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Not The Actress

March 2, 2005

I signed up for a Google Alert that sends me news stories about Kim Novak. This morning, I opened the alert and was shocked to find this:

Google Alert for: "Kim Novak"

Love Stories in the Rosarito Beach Hotel
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
... nights-, with him in the Rosarito Beach Hotel. She is none other than the beautiful Kim Novak. Kim liked the hotel so much that ...

Yay! Blog! v2.0 - Kim Novak's Daily Rambling about Music and More
Kim Novak's daily blog rants and raves about her life, new songs (in free MP3 format), with links to her favorite blogs. ...

 This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

I've had people suggest that I need to change my name online because people will think I'm the actress or that I'm trying to sponge off her name. This is the name I was born with, so I'm sticking with it. Kim Novak's real name was Marilyn Pauline Novak. If I decided to pursue a real career in music where I needed to change my name, though, I'd change it to Marilyn Novak. That would be a fun twist.

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I dont care what name you do change to, you are more beautiful than the actress.

CJ happy

Ha! The hunter becomes the hunted!

You keep that name!! It is yours and it is a cool name. Did you ever think she might be checking your blog out? Hey it could happen !!

Thanks, CJ! happy

I hadn't thought about it that way, brykMan! cool

I've wondered if she has, Karlyn. If she's internet connected, I can't imagine she hasn't done a search for her name. Funny. smile

Yes. Using Marilyn Novak would be an ironic twist. You should do it. wink I agree with CJ, you are more beautiful than the actress. You have better looking puppies and kitties, too. So there! :eyepop

Thank you, A. happy

I Got a Cell Phone...

March 2, 2005

... and no, you can't have the number.

I don't have a number yet, anyway.

My quest for a cell phone started off not so well. I didn't want to order one over the internet because they require a signature when they deliver them, and I'm a regular 9 to 5 workerbee, so I'm not home to sign. I looked at some plans over the internet, though, for leverage when I went into the wireless store. I found one for $9.99/month and decided I could deal with that.

I entered the wireless store and a salesman immediately asked if he could help. He didn't really want to help... he wanted to make money. Here's how the dialogue went:

Me: I need to get a cell phone for emergencies only. I wondered what kind of deal you could give me.
Him: Do you travel?
Me: Sometimes.
Him: Where?
Me: Oklahoma. Arkansas. Wherever.
Him: Okay... what I would do is get the [Blah Blah] plan. It's $40.00 a month.
Me: That's way too much.
Him: It is? Okay, well, we have another plan. It's $30.00 a month.
Me: I can get a plan for $9.99 a month over the internet, so that's too much.
Him: What's the coverage on that plan? This plan is nationwide.
Me: It's nationwide.
Him: Oh, well, we have this one (walks across the store and points to a brochure) for $19.99/month. It has (some number) of anytime minutes and 500 weekend minutes.
Me: No.
Him: (walks over to a map). It covers all of this area in the United States. All the major cities.
Me: The one I saw on the internet covered all the major cities.
Him: (walks over to the phones). We could give you this phone for free. (shows me the tiniest freakin' phone I've ever seen).
Me: I need one that goes from my ear to my mouth.
Him: You can still hear with this one.
Me: [Thinking to myself: Are there any phones you knowingly sell in this store that you can't hear? Idiot.] No. I need a phone that goes from my ear to my mouth. Doesn't matter anyway. I can get a plan for $9.99 on the internet.
Him: Okay. *shrug*

After that, I went shopping for fun stuff. I got some little dog magnets and a neat beaded bracelet.

On the way home, I remembered someone talking about cell phones for sale at Walmart. I try to avoid Walmart. Partly for social reasons; partly because of a lack of willpower not to spend lots of money there; partly because of the crowds of people who frequent that place. But I think it might be one of the only places that cater to people who want to buy a cellphone they won't ever use.

I ended up with a nice Motorola flip phone for $69 and a year of service with 150 minutes for $93.42. That's $7.79/month. Whooot! Still too much for something I won't use, but I'll deal.

I haven't activated it yet because it's charging. I'm sensing that charging this phone is going to take forever. Ugh.

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You might never use it, but it's well worth the piece of mind to have it.

And then again, cars DO break down ... the phone will have paid for itself on the first emergency.

I am sooo glad you got a phone. You need it if only for emergencies. Makes the mother hen in me feel better now. Take care. You sure got a great deal!

Thanks, b-Man and Mrs. b-Man. I was looking through all the menu items and I found something that said "MP3 Ready." I can't find anything in the manual about it, but I'm assuming it means I can put MP3s in it. That would be a nice little extra I didn't know about when I bought it.

Mine started out as an "emergency only" phone. Now the wife has one, too, and calling me to have me pick up Chinese on the way home is an emergency. I pay a little more than you but not much. The emergency aspect of it still makes them worthwhile. Everyone should have one. Here's a little known tidbit. If you decide at some point that you really don't need a cell phone any more, keep it with you anyway. You can still dial 911 with it.

I'm sure "emergency use" will expand to other things like calling work from Starbucks to say I'm running late because of traffic. Or making a long distance phone call from work (can't make personal long distance calls there).

Thanks for the tidbit about 911. That's great to know.

... and no, you can't have the number.

That's ok... But you can have mine any ole time laugh

I think I already have yours. wink

Texas History

March 2, 2005

It's Texas Independence Day, and I was off work. Love it! The next Texas holiday is San Jacinto Day on April 21. Here's all the stuff that happened way back when between today and April 21:
March 2, 1836
Texas Declaration of Independence presented at Washington-on-the-Brazos.
March 6, 1836
The Alamo falls. Remember the Alamo!
March 19-20, 1836
Mexican army surrounds Col. James W. Fannin's troops at Battle of Coleto.
March 27, 1836
Santa Anna orders execution of Fannin's surrendered troops.
April 15, 1836
Santa Anna burns Harrisburg.
April 20, 1836
Sam Houston's 910-man army arrives at San Jacinto River.
April 21, 1836
Texan surprise attack defeats Santa Anna's army. Go Sam!
Information slurped from Texas Independence Trail.

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aw man, where can i get a job with all of these holidays? (ok, Texas, duh). i'm struggling with my boss, who has not yet given out a 2005 holiday schedule, for an extra day after Thanksgiving and another after Christmas (since it's on a weekend this year). other than that, we just get the Big Four: Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving. grrrrr.

"...Deep in the heart of Texas...CLAPCLAPCLAP!"

Hi Kim! Just being a nut, but I do like that little ditty right there!

We get holidays instead of raises, k-sue. I think it's around 13 days a year now. I hope your boss comes through with the extra days!

Hi P.T.! That "Deep in the Heart of Texas" is a funny scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure!

Lost Dogs

March 3, 2005

When I got home from work tonight, the kids in my neighborhood had a lost beagle. They said they tried to catch another lost beagle, but it ran into someone's back yard. A girl said she heard a man yelling bad words at the dog. She thought he was hitting the dog, too.

The guy wasn't home when I got there, but he drove up a little while later, and I asked him if he'd seen a beagle. He said he'd seen two. I told him the kids said one went into one of the backyards. He said that one went in his backyard, but he already drove it out. Bastard.

A boy wanted to keep the dog they caught. He said his mom said it was okay. The dog had tags with an address and phone number, but he said he wasn't going to call. I memorized the number and went home and called. I told the guy some kids had one of his dogs and the other one was out, but we didn't know where it went.

A little bit later, I saw a truck drive up and a guy got the one dog. I hope he didn't tell the kids a lady called him because now they'll hate me.

It's just not right for someone to keep a dog that has tags.

I hope the other one is okay. Sometimes people wonder why I won't leave Lilydawg in my backyard during the day. I don't ever want her to get out and come across someone who will yell obscenities at her and possibly hit her if she got scared and ran in their backyard. It makes me sick.

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You absolutely did the right thing even if those kids will hate you. It sucks if they do and I hope they don't feel the need to retaliate.

We lived on a busy street in Metairie. There was a funeral home directly across the street. Some kids had gotten on the roof one Friday night and were sailing roof slates toward my house across the highway at the level of the passing cars. Instead of calling the police (I didn't want anyone to get killed while waiting on the police to arrive), I ran them off. I had baked-on eggs on the hood of my car the next day.

Be careful, Kim.

People who don't like animals don't like themselves mad

It is their own loss

So far, there's been no trouble, Rob. I think the guy didn't tell the kids someone called him. You were brave to run those kids off. Better to have eggs baked on your hood than to watch those kids kill someone, though.

Hi Boog. I'm getting very disenchanted with people.

Yeah I know... I find a good trick to get along with people is to not expect of them what we expect of ourselves. They can only be who they are and we can only be who we are. haha, well, it's all quite wierd grin

Anyways, just be you smile

Back from Houston

March 6, 2005

I'm back from a trip to Houston for my sister-in-law's 50th birthday party. I had a great time. Super company and food.

I came home to hundreds of comment spams that had been force moderated even though they had blacklisted strings in their text. They should have been rejected outright. I also had several trackback spams that got through that should have been rejected. I'm discontinuing all trackbacks now. I only get a few legitimate ones anyway. Sorry to those of you who trackback me. Blame the damn spammers.

My allergies are kicking my butt, and the weather is awful.

I guess things could be worse.

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I had some trackback spam the other day, too. I haven't heard from them since they were added to the blacklist.

I think I figured out why the blacklist didn't deny the trackbacks and comment spams. The blacklisted strings were set up as URL patterns which (I think) only catch if they are in the domain name. These strings were in the URL, but after the domain name. I might put trackbacks back later.

I wouldn't be as upset about it as I am except I was out of town and they were there for a couple of days. I'd like to be able to go out of town and not worry about things. mad

Unconscious Mutterings

March 7, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Usher:: some musician I don't know

  2. Cherish:: David Cassidy album

  3. Mistreat:: mean

  4. Forum:: bulletin board

  5. Systematic:: organized

  6. Warning:: yellow

  7. Wash:: clothes

  8. I wish:: Me, too.

  9. Candles:: cake

  10. Metallic:: a

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American Idol Boys

March 7, 2005

I don't think it will happen, but this is the week Constantine needs to get voted off "American Idol." Travis, too. Everyone else was far better tonight. This is the third season I've watched, and I've never seen this much talent going in to the Top 12. Wow!

Girls tomorrow night. I'm not as excited about the girls, although that hyper teenager, Mikalah, impressed me greatly last week.

Allergies are still kicking my butt. I suppose it's the price of Spring.

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I agree. mikalah is damn good for 16. She has a terrific personality. About Molly. Can you believe that is the same doggie? zIsn't she awesome!!!

Sorry to hear about your allergies, Kim. My favorite guy is Bo Bice, I'm not sure which girl is my favorite, there are a few that I like.

When Travis started to sing Bobby Brown, all I could think was 'Holy crap, that is so wrong.'

I'm firmly an Anwar girl.

As soon as I saw Constantine last night wearing that Justin Guarini shirt, I knew he had to go.

Did he, though? Noooooo...of course not. Maybe next week he can wear a Clay Aiken shirt...or maybe...Diana Degarmo? wink

Go Anwar!!

Regarding last night's votes: Bah! Nikko should be in the Top 12 instead of Constantine.

Driveshaft and "Alias"

March 8, 2005

I'm home with a double case of pink eye today. Yech. I even went to the doctor. I never go to the doctor. That's not the point of this post, though...

Being home sick, I've almost caught up on "Alias." I finished the Season 3 DVDs yesterday, and right now I'm watching the second episode of the current season. Sydney is having a party for Eric Weiss.

Sydney's outside talking to her Dad about their highly dysfunctional family. Muffled music is bleeding out from inside the apartment. It's Driveshaft's "You All Everybody." That reference will be lost on you unless you're a fan of "Lost." smile

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jim and heatherjim and heather | March 8, 2005 6:24 PM

I liked your "Yay!" movies thing.
I and my wife agree "Yay" Bourne Identity! I am a teacher and am hunting for ways to use the film with my classes.Wave
any ideas would be helpful (they are 15-16)

Sorry you are sick. Here's a hug.((you)) Get better soon!!!

I'm a BIG fan of "Lost."

Too much T.V. Too much videos, too much puters, too much bloggin, too much electronic livin!

More huggin an kissin wink

ha! I'd heard the song was used on Alias, but I missed it when they showed it ...

Sorry you've got pinkeye, that sucks. I've always been able to dodge it when I was a kid. Wish you didn't have to get it ..

All About Being Home with Pink Eye

March 10, 2005

  • If I have a nosey neighbor, he or she could be gossiping about how I was home all week with red eyes. Perhaps I got fired and now I just stay home and get high. Or maybe someone died, and I've spent the week crying.
  • I went to the store after dinner to buy apples and tortillas. I walked around with sunglasses on so people wouldn't think I was crying or high.
  • Pink Eye makes me remember one reason I don't like to get high. I can't stand the way it makes my eyes feel.
  • If I'd known I would be home all week, I'd have ordered some junk over the internet that I had to sign for. Like some accessories for my new cell phone.
  • I went out back with Lily this morning and heard a Cardinal singing overhead. I didn't think I'd be able to see him, but even with my filmy eyes, I was able to find the bright red spot among the branches. That Cardinal always makes me smile.
  • Being home all week, I had a lot of time to catch up on "Alias." I'm current now. Sadly, I'm a little burnt out on not knowing who to trust and who's really dead. I'll get over it. My favorite character/actor was Lena Olin in the second season. Too bad she's not on the show anymore.
  • This probably sounds weird, but I sure miss going to work.

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Beside you, did you hear reports of anyone else with pink eye?

I used to constantly get pinkeye when I was a kid. Yech.

How are you doing, Kimbo?

I haven't heard of anyone else with pink eye. I guess I am the lucky one. tongue I'm much better now. Thanks, P.T.! smile

You're welcome, shweethart!laugh

Unconscious Mutterings

March 12, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Shape up:: exercise

  2. New Orleans:: French Quarter

  3. In the bedroom:: fresh sheets

  4. All the time:: day after day

  5. Philosophy:: field of study

  6. Tyler:: The Toadies

  7. Disturbed:: rock band

  8. French kiss:: smooch

  9. Solidify:: cement

  10. Furtive:: brow (why did I think that?)

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Web of Letters

March 13, 2005

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brykmantrabrykmantra | March 14, 2005 8:01 AM

Ha! Thanks for the mention, as always!

Thanks for finding all the cool web widgets! smile

"Da-da-da-da-da, In-spec-tor Wid-get ... "

Dawg Smells

March 15, 2005

When I picked LilyDawg up from play day, she was Stinky Dawg. Now that she's had a spontaneous bath, she smells like Wet Dawg. I hope she hurries up and smells like Had-a-Bath-Today Dawg.

The cat disappeared at the first sound of the bath running.

Now it's time for carrot/apple/bell pepper juice, meatloaf, caramel ice cream and American Idol. Yay! for Nikko Smith... you go, boy!!

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The cat disappeared at the first sound of the bath running.

Haha, you must be a mean washer! grin

I'm a reluctant washer. grin I've never given him a bath, though, so he's either had a bad experience before my time with him or it's just cat instinct. smile

Should I Be Embarrassed?

March 16, 2005

Is liking "The Simple Life" something I should keep to myself? I thought I'd hate it, but it's cute!

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depends on what kind of a show it is smile

Mind you, I don't really watch that much TV anymore (if The Simple Life is actually a TV program). I think I may end up watching movies again, as it's been a while. I still yet to watch the first sodding LOTR movie on DVD.

Just realised that 'Planet's Funniest Animals' is scheduled on TV listings.... ohhhh gawd!

Love ya, Kim smile Hug

It's a silly show where Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole do odd jobs as interns. They're goofy girls.

You ought to watch LOTR the first chance you get, CJ! smile Hug

Dream Journal - Wrestling and a Birthday Party

March 19, 2005

I was on a team on a composite game show/reality show. I was sitting out of the current event. Then they needed to replace one of the guys on my team with me. So I went into the area where the event was, and saw it was wrestling. There were 3 or 4 people per team, and we weren't matched up already.

When the event started, I ended up wrestling Ian from Survivor Palau. I was pinning him down, but he would get away. He wasn't able to pin me down. After a minute, the announcer told us to call out what we were doing. I didn't know what to call out, so I didn't. I pinned Ian again and was waiting for someone to count down the seconds, but the announcer told me I needed to call it out. I told him I didn't know the words to use in this game.

Then he said I was a cheater. I protested that no one had told me the rules. Apparently, I was supposed to study the rules on my own before I ever went on the show. I told everyone there that I thought when we got to the show, they would tell us the rules of the games before we played them. All they did was stare at me.

We came back from a commercial break, and the announcer said a policeman was there to take the guy I substituted for away because of cheating. I didn't understand why they were taking him away because apparently it was me who was cheating. I felt really bad.

Then my brother and sister-in-law were giving me a birthday party even though it was August and my birthday is in April. I drove up to their house which was a big mansion with a circular drive. I was told my Dad would be there later with a surprise.

I walked up to the door, and there were vines on the outside entryway with little green balls attached. I saw some that were turning orange and knew they were pumpkins.

Inside, some kids started singing to me. But the lyrics didn't fit me. One lyric was "When you married Michael." I sat at a table in the back of the room and was waiting for someone to say what to do next. Someone called out, "Can we go ahead and eat?" Someone else said, "Yes." Everyone went up to the food line, but no one waited for me. No one treated me like I was the honoree at the party. I don't like being the center of attention anyway, but it was weird to throw me a party and then ignore me. I didn't know most of the people there.

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The Process of Ripping Songs to MP3

March 19, 2005

I go through spurts of ripping CD songs to MP3. I haven’t done it in a few months. It’s tedious because I don’t like to rip every song. I like to listen to the songs and filter out the ones I don’t care for much. I can’t tell how many CDs I have left to do because I haven’t been organized enough to know the ones I’ve ripped and the ones I haven’t. Maybe I’ll work on this this weekend. Whooot!

See more progress on: Convert my entire CD collection to MP3

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I've been doing that over the last few weeks. Quite often, I put a CD in the drive and I see all of the songs I've ripped previously checked. Yeah, I'm organized.

43 Things

March 19, 2005

I'm trying out a new time killer: 43 Things. It's a site where you can build a long term to-do list and write about your progress blog style. When you've accomplished an item, you can mark it done. You can even connect it to your blog to post entries in both places. That's what I did with The Process of Ripping CDs to MP3 entry.

It's kinda neat and free for now.

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Unconscious Mutterings

March 20, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Stink:: garbage

  2. Renewal:: license

  3. I remember...:: when

  4. Loneliness:: isn't so bad most of the time

  5. Ooooh:: Matthew (a guy I used to work with)

  6. For real:: uh huh

  7. Titanium::golf club

  8. Get down:: table

  9. Rupture:: artery

  10. Dramatic:: stage

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It's one thing to make a to do list...

March 20, 2005

It's another thing to actually do the things on it. So I've made the number 1 item on mine to spend at least 15 minutes a day doing at least one of the things on the list. Then I'll report back on Sunday (or so) what I did.

See more progress on: Spend at least one hour a week doing something on this list

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Orange/Strawberry/Raspberry Juice

March 20, 2005

bowl of fruit and a glass of juiceAt this moment, I'm enjoying a glass of fresh juice made from 2 big oranges, a bunch of strawberries, and a handful of raspberries. The picture is an actual "before and after" picture.

See more progress on: Drink fresh juice

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I think the "before" picture looks more appetizing than the "after" picture although there is something to be said for the blending of those three great flavors.

I prefer the juice as I don't have to deal with seeds and pith. It was very yummy.

I loved it! Those three great flavors blended together made an even better flavor!!!! I wish I had thought of mixing those fruity fruits.clap it was very impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Kaitlyn! I had the same tonight, but I added some apple. Yum!

That drink looks so refresing! Be a sweetheart and make me a glass, will ya?


Happy to, P.T.! happy

Cynicism and Certainty

March 20, 2005

The other night, I turned on the TV and heard that Robert Blake was acquitted of murdering his wife. My first thought was that the jury was incompetent. Then I was ashamed. I'm cynical about Robert Blake's innocence, but I'm ashamed of that moment of certainty that I knew better than the folks who heard the evidence.

That's a trait that makes me lose respect for others when they exhibit it. A few years ago, James Earl Jones was honored at a celebration of Martin Luther King's life. A plaque was designed that was supposed to say, "Thank you, James Earl Jones, for keeping the dream alive." But when it was prepared, it said, "Thank you, James Earl Ray, for keeping the dream alive." Sadly, James Earl Ray was Martin Luther King's assassin. The plaque's maker said it was a typographical error and was understandably embarrassed.

I can totally see that happening. Have you ever been thinking about one thing while typing something else only to discover you've typed what you were thinking instead? If I were typing the description for that plaque, I could see myself thinking about how close the names James Earl Jones and James Earl Ray are, and inadvertantly typing the wrong name.

When it happened, there were some who didn't believe it was a mistake. No... they *knew* it wasn't a mistake. Yet they weren't there, nor did they know anyone involved personally.

Cynicism is okay. Certainty based on that cynicism is as unattractive as arrogance.

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I've been thinking about this. I know I am guilty of it somewhere along the line, to one degree or another.

The jury hears things we don't hear and we hear things that aren't admitted in court. On the jury I was on, we essentially thought the guy was guilty on all counts, too, but the prosecutor didn't make the case in most of them and we could only convict on one count. If I ever send someone to prison, they are going to be guilty beyond all doubt with all of the I's dotted and T's crossed. Thankfully, it wasn't a murder trial. Don't ever want to be on one of those juries.

"Reasonable" doubt is what I meant to write.

I'm guilty of it, P.T. I try not to be.

The prosecuter knows those things that aren't admitted, too. That must be tough to know things and not be able to tell the jury.

Just Some Stuff

March 26, 2005

  • Yesterday, I started a goal to lose 10 pounds. Today, I quit. I haven't actually eaten anything I shouldn't yet, but I made a commitment to myself to eat cookies and not torture myself with restrictions. Besides... it's a depressingly cloudy day, and I think I'm PMSing.
  • I woke up this morning with a cat snuggled up to my left armpit, and a dog butt up against my right waist. It doesn't get much better than that.
  • That was the second time I woke up. The first time I woke up was when Lily wanted to go for a walk. We walked to the post office field, and I saw a cardinal. That made up for the nasty weather.
  • Wow... it just thundered. I better save this post quick in case the power goes out.
  • Okay... I saved it.
  • I'm drinking juice made from nectarines, strawberries and raspberries. It's quite frothy.
  • I don't know what I'm going to do today. I'm getting tired of converting CDs to MP3 and watching movies. Reading a book doesn't sound that good. Nor does putting a gallery together of pictures I took on my trips this year. I wish I could crawl into bed until the sun comes out again without screwing up my sleep cycle.
  • I was going to abort this post at this point, but I guess I won't.
  • Baby steps... I'll start by burning a couple of movies I recorded to DVD: Just Write and Storytelling. The first, I've seen and love. I've not seen the second.

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Sometimes, it's not a bad idea to simply recharge your batteries by just doing nothing. Easier said than done, though. Whenever I'm not as productive as I'd like to have been, I feel like the weekend has been wasted. I have the productive/non-producitve tug-o-war every weekend that I go into without plans.

Ha! I was looking at that IMDB listing for Storytelling just this week -- I had seen a mention of Todd Solondz somewhere and wondered what else he had been up to.

What a co-inky-dink! Ha!


You walk Lily in the middle of the night?? You'd better be careful ...

About what to do: Watch the Incredibles! Then watch it again! And again! And again!

Seriously, I'm hooked on that thing! Somebody help me!

I guess that's what I needed... to recharge. I ended up trying to watch a movie and napping for 3 more hours. Sheesh.

It was 7:30 a.m. when I walked Lily yesterday morning, B-man. Then I went back to bed. smile The Incredibles might be my first Pixar film to see. Unless someone forces me to watch Nemo.

The Incredibles and Finding Nemo are both worth seeing.

when i have days where i don't feel like doing anything that i would usually do, i go down to the bookstore and buy 3 or 4 fun magazines to indulge myself. usually an art or photo one, a home/living one (Real Simple is my current favorite), and maybe a gardening, music or technology magazine. after a few hours, maybe i've learned something or have been inspired to start a new project. or maybe not, but at least it's a break from the usual.

Sounds like a good plan, k-sue. smile

Unconscious Mutterings

March 27, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. I'm waiting:: be patient

  2. Speak:: Ruff!

  3. Roger...:: Dodger

  4. Knock knock:: Who's There?

  5. Hybrid:: Maybe I'll get a hybrid car next time.

  6. Can�t believe my eyes:: [a picture of eyes wide open]

  7. Hooked:: Captain Hook with his hook stuck in some wood

  8. Pontificate:: Blah Blah Blah

  9. Slime:: green

  10. Unwelcome:: Go away

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Happy Easter Kim! smile

Thanks, Kimber!

The Women are Done

March 27, 2005

I spent quite a bit of time this week ripping CDs to MP3. I started with CDs by women or woman fronted bands. No reason for that... it just seemed like a good place to start. Some of the bands: 10,000 Maniacs, Abra Moore, Fiona Apple, Bjork, Alanis Morissette, Serena Matthews, and Joan Osborne. I found out my Jill Sobule CD is messed up, but I got most of the songs off it. I couldn't get a song called "Train" to rip, so I'm struggling with whether to pay 99 cents for it on iTunes or go without. Will it really make that much difference in my life? I'll sleep on it some more.

See more progress on: Convert my entire CD collection to MP3

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Try cleaning the bottom of the CD, sometimes that helps ...

(PS: What, no Go-Go's???)

Nope... I need a hookup on the Go-Go's. wink

I tried cleaning the bottom of the CD, but no go. frown

Two Years Ago, I Never Would Have Thought...

March 28, 2005

Two years ago, I never would have thought...

  • I'd ever cook an acorn squash.
  • I'd be single and looking again.
  • I'd have taken trips to Phoenix and Portland.
  • I'd consider cleaning house something to do to make me feel good rather than a chore to dread.
  • I'd enjoy walking around my neighborhood.
  • I'd recognize Venus and Orion on sight

How about you?

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Barred from the BCS

March 29, 2005

Senator Jeff Wentworth filed a bill in the Texas Legislature today that would prohibit Texas NCAA football teams from participating in bowl games unless a national playoff system is instituted. There's a failsafe in the bill, though, so Texas wouldn't be the only teams left out. Four other big football states must enact similar laws by December 1st or this law would expire. The big football states are: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Washington.

The bill says the playoff system must have...

...at least 16 teams competing in successive elimination games resulting in a final game for the national championship of that entire division or level of intercollegiate competition.

How funny is that? Just think if four other states enact a law by December 1st. There wouldn't be time to institute a playoff system this year. Crazy.

This is just a bill... not law yet. There are a lot of hoops it has to jump through before it's law. Kinda like Schoolhouse Rock Bill.

I saw this at Austin American Statesman.

Here's the actual text of the bill.

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not Kansas? why isn't Kansas on that list? :-)

i'm all for an NCAA football playoff system instead of the often illogical and annoying status quo. that said, i also think it's sad that this issue is getting time in state legislative systems. so many other things i want my public officials to do be doing besides debating bills/laws on entertainment....

yet i also understand that college football brings revenue to states (directly or indirectly), especially those with good teams. it's just not a simple issue.

It's going to happen eventually. If this brings it about, that's fine with me even though I don't think it belongs in state legislatures.

I don't have a problem with this being in the state legislature. Must be a pretty powerful football fan lobby. wink

Kansas should be on the list. Wasn't it a Kansas State controversy that caused an adjustment to the BCS rules a couple years ago?

Our Love Not Seen

March 30, 2005

Yay! A Random Poem!
roseFrom Rob's Random Poem Generator using my blog.
I took on water

our love not seen

and not seen

and Winger getting tired of

a failsafe in my hand.

And I made it.

If we can achieve

the power goes slow.

To myself.

To myself to you

by burning a couple of them

little bit of them

little bit of love story.


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I don't know why but the compulsion to roll on the floor laughing is threatening. There's no room on the floor for this body, though.grin

Really?? It sounded sad to me. Except for the Winger part. I don't know where it got "Winger" from my blog.

Deborah Winger, maybe? She did get sick of show biz circa 1995 -- ever blog about that? Or about any of her movies?

I thought the poem was nice -- full of incidental imagery. Very flow of consciousness ...

Oh yeah!! She's mentioned in the "Big Bad Love" movie entry. smile I had Winger the Christian metal band on my mind. laugh