2004

I'm off work until Monday, and I'm determined to not waste my days.

Today I'm going on a day trip to Hamilton's Pool to hike and take pictures. There's another small park in the vicinity that I might go to depending on how long the Hamilton's Pool trip takes. Tonight, I'll finish processing my Christmas pictures and process whatever pictures I take on my outing. There are two Big 12 teams competing in bowl games, too.

Tomorrow, I think I'll do something musical. I haven't picked up my guitar in months. Planning to write a song is probably a little too ambitious, but you never know. I think I'll go out to a real restaurant and treat myself to a good meal, too (perhaps my favorite Austin restaurant, Romeos). In the evening, I can cheer on the Texas Tech Red Raiders against the Cal Bears.

Friday is still open. Perhaps some shopping. Given that it's New Year's Eve, and that's always the hardest holiday for me, maybe some new Nikes or a new flat panel monitor will help keep me out of the doldrums. It's my last chance to see the Sun Devils play this year, too.

I might save the weekend for regular weekend stuff... grocery shopping, cleaning house, etc. Saturday is the last full day of football for many months, so I'll definitely take advantage of that. Hook 'em, Horns!


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Christmas Pictures

December 29, 2004

This year's Christmas pictures are up. Enjoy! Christmas Tree

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Nice pictures. Love Robosapien.

I Can Be Snooty - A Random Poem

December 30, 2004

Yay! A Random Poem!
roseFrom Rob's Random Poem Generator using my blog.
I can be snooty,
but no way I looked out of a kitchen,
or told me You Rescue Me.
I saw it was great, time going on Water.
Our Love, The weekend stuff...
My new World Nova Scotia.
Farewell Now, O Holy Night.
Away Death of a heron or an email!
Going to fit their ideals.

[punctuation added by me]

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24 Posts in 24 Hours

December 31, 2004

My friend Mark (the brykMan!) is doing 24 posts in 24 hours to celebrate his 2nd Blogiversary. He's not doing one post per hour, but 24 posts in a 24 hour period. He started at 8:57 p.m. Texas time last night. He's on post #5. That's 19 more posts in the next 11 hours. Go Mark!

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LOL...brave man.

Happy New Year, Kim! smile

Thanks for the mention! (Actually, I did 6 last night, the last one was out of order, so that's fixed now.)

And I'm up to post10 now!

Happy new Year !PartyWoohoo!

Thanks, Stacy and Pam! Happy New Year!

You did great, Mark! happy