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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2005

Last night, I cooked a whole chicken and mashed a potato for New Year's Eve dinner. For bubbles, I drank sparkling apple juice. Dessert was dutch apple pie. This time I snubbed Sara Lee and got Marie Calendar's version. The jury is still out on which I like better.

This morning, I was up at 9:00 making southern style black eyed peas. For bubbles, I opened some sparkling blood orange grape juice I found at World Market the other day. It's 11:45 now, and the beans are in the oven for 30 more minutes. New Year's Day lunch will be leftover chicken, mashed potato and black eyed peas.

The University of Texas plays in the Rose Bowl at 4:00. I've got my Longhorn shirt on. I've got champagne and orange juice for Mimosas, but I'm not sure I'll make any. They'll probably just make me sleepy.

Lily's retractable leash quit retracting yesterday, so if Petco or Petsmart are open today, I'll take a trip to get a new one. She has a hard time walking me on a short leash.

Happy New Year, friends! I hope it's your best year yet. smile

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I prefer Mrs Smith's Dutch Apple Pie. In the oven only, though. Microwave just doesn't do it right.

Both of your entries are in the hunt for prizes here. Good Luck. Today will be a big day.

Happy New Year to you, Kim.

Happy New Year Kim!!!
Thank you for being there for me.
Pancakes (with real maple syrup).
Wishing you the very best for 05.
MOD Hearts

Happy 2005! And to Lily Dawg too!

Happy New Year Kim


Party HAPPY NEW YEAR Kim!! I hope you have a wonderful 2005!

Thanks, everyone!

Rob: I've not tried Mrs. Smiths. I like the Sara Lee Cinnamon French Apple Deep Dish Pie better than the Marie Calendars Dutch Apple Pie. I'd better try the Mrs. Smiths. You know... for research purposes. happy

Mick: Thank *you*, darlin'. Hug Mmmm... Pancakes!

It looks liked the mimosas worked! (You did make them didn't you?) Or maybe it was just the shirt...

Hi Gary! I didn't make the mimosas. It was the shirt and the black eyed peas! laugh

Saturday Stumblefest

January 1, 2005

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With all these beans...

January 1, 2005

I'm bound to have good luck this year.

Black Eyed Peas

My first ever batch of black eyed peas in my brand new blue glass baking dish. They turned out pretty good for beans. I used lots of honey, so they taste sweet. I think they already worked, too, because the Longhorns beat the Wolverines in the Rose Bowl. Whooot!!

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Those look good!

All we have over here is fartin beans blush

your black eyed peas look great!

q: why are there 239 beans in irish stew?
a: because one more would be two-farty.

happy new year, kim. i hope you have a fabulous 2005!

The old cowboys called beans "whistle-berries" for a reason, ya know ...


beans, beans, good for the heart...

Black-eyed peas and cabbage for New Year's. Talk about fireworks material.

Too bad Texas didn't cover. Too bad for you, anyway. smile I had Michigan although I'm not likely to win, either.

It's okay! I'm so happy with a Dusty Mangum winning field goal in the last 2 seconds of the game, nothing else really matters!!

Helmeted Guinea Fowl

January 2, 2005

I've been seeing large birds lately that I've never seen before outside of a zoo. A few weeks ago, I saw an owl in my neighborhood. Then at Christmas time, I saw a heron. Today I saw a guinea fowl in someone's driveway down the street. I didn't know what it was, and thought it might be a small wild turkey. It flew up on a roof, so I headed home to get my camera. I was lucky to find it again on a different roof:

guinea fowl on a roof

The neighbors knew what it was. Someone must raise them at that end of the street. Apparently, they come from Africa, and they're good to have around for killing deer ticks.

During my Google research on Guinea Fowl, I found this fable: Guinea Fowl and Rabbit Get Justice.

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They raise them on the roof? Did this one get out? Cool bird.

Always good to have the camera nearby. I didn't yesterday and I missed the fox that came to my backyard and terrorized all of the squirrels on the ground. They all got away, though.

Wow, all this time I thought a "heron" was a type of fish!

This one just go out. He was wandering around on the ground until Lily and I got close, then he went up on the roof. You saw a fox??? Cool!

LOL, gmd! That's a herring!

Unconscious Mutterings

January 3, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Newspaper:: my daddy

  2. DVD:: christmas presents

  3. Resolution:: New Year

  4. Intimate:: apparel

  5. Song:: i recorded a bunch of songs

  6. Essential:: MUST!

  7. Whistle:: lips

  8. Glass:: drinking

  9. Countdown:: rocket

  10. Child:: son

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Top 8 Spam Subject Lines Received Since Christmas

January 4, 2005

8. dovetail gallivant
7. incarnate brainwash
6. happy coextensive
5. gnaw ore
4. bandstand darwin
3. clown componentry
2. imponderable bratwurst

And the number 1 spam subject line received since Christmas...

Continue reading Top 8 Spam Subject Lines Received Since Christmas.

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You've got the most interesting spam tag lines! Why does mine only have to do with words like "hot...inches...scream...", dammit? I am ready to keeeel someone!

I get like over 500 spams a day. I wouldn't know where to start!

Again, a bunch of great band names, espcially 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 and of course 1.

Brainwash Incarnate wouldn't be bad either.

Hiya Kim, how ya doing today! Did you check out my montage post? I didn't write that I also did a search for "yay kim", the only two pics from your site that came up were an old pic of Lily and a tire from one of your zoo pictures! Maybe you can try searching for something else ...

Just Some Stuff - Mostly Partridge Family

January 6, 2005

  • I haven't been blogging much this week because I didn't have much to say that wasn't whiney.
  • A friend asked me to tell him something embarrassing a while back. I made a joke that I'm embarrassed that I own almost all of the Partridge Family albums on vinyl. Now I guess I should be even more embarrassed because I bought 3 of the albums on CD. Whooot!
  • Monday, I took Lily to the vet because she's had a wound on her ear since before Christmas that just wouldn't heal. I thought maybe she got into a tussle with another dog at day care, but it's more likely it's from scratching her ears. She had some yeast in her ears. I have to clean them out and squirt some medicine in one of them 3 times a day until the 13th. She's fine, though.
  • "Brown eyes you're beautiful, and you're all mine." I used to daydream that David Cassidy was singing that to me. heh!
  • I also took Orion to the vet for his booster shot. He was such a good little soldier. He's the best cat ever.
  • "Point Me In The Direction of Albuquerque" is the first song that ever made me cry. I found out this morning that it still makes me cry.
  • The first day back at work was hard, but the second day back, I wrote a small application that asks a visitor a series of questions. When they submit the form, it gives him or her a personalized list of training classes. That's fun stuff!
  • I read that for the albums, Shirley Jones' voice was mixed down with the other backup singers so that it was indistiguishable. For the soundtrack on the show, though, they brought her voice up so you could hear it.
  • I was trying to get back to eating better, but due to a combination of laziness and a desire to get rid of the bad food in my freezer without wasting it, I baked a Sarah Lee Pecan Coffee Cake and ate the whole thing for dinner last night. I'm pathetic.
  • I have this David Cassidy beach towel. Wow... this guy really loves the Partridge Family.

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When I was little I remember my two sisters having David Cassidy jackets (there was this huge picture of him on the back). Shaun Cassidy produced one of my favorite tv shows, American Gothic, a few years back. Of course only me and like three other people tuned in, and it was canceled.

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | January 6, 2005 8:12 PM

OK. The Shirley Jones' voice-thing.

Did they think the adults watching the show would like to hear her voice and the teenagers buying the records would just want to hear David Cassidy?

When I lived in Georgia in the mid-70's a neigbor girl went to see the Osmonds in concert. I remember going over to her house to watch the slide show her father made from the pictures he took. Weird. I had forgotten about that until now.

I need to go back to forgetting about it.

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | January 6, 2005 8:19 PM

I forgot to add the song that made a cry as a kid...
"Me and Little Andy" by Dolly Parton from her Here You Come Again album.

In this song the dog and the kid die. Talk about pathetic.

OK. I have stopped winding down memory lane.

i was so in love with david cassidy from 1st-3rd grades. i STILL watch partridge family re-runs. i liked the later ones where his hair was really long and styled! did you see the 2 different made for TV movies about the partridge family? well, one was mostly about david cassidy but had some partridge family stuff in there.

Ha -- whiney hiney!

Ooh, ooh, next time we trade CD's I want copies of those Partridge CD's!

When I was a senior in high school, my younger hipster cousin made fun of me for watching that show. I told her I only watched because Susan Dey was HOT (I also liked the music, but I couldn't tell her that), and I reminded her that it hadn't been long (maybe 2 years) since she had been mooning over Bobby Sherman and all the other teeny-idols in her Tiger Beat magazines ...

They grow up so fast.

Pathetic for eating Coffee Cake? Naw. It can't be as bad as a few packets of those spreadable cheese and crackers can it?

You're in good company!clap

Friday Five - Reading

January 7, 2005

friday five

  1. What is the first book you remember reading? I'm sure I read a lot of children's books (like Berenstain Bears!), but the first novel I ever remember reading that made me want to read more was The Hobbit. It was for an assignment in junior high english class.

  2. What is your favorite book? I can't pick just one, but off the top of my head are The Stand by Stephen King, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Mordant's Need and The Gap series by Stephen R. Donaldson, Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, and Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

  3. Who is your favorite author? See the prior question.

  4. Pick up the nearest book (magazine or any available printed material will do). Turn to page 24 (or the closest to it). Go to the 7th line. What is it? Page 24 of the nearest magazine (Wired) is an ad. Page 24 of the nearest book (In A Strange Land Poems by Jeremiah Gilbert) is blank. I'm still looking... Page 24 of the coffee table book (History of Czechs in America), line 7 is "In the basement of the church, he arranged a room for a school and a dwelling for its teacher, and behind the vestry, a humble little abode for himself." It's talking about the first Czech priest in St. Louis, Father Jindrich Lipovsk�.

  5. If you could be any character in literature, who would you be? Terisa in Stephen R. Donaldson's The Mirror of Her Dreams.

Faintly in the distance over crisp snow-cover hills,

Enchanted music calls to her and fortifies her will.

Through a mirror formed from the purest sand of dreams,

She takes his sturdy faithful hand and gives in to his need.

~~Geraden's Champion

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That's just dern nice! smile

btw, Hiya! tongue


January 8, 2005

The brykMan pointed out Montage-a-Google, a web thingy that generates a montage of pictures from a Google search. Of course, it sucked me in good. smile I like how you can make a panel of color based on a search term. I did Cardinals, and I got a lot of red. This is what I got when I searched for Texas Longhorns (click to see it full size):

Montage of Longhorn Pictures

Searching for Valentines came up with a lot of pink and red. Searching for Kim Novak came up with a lot of pictures of that other Kim Novak. I particularly liked searching for Waterfall:

Montage of Waterfall Pictures

Trying to get pictures on or linked from my website was a little tricky. I had to search for '"Yay! Blog!" kim.' I got this:

Montage of Miscellaneous Pictures

I see my mom, me, LilyDawg, a big beetle, the red doors to Clifford Greig's photo gallery, and Jon Solo's "Kim Novak Audio Aphrodesiac" fan club t-shirt among other things. Yay!

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Cool beans. I like the waterfalls, too. Couldn't do anything with CrabAppleLane that I liked, though. Bummer.

Aurora Borealis does a really nice one but I can't figure out how you saved them s oI thought I'd let everyone do their own.

You've got some nice montages there.

I googlygoogled Tina. What for? Lots of neked chicks. Whatup with dat? And heavens, no! I'm not one of them.Shake

I see you got panties?! Ha!

Aurora Borealis is gorgeous!

Neked chicks... hehe. I tried "Peppermint Tina" and got a dog and pez dispensers! (???) "Hello Kitty" makes a cool one. smile

Wow. You got some excellent results!

Cool waterfalls, I didn't think of that one. I bet rainbows would be cool too, and any type of flower (e.g., daisy).

I knew you and Meg would be the ones to get hooked on this thing! I did a search for Yay Kim, but I got different pictures. The only ones from your site were that one of Lily and a tire from one of your zoo pictures (!).

It's stange that the only ones that showed up from Brykmantra were from early 2003.

On the other hand, they were ALL my pictures, since I've got such a unique blog name, so that counts for something.

Isn't that neat, meg? happy

That tire in mine baffles me, b-Man. laugh

How to Grab a Screen Shot in Windows

January 9, 2005

Here's how to grab a screenshot in Windows (works in Window ME and XP... no guarantees for other versions):

  1. Move your cursor offscreen (unless you want your cursor in the picture).
  2. Press the "Print Screen" key. Or, as it says on my keyboard, "print scr\sys rq" key. This places a full-sized image of the screen in the clipboard. (Per the brykMan, ALT-PrntScrn will capture only the active window. Whooot!)
  3. Open your graphics program, and open a new, screen-sized, blank canvas/document (my screen is 1280 pixels by 1024 pixels). You're on your own here, because I don't have instructions for every graphics program out there.
  4. Paste the image into the canvas/document. "Ctrl-V" is my paste method of choice. (The brykMan adds that sometimes you don't have to open a new document. You can just do "Ctrl-V", and it will open a new document and paste the image in one fell swoop.)
  5. Crop out what you don't want.

Use these instructions for good and not evil; they are not intended to promote stealing other people's copyrighted graphics.

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Thanks. I've done that before but I only do it once every two or three years. When I don't use it, I lose it. Many of those Aurora images are copyrighted. They're fun to look at. One day, I intend to see it in person.

That is so cool Kim! All this time with a puter and I didn't have a clue about that!

Thanks thumb

I want to see it in person, too, Rob. If I ever get the chance, though, I think I'll leave the camera at home. It would be just like me to forget to enjoy the sight because I'm too busy trying to get a perfect picture.

You're welcome, Boog! Hug

Sometimes (like with Paint Shop Pro) you don't have to open a new doc. Just (paste) Ctrl-V; it creates a new doc automatically.

Also: If there's just one smaller window you wanter to capture, you can copy with Alt-PrtScrn to copy just the active window.

Hope this helps ...

I didn't know about Alt-PrtScrn. That's great!

Unconscious Mutterings

January 9, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Pistol:: gun

  2. Rick:: Rutledge

  3. Full circle:: back to the beginning

  4. I wish:: that I wasn't alone

  5. Frame:: picture

  6. Adult:: movies

  7. Photography:: cameras

  8. Stew:: Mmmmm!

  9. Cheat:: not going there

  10. Brad:: Pitt

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1. Pistol: Pete
2. Rick:: Rude
3. Full circle:: back to the beginning
4. I wish:: it was snowing
5. Frame:: of mind
6. Adult:: movies
7. Photography:: cameras
8. Stew:: gawwgous!
9. Cheat:: not going there either
10. Brad:: Janet!!

Dream Journal - Under Siege

January 10, 2005

I was away from work running an errand. When done, I decided to go to Starbucks before I went back to work. It was in a cool building with a wooden deck and wooden floors inside. I had Lily with me.

Later, I was walking downtown by myself. It was sunny. I looked up and saw a plane that was descending too fast, and not near the airport. I realized it was a helicopter, and it was going nose first into the ground behind some trees. I yelled for someone near me to look. When it hit the ground, there was a huge explosion. Debris was flying at us. Another plane was going down. I saw a lot of paratroopers, but I didn't think they were from the helicopter and plane that went down. I thought they were ground troops from a war waged against us.

I sat on a building's steps with some people around me. A lady from work, Diana, was there. I saw something shimmer in the sky. It turned into a UFO.

I was worried about Lily. I was thinking she was still at Starbucks. Then I saw her walking by. She had her harness on, but no leash. I asked someone to please grab that dog, but the someone wouldn't do it. I ran over and got her. A car was driving by with a big dog hanging out the window. I was afraid the dog would jump out and attack Lily. I don't remember it jumping out, but then three dogs were trying to bite her. I was putting my hands in their mouths to keep them from biting her.

Then we were inside the building on a high floor. A spaceship flew by and shot at us through the window. I was hit, but not dead. The shots didn't seem to puncture the skin. I don't think anyone else was dead either. I saw a platform descending like a window washer's platform, but mechanized and much bigger. When it got level with our window, the bad people (who might have been aliens) pointed a device inside to see if anyone was still alive. I tried to lay real still, but they knew I was alive. Someone told me I needed to run. I didn't at first, but then I gathered my courage and took off. I'd lost Lily again.

I found a group of people in a room with no windows. A couple of people had guitars. Others were laying on the floor sleeping. I found Lily again, and I looked for and found a leash to attach to her harness. I thought one of the guitars was mine, but later realized it wasn't. I went to look for my guitar mainly because I wanted the strap. I left Lily, and got lost in a maze of elevators and stairs.

The bad people found me. I saw that another one found Lily. They were going to shoot her, but I pleaded with them to let me hold her for a minute before they did it. They let me.

For real: When my alarm woke me up this morning, the guys on the radio were talking about how much money was raised at a concert last night. It was for the Tsunami victims, but with the dream so fresh in my memory, I thought it was for what happened to us in my dream.

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A Wedding

January 11, 2005

I have a wedding to go to at the end of the month. The last wedding I went to was my brother's. That was pretty cool. That was when my Dad was still alive, too.

The wedding before that was around 10 years ago. The bride and groom were a couple of auditors with whom I worked. I caught the bouquet at that wedding--proof positive that catching the bouquet means abso-freakin-lutely nothing.

Tonight I checked to see if I could wear something I already own. I only have one somewhat formal dress. Last time I wore it was to my Dad's funeral 5 years ago. That's also the last time I saw my cousin who will be the bride. Something tells me it would be better to buy a new dress for her wedding, but I never wear dresses, so I hate to buy another one. Turns out this one still fits. I can't decide whether to be happy I have the option of wearing it, or sad that all the dieting I've done in the last 5 years and resulted in no change. I'll be happy... Meryl Streep says it's easier that way.

I'm invited to the rehearsal dinner. I've never been to a rehearsal dinner. It's classy casual attire. I can do that easily. I think.

The reception is the scary part of the whole affair. The only people I really know are my aunt and my cousins, and they're all part of the wedding party. This is an occasion that I really wish I had someone to go with me. I don't want to socialize with people I don't know. Especially if they're all getting drunk. ohwell

I'll take my camera. If things get awkward, I can probably hide behind that.

This weekend I'll need to buy a wedding gift and some panty hose. Wedding gifts are painless because of the registry. Panty hose should be included in the master list of torture devices just above slips. Thank goodness my dress has a built in liner and doesn't require a slip.

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What a dilemma, but after a little thought, what popped into my head, but the words, "Kim! Treat yourself!"Hearts

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | January 12, 2005 8:51 AM

Panty hose are evil.mischief

ha! Well, P.T... if getting a new dress was a treat, I'd be all over it. It feels more like a punishment (especially trying on dresses in front of those "fat" mirrors at the store).

Grrrr... panty hose.

I would never torture a fellow tormented shopper, but I meant the dress as the treat, not the experience! I know how cruel those "fat" mirrors can be, however, you should have a new dress [you deserve it!] for that wedding and future occasions...You never know when you might need it!grin

hey! nothing says happy wedding like stained glass!! hahahaha!

pt* is right, you just never know wink

See! Boogaboo gets it!winkwink

You Found Me How?

January 13, 2005

Searches to my site:

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My question is--who searches for these things?

That deer that poops jelly beans is pretty cool!

Pooping candy toys are funny!

Smooch...How cute is that?! Who says smooch, anymore, except old fogies like me?laugh

I'm sure they all have good reasons for searching for those things, Michael. laugh

I like the deer that poops M&Ms! happy

I say smooch, P.T.! mischief

Just Some Stuff - OSs, Meatloaf, Lost, and Socks

January 13, 2005

  • Debating which is the best operating system never gets old. Oh wait... yes it does.
  • I made a low carb meatloaf on Sunday, and I'm still working on the leftovers. It's the best low carb meatloaf I've tasted. I used ground sirloin, ground turkey, spinach, swiss cheese, parmesan cheese, mustard and eggs. The recipe said to add salt and pepper to taste, but I don't understand how to do that. You can't taste it until after it's cooked. Well... I guess you can if you want to risk dying of whatever people die from who eat raw beef and turkey.
  • ABC is really beginning to piss me off. They can't keep "Lost" confined to its allotted time slot. Last night, I was watching my recording, and when it got to the part where Locke asked Boone how the bad stuff made him feel, the recording cut off. Luckily, I had recorded "Alias" on my other TV, so I was able to watch the end of "Lost" on that recording. I predicted Boone's answer, but it didn't occur to me he felt that way until after Locke asked the question. I never would have thought to ask the question.
  • Just this week, two unacquainted females said at different times, "There's nothing better in the world than brand new socks." I can think of better things. Just off the top of my head are chocolate cheesecake, getting my java application to compile on the first try, a "Joan of Arcadia" episode that makes me laugh as much as it makes me cry, and unexpected snail mail from a friend. Brand new socks are real nice, though.

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Yea, I don't understand how to add salt and pepper to taste, either.

I'm in good company then. smile

Five Planets

January 14, 2005

Lily just took me out for a walk. The sun's not up yet, and I can see 5 planets in the sky. There are six up there, but I can't make out Pluto. I picked out Venus, Jupiter and Saturn myself. Then I checked My Stars Live to verify that I was right. That showed me that Mercury is the bright spot hanging out with Venus, and Mars isn't too far away from them in Scorpio. Saturn has been hanging out with the Gemini twins for a couple of months. It's so fascinating.

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I've been remiss in my stargazing for many years now. I hardly ever go out and look up at my beautiful dark sky any more. That was one of my main reasons for wanting to move to the country. Maybe when it gets warmer.

Look at the rings of Saturn for me. I can see the little dot in the sky, but I'm yearning to see the rings.

Dream Journal - Wyclef Jean and Mr. Locke

January 16, 2005

Yesterday, I arose at 9:00 a.m. surprisingly awake after a long work week and staying up until almost midnight Friday night. I was happy because getting up early that easily usually makes for a productive day.

I walked Lily, piddled around on the computer, took a shower, and around 11:30, ordered my weekly chicken wings and fries. After lunch, Lily was settled in for her afternoon nap, so I went to the couch to watch the rest of Kill Bill, Vol. 2 which had been put on hold for a couple of weeks as Lily never lets me sit on the couch and watch TV. Shortly after that, my eyes wouldn't stay open. I gave in, putting Kill Bill on pause for the umpteenth time figuring it would be a half hour or so nap. I woke up once when Orion crawled on top of me, once to remove my left shoe which was bothering me, and once to remove the right shoe. Four hours after I paused Kill Bill, Lily woke me up with Lily smooches. It took me another 45 minutes to get myself up off the couch. Sheesh.

I was sleeping deeply and had dreams. Here's what I remember:

Wyclef Jean was on TV for an interview or to accept an award. My friend found his way onto the show, and told Jean that we had recorded a cover of one of his songs. Jean wanted to hear it, so they played it on national TV. Wyclef Jean liked it so much, he was crying with joy.

I was at an eclectic restaurant with friends. A dish someone ordered consistent of large shrimp rolled in a spring roll wrapper and fried until crispy. I ordered chips and guacamole. I'd never order that at a restaurant in real life. The waiter brought a bowl of chips and put them in the middle of the table. Some dip was under the chips separated by parchment or wax paper. The people at the table started eating them as if they were community food. There was very little guacamole, so I didn't know if that's what I ordered or if it really was community food.

Mr. Locke from "Lost" was sitting at the head of the table. His wife (which he doesn't have on the show) was sitting next to him. He got up from the table for a little bit. The person next to me and I wanted to see a menu, but the waiter wasn't around. Locke's wife gave us menus that Locke had in his bag. When Locke came back, the person next to me returned the menu, and he angrily asked where she got it. She told him from his bag, and he informed her that he hadn't given anyone permission to get in his bag. Later, I needed to return what I had gotten from his bag. It wasn't a menu anymore, but a little blue toy car. I tossed it to him and left.

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Volume II is funnier but I think I still prefer Volume I. I might have to break it out today.

Hmm ... something tells me that having Locke in your dream is symbolic of something ... of course, EVERYTHING in dreams could be symbolic, but him even more so since he's such a strong presence on Lost ...

He could symbolize ... power. ability? Recovery? An authority figure?

Maybe he represents an internet database, which stores information (the menu's in this case) but which tries to tightly control the relase of that information ... which he kind of does on the show: He's a font of survival information, but data on himself (and his former condition) is closely guarded ...

Rob, I guess I liked Volume II better, but to say why would spoil it.

b-Man, Having Locke in the dream is definitely interesting. I'm still scratching my head about Wyclef Jean. I don't know that I've ever heard his music. I think I saw him interviewed on the Daily Show once, but that's the only time I remember seeing him. I also wonder why the menu turned into a little blue car.

Unconscious Mutterings

January 16, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Yoda:: this picture of Jimmy Carter

  2. Mensa:: smart

  3. Pink:: I'm a hazard to myself / Don't let me get me

  4. Text message:: stupid cell phones

  5. Galactic:: Battlestar Galactica

  6. Chicks:: girls

  7. Quesadilla:: chicken, cheese and flour tortilla

  8. Backpack:: school

  9. Socket:: light

  10. Compromise:: goes both ways

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Don't ya just love word association? LOL

Nothing much to say
it is a rainy day
thought I would pop by
just to say a hi


Michael, some bizarre stuff comes out of my brain sometimes. laugh

Boog, Hi! smile

Dream Journal - Quizzes and Thinking of Others

January 19, 2005

At work, we were hosting some events. I wasn't in charge, but I had to make sure the projector was working. It seemed like I kept having to remind the other people what to do, though. We were supposed to talk to the guests and gather information or give them quizzes in order to give prizes at the end of the night. During the last couple of events, I didn't pay much attention because I was doing something else. At the end of the events, no one had talked to or quizzed the guests, so we had prizes to give away and no one left to give them to. One prize was a check from a church for almost $300.

Earlier, I was taking a quiz in the glass conference room at work. I think it was part of one of the events. I had to write down food from a farm. I had a pencil and an oblong ceramic plate. The plate had designs and writing on it. I only had a few clear white spots to write on. The first thing I wrote was corn.

I wanted a plain white plate, and I saw one on the corner of the table. I didn't want to grab it myself, though. Rob Thomas (from Matchbox20) came in. I asked him if I could have a white plate. He was opening a cellophane wrapped taco salad. He said I could have that. It was in an edible bowl, but there was also a white plate bundled with it. I told him I just wanted that individual plate that was on the corner of the table, but he said he traded it in for the salad.

There was a $50,000 speed question in the quiz, but I wasn't quick enough to win.

After the events, I was alone, and I was in the house where I lived. The next morning, my boyfriend in the dream (a guy I know in real life who I wouldn't have for a boyfriend) said that when I thought he was away last night, he was really spying on me. He said he saw me "thinking of other people" after I went to bed. I don't know how he knew I was thinking of other people, but I was. I knew our relationship was over, but I wasn't too concerned about that. I asked him where he was hiding when he watched me. He said he didn't have to hide; he was parked at the corner of Stacy and Edels (not an intersection that I know of in real life). He said one can also see into my window from the Mall. I told him I needed to get curtains, but then I muttered that I wouldn't be living there anymore anyway since it was his house.

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Even if it's only a dream, I don't know if I like that "dream" boyfriend didn't have to hide to know your thoughts! YEOW!

I wonder if you feel you are exposing too much to people you don't necessarily care about and of course, the idea is a little frightening. I think it's why "dream" Kim had to buy "curtains" to screen/block others from seeing into you...

I'm talking bubbles, I know, but you give such details that they only need for you to agree to their possible meanings!happy

When the dream segment switches and even blends into another segment [sometimes, it happens multiple times] doesn't it all make sense and yet, no sense, at all?

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | January 19, 2005 2:04 PM

"I had to make sure the projector was working..."

Bah Ha!!laugh

Who knows, P.T. Sometimes I can easily speculate what things mean. Other times it seems like a bunch of nonsense. It was nice of Rob Thomas to offer me that taco salad, though. happy

I thought of you when I wrote that, Kelly. laugh

Googling my Dream

January 19, 2005

Googling the intersection in my dream last night (Stacy/Stacey and Edels) revealed the following:

I have gleaned absolutely nothing from this exercise.

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A Trip to Romeos

January 19, 2005

Home from work today, I decided to treat myself to a great Italian meal at Romeos. It's my favorite restaurant, and I can't remember the last time I went.

On the way, it felt as if someone was watching me.

It was cloudy out, but the anticipation of great bread, pasta, and dessert kept my spirits up. Seeing the familiar silhouette of young lovers in the upper window brought a smile to my face.

I ordered chicken parmesan with fettucine alfredo and caesar salad. Everything was excellent, and there was enough left over to bring home for dinner tonight. Too full for dessert on the spot, I ordered the chocolate cheesecake to go. It's the best ever chocolate cheesecake, drizzled with chocolate syrup and sauces of pureed raspberries and apricots with chopped pistachio nuts and strawberries on the side. It was thoughtful how the waiter carefully labeled my to go container with the restaurant name, entree and date.

On the drive home, the sun came out. Then I found a box from Amazon.com in my mailbox with two fantasy books and a combo Patty Griffin CD and DVD.

Ah... some days are quite delightful, no?

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sounds like a good kimmie. i had one too, got a palm pilot. i've never had anything like this before and it's amazing. being mr businessman now, i have to have something like this.

enjoy that cheesecake!

Oh, that food sounds good! There's an excellent pasta restaurant near my home called "Antons". I usually go there when friends come into town. They serve portions that no ordinary human could possibly eat, and it's very tasty. I think it's time for another visit to Antons, your post made me hungry! happy

Hi budly! New gadgets are fun, huh? smile

Antons sounds great! I love restaurants that serve enough food for more than one meal! happy

Prevent Comment Spam?

January 20, 2005

I'm skeptical that the new link attribute unveiled by Google will *prevent* comment spam as Google claims. I understand it makes spamming less effective, but I'll bet the spamming continues at the same pace. Spammers might even step up their evil practices since they have to cover more area to find the blogs that don't have the attribute in place.

The people who should rejoice are the pres�cription sites and po�ker sites and po�rn sites who have the most legitimate links. It'll help push them closer to the top of their respective search rankings, but only if the majority of spam ridden blogs and self-post link sites pick up on this.

I'm not sure I'll implement it because I don't want to penalize the legitimate commenters on my site. With the few techniques I've implemented, spam rarely gets through, and when it does, it doesn't stay up for long. I hope I didn't just jinx myself....

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If you are clever enough (which I know you are), you will beat it easily.

Blogs maybe the craze at the moment and a wonderful target for spammers but, if they know they can't get to you, then they'll stop. Then you'll find yourself happier and blogging on without the slightest of fears.

Hug Kim!! Whooo!!

No one's been able to put a dent in any kind of spamming yet-the spammers are always a step ahead of anything meant to stop them.

Hey, did you notice what's new on my site? Just below the DFW Blogs logo? (Right hand column, under my picture.)

Check it out!

(Ha -- ironic that I plug my site in your post complaining about coment spam! But you'll see what I'm wanting you to notice ...)

Oops, disregard! I didn't notice your comment that you already saw it!


I also did one in magenta outline, different font; I'll swap that one out tomorrow ...

See, I'm moving down (and eventually phasing out) my Daily Reads blogroll, because, frankly, the quality and frequency of some of them have slipped, so I'm moving everybody to the Links To Me roll. But the best ones (starting with you! Yay!) I'll be keeping in the right column, with the added mini-banners brining even more status.

Hope it's okay ...

Want one from your Penguin motif as well?

It won't stop spam but it might render it ineffective more often. It's another tool in the shed.

I don't think it will penalize legitimate commenters. Only links in the body of the comment are tagged. The commenter's URL is not tagged. Trackbacks aren't tagged, either.

Commenters do occasionally leave legitimate links in comments on my blogs. Google's bot will ignore them but people can still click on them if they choose.

Forget my last comment. I just disabled it for now. For all of the reasons you stated.

Hey CJ! I'm not sure they'll stop... did the advent of email spam filters stop the assault on email servers? But thanks... I've got it beat so far. smile

Hi Omni! Unfortunately, I think they'll always be a step ahead. Shake

b-Man! I was so pleasantly surprised! The little logo is beautiful! I'll look for the magenta one. It's a cool idea, and sure... if you're up to making a penguin one, I'd love to see it. Penguins always make me smile! happy

Hey Rob! I think a Google hidden side-agenda of this is to push blogs down their search rankings. I think they get a lot of complaints that blogs litter up the results. That's my cynical side talking. wink Unfortunately, I think the people who need to implement this, won't. Those are the people who aren't diligent enough to keep the spam off their site already. I am impressed that that Google and the blogging bigwigs came together on this one, though. smile

I don't know if that's their intention but I know they get complaints about it. Remember that twit that posted that all blogs must die because of what they were doing to Google? And I always thought I was more cynical than you. smile

"I am impressed that that Google and the blogging bigwigs came together on this one, though."

Yes, that's impressive and frightening at the same time. On second thought, I am more cynical than you.

hee hee... you are more cynical. smile

Celebrate Life

January 22, 2005

Twenty-one years ago, I went on tour to Florida with my church's youth choir. We were performing the Christian musical Celebrate Life at a bunch of churches between Houston and Orlando. I was 19 or 20 years old.

Most of us wore colored t-shirts with white overalls. There were 5 male narrators who wore white t-shirts with colored overalls. Here's a picture of our first gig, which I *think* was Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church in Galveston.

Youth Choir Performing

I had a solo during the show. It was a song sung from the perspective of that lady who touched Jesus' robe in the crowd and her 12 year bleeding illness was immediately healed. While I sang, another girl, Tina, did an interpretive dance around Jesus (played by Chris). That was cool because all eyes were on her and not me. You can see me singing in the pulpit below. Tina is the blur to the right:

Me singing and Tina dancing

I've never liked performing because I have a hard time remembering lyrics. This wasn't that bad, though, because I only had one song to sing. Even so, after a performance in either Louisiana or Mobile, AL, my friend Mary told me I had flubbed up the lyrics. It was only when she told me that I recalled doing it. My confidence was high during the performance, and I let myself relax and really get into the song rather than concentrating on getting the words right. That's what sucks about performing... it sounds fun, but to do it right, it's work. No thanks.

Here's a closer picture of me and three of the narrators watching Tina dance:

Me singing and narrators watching

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Love old pictures. Who took these?

I thought you turned 40 last year ... am I thinking of someone else?ohwell

Good question, Rob. I think it was my friend Sherri's mom or dad, but I'm not 100% sure. Her dad took a video that I have somewhere. I need to get that thing out. I also need to figure out how to digitize it before all the VCRs break or the tape goes bad.

Hey, b-Man. My math is fuzzy, or it's wishful thinking. I need to lay off the mimosas. It was definitely 21 years ago (1984), so I was 19 or 20. I'll change it.

You are right about performing. It is not as easy as it looks. And this is from an old girl singer who knows.

Unconscious Mutterings

January 23, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Material world:: Madonna

  2. Satin sheets:: slippery

  3. Blizzard:: snow

  4. Real estate:: house

  5. Dress up:: yech!

  6. Wesley:: Crusher

  7. Robber:: Baron

  8. Saliva:: spit

  9. Slave:: Civil War

  10. Shift:: night

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Dream Journal - Tournaments and An Aerospace Center

January 25, 2005

I was at a tournament/audition. I don't know what it was for, but I know it wasn't singing. I went into it with confidence. It was like the math tournaments and all state choir auditions I went to in high school... you did your part, and then sat around a central location and waited for results. I think we were in a library. I was still waiting when most people had already left. There were four of us left plus our teacher.

Then they announced that two of the others had won a banner or flyer. It was really the consolation prize. The teacher told me and the woman who was left that it had to mean we won for real. We waited for a while longer, and the teacher went to talk to someone. They said not hearing anything meant we didn't win. I left not even winning a consolation prize. I wasn't surprised, though, because while I waited, my confidence waned.

Then I was in another tournament, but this one was for dates. There were a series of contests where a girl, a guy and a judge or mediator met in a room. I don't know post-dream what the rules were. So far, I hadn't won dates with anyone. Then I was in a room with a really cute guy and a judge. This makes no sense post-dream, but he had some kind of synthetic cloak, and he was showing me how he used to win. I don't think he was serious about our encounter. I figured out a way to beat the guy. I asked him a couple of questions that got him wrapped up in his cloak. As he was trying to free himself, time ran out. That meant I won a date with him. I immediately wished I hadn't won because I knew he wouldn't want a date with me.

I was going to tell him right there that he didn't have to go on the date, and that I just wanted to show him I could win at the game. The judge didn't give me a chance to speak, though. I was going to tell him when I talked to him afterward.

Then I was flying toward an island with a castle. There was a line of rocket ships on the bluff above the ocean. I watched the rocket ships hover over the land and set back down again, but not all together at once. Someone announced we were approaching one of the top aerospace research centers in the world.

It wasn't all work and no play, though. When I got down there, they were playing on the beach/bluff. Someone was building a fire. I saw that it was a guy I'd met in one of the tournaments. He saw me and recognized me. I said, "Hi Chip." He had beautiful light blue eyes and shaggy dark hair. He told me "hi" and congratulated me on winnning at the first tournament. I was embarrassed to tell him I didn't win, and wondered why he thought I did. He went on about his business.

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Trash... Denied

January 25, 2005

This might sound like a rant, but I'm actually amused. I set my trash can out at the curb Sunday night for the Monday pickup. The trash men have those trucks with arms that grab the cans and raise them up and empty them into the top of the truck. I love that idea... I'll bet it saves lots of money on worker's comp injuries.

When I got home after work Monday, there was a pre-printed note sticking up from the handle of the trash can. It said, "We Apologize" and had a bevy of reasons why they wouldn't pick up trash with one checked off that applied to my trash that day. It said a car was blocking the can.

I understand the truck arms couldn't get to my can if a car was blocking it, but someone had to have walked over and put the note on the can. The can has wheels... couldn't he/she roll the can out from behind the car so the truck arms could reach it?

After I read the note, I threw it directly into the can. Now I kinda wish I'd kept it out to read all the other reasons they might not pick up trash. I guess I could go dig it out.


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That would totally *suck* at our house. Trash is once a week and..when we miss..that sucker is hella-full the next time.

It's tolerant people, such as yourself, that makes the world go 'round! However, I find it ludicrous the worker could walk to your can and leave a note, but couldn't use the same effort to put your can into a position! GAH! That would drive me nuts!Shake

We have the same type of thing here, with the arms picking up the garbage can, but haven't experienced getting a note yet!

I got notes like that from our mailman years ago. We lived in a townhouse next door to another townhouse. Our four mailboxes were clustered together on the street. One or more of my neighbors would put trash at the street in front of the mailboxes. On those days, the mailman couldn't reach the mailboxes from his jeep so he would just pass all four of us by and leaves us notes. That didn't keep my neighbors from doing this over and over. Yeah, I miss renting.

Dream Journal - Alligators, Snakes and City Buses

January 27, 2005

I was visiting my supervisor's family at his house. There was a hanging lamp over the coffee table that had ivy growing in it. I heard a noise, and saw a tail moving in there. Then an alligator jumped out of the top. It was as long as the distance from my finger tips to my elbow. It was running around the house.

Then I saw a small green and yellow snake. The snake wrapped itself around my right hand. I was trying to grab its head, so it wouldn't bite me. I was also trying to fling it off my hand. It ended up biting the tip of my finger. I felt the snout of the alligator against my back, but it didn't bite me. I flung the snake off my finger. Instead of having a bite on my finger tip, I found fang marks on my palms.

I was feeling okay for a while, wondering if the snake was poisonous. Then I noticed my arms were swelling just above my wrist. I was getting multiple large knots, and they were growing. Smaller knots were growing, too. I told my supervisor I needed to go to the emergency room. I was worried because I didn't remember getting my insurance card this year. I looked in my purse, and the card I had didn't expire until 2009. [In real life, I just looked and my card is from May 2003... gotta look into that].

I was starting to lose the feeling in my hands. As we were going to the emergency room, I felt bad that my supervisor had to take me. He seems to have a lot to do with and for his family on the weekends and doesn't get to watch as much football and other TV as he'd like, although he doesn't complain. I felt bad taking up his time.

When we got to the emergency room which looked more like a lobby in a bank or hair salon, I saw my friend Kelley. She was talking to me a lot, but I couldn't concentrate because I was worried about my arms swelling up. I remember something about her company and how they had to secure the lines. I think that comes from watching Alias before I go to sleep.

Later, I was sitting in the driver's seat of Karlyn's car in a parking lot. Karlyn was in the passenger seat. I saw some stray animals. One of the animals was trying to bite a beautiful dog. I drove over there to try to scare the mean one. I ended up scraping the side of a city bus with the back bumper of her car (not sure how that happened). The bumper was scratched up, but Karlyn told me it was already an old bumper, and she took it off the car. I had to get my car insurance to give to the bus company. The bus looked pretty bad.

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Here's what I found on the snake, with regards to your dream:

In its psychological interpretation a snake in your dream is a phallic symbol, and to dream of one, especially if it was coiled around you, or otherwise on your body, is a warning that you may be a slave to either your sexual passions or repression. However, according to the oracles, snakes in a dream are warnings of various troubles, obstacles, or treachery. Of course the colors and other details must be carefully considered, but as a general rule: to dream that you were bitten by one portends a period of struggle against unfortunate circumstances, and if it was a cobra, it carries a special warning to guard against accidents in the following few weeks. If your dream featured a snake wound around you which you could not throw off, you are being warned to expect treachery where you least suspect it.

Check out www.swoon.com - I go there to look up my dreams. It's interesting, if you're into that.

Take care.

Wow... that's scary stuff. I haven't experienced any treachery, but I did have some sad stuff happen. Thanks for the interpretation and the link to Swoon, Lani!

I'm waiting to dream of love, passion, and lots of cash!! But somehow I dream of someone whose about to back stab me. Dam...

Firefight in Haditha

January 27, 2005

My friend's son was in a firefight in Haditha. Thankfully, he was not one of the 4 marines who died.

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I have a cousin over there. I worry about him and his mother every day.

You Found Me How?

January 27, 2005

Searches to my site:

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how do u make a web page?:angel:Umm

Wedding this Weekend

January 28, 2005

With my cousin's wedding this weekend, I'll be real busy with family. I might not have much time to write. If not, I'll talk to you at the end of the weekend. Think of me while I'm wearing the torture devices (dress and panty hose).

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Always up for a good torture picture!laugh

Have fun!

Tell everyone hello for me and Audrey!

Yes, pictures are a must!

Back from the Wedding

January 30, 2005

Jessica and AdamI got back from the wedding. It was beautiful, and I'll have more pictures later. I don't have any pictures of me in the torture devices, but I might post one of me at the rehearsal dinner.

The weekend was bittersweet as I also found out my Aunt Alice died on January 19th. I didn't hear about it in time to go to the funeral, and that's got me really upset. My Aunt Mary emailed me shortly after it happened, but she sent it to an email address I haven't used in years. We never communicate by email, so I didn't know she had that address.

I found out by piecing together snippets of overheard conversation at the wedding rehearsal. I wasn't going to ask anyone about it because I didn't want to start crying, but my Aunt Mary started telling me something about my Aunt Alice's son, so I asked her if something happened to Aunt Alice. Next thing you know, I'm balling at the rehearsal dinner. If anyone noticed, they were kind enough to leave me alone until I pulled myself together.

Time to unpack and do laundry. I'm back to work tomorrow. I wish the sun would come out. I haven't seen it in days.

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Welcome back, Kim. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

Glad you are back. The pix is sure pretty. Mark said you were close to our neck of the woods. More Pictures Please.

Oh kid! That's a sorry way and a fine time to hear about your aunt. I am sorry. But I am happy you had a nice time despite.

Okay. Where's Woman in Torture Device?mischief

I have no sunshine to send you way, but I do have good thoughts!smile

i'm sorry to hear about your aunt, kim.

Sorry about your Aunt Alice, Kim.
I'm sure she is happy in her new life.
And the Bride and Groom look fantastic.
Hope you are doing OK, Sister!!! Hearts

Thank you for the well wishes, everyone. smile

My sympathies for the lost of your aunt.

The bride looks beautiful.

Now about that torture device... we want pictures.smile

More Family Time Ahead

January 31, 2005

Another of my aunts, Aunt Bea, passed away this weekend. This one was not as unexpected as the last, but still a sad thing. I'll be attending her funeral, and in a strange way it helps ease the weight I feel from missing my Aunt Alice's funeral.

It means more family time and less time to blab on my blog. So again... you all have fun, and I'll talk again when things settle down.

Below left are my Uncle Richard (my Dad's brother) and Aunt Bea on their 38th wedding anniversary. On the right are my Dad's sisters Alice, Mary, and Bonnie (love that big wig!), with me peaking around the back circa 1972. Out of all of them, there's just me and my Aunt Mary left.

Richard, Bea, Alice, Mary, Bonnie and me

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I'm sad, that's what I'm thinking.Hug

Love the hair on the ladies. My mom was big on perms, too. Wore them for many years. Sorry to hear about another passing.

Does not seem to be your week does it. My sympathies again for the passing of your aunts.

Kim, you have my sympathy. That picture is just too cute,though. Were you making your aunts hold your dolls?

You had an Aunt Bea, just like Opie? Coooool ...

That is some kooky, kooky hair on Aunt Bonnie ...

Sorry to hear about all the deaths in your family ...

My sympathy's for you Kim, also. You obviously must've been the apple in your aunts' eyes, they were all great looking gals and I can see that you got their great looks. Hug