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State Affairs Committee

April 1, 2005

I listened to an archived State Affairs Committee hearing from March 30th today. They were discussing a bill that I’m psyched about. It affects my work because it would require state agencies to develop websites in compliance with Section 508 accessibility guidelines. Our team is working hard to do that already because it’s the right thing to do. This would give us the teeth to justify our hard work. I get aggravated at people who disregard accessibility.

The hearing was very interesting to me. They introduced the bill, and then people discussed why they were for it. They had a couple of disabled people: one blind and one with impaired motor skills. I was happy that an accessibility consultant told the committee that the added cost of building an accessible website is nominal for new development. It's only costly to go back and bring sites that are already built into compliance. There’s a clause in the bill that says an agency doesn’t have to do it if it would cause an “undue burden.” I don’t think there’s any good excuse, though, to not make new pages accessible.

At the end of that segment, the representative leading the hearing told the author that it was a “good bill.” I hope it becomes law.

There were other bills discussed. One would give a person the right to use any means to fend off a dog that attacked the person unprovoked. In other words, the dog owner couldn’t sue. They mentioned using mace on dogs a lot and once mentioned using a gun. One representative didn’t like the way it was written because it would even apply to someone who goes into someone else’s yard uninvited and gets attacked by a dog in the yard. Sounds pretty sticky to me.

Another bill would allow notary publics to keep their records on a computer instead of that huge book. One lady who was against it said she didn’t think it appropriate to put any state records on a computer. ha!

Overall, I laughed and clapped and said yay and only got bored enough to fast forward one time.

I’ll definitely listen to more hearings.

See more progress on: Listen to Texas Legislative Committee Hearings

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Dream Journal - Kicked Out

April 2, 2005

I was living in a big house. A bunch of guys lived on one side, and girls lived on the other. I shared a room with a girl. It had a long entryway with a tile or linoleum floor. I made a comment to another girl that it was fun to run and slide on the floor in stocking feet.

The girl I shared a room with and I came home from somewhere. I was driving a jeep. I couldn't pull all the way into the drive. I came in the house, and she stayed in the car for the little bit. She came in. I don't know what happened to the jeep not being pulled all the way in. I noticed ice cream on the floor of the entryway. She had brought my ice cream in and dumped it on the floor. I got really upset. Not at losing the ice cream, but that she had done it. I was crying and yelling.

Later I noticed furniture was rearranged. I went into my room and my bed was gone. I walked around looking for my bed. I even walked over the the boys' side of the house. I found it in a common living room. I saw a couple of other girls who lived there and asked if I was being kicked out. One, a programmer named Terri said yes and that the girl I shared a roommate with didn't like me. I asked if they would be honest with me. They said, "Yes." I asked if they liked me. They said, "Yes, but the other girl wanted me gone."

I went to do something on my laptop. When I started typing, I noticed it didn't feel right. I realized it wasn't my laptop; it was smaller and cheaper. So I looked for my laptop bag. I found it, and pulled out the laptop in it, and it wasn't my laptop either. I was yelling at the girl I formerly shared a room with to tell me where my laptop was. She wouldn't say.

There was much more to this dream, but I didn't carry it with me to the waking world.

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I'm gonna start up a petition for more Kim dream blogs! I always find them very interesting happy

I wish I could remember more of my dreams! I always write about the ones I remember. smile

Unconscious Mutterings

April 3, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Renewal:: license

  2. Someone to talk to:: sometimes

  3. Count:: 1,2,3,etc.

  4. Expiration:: date

  5. Upload:: file

  6. Publish:: book

  7. Holy:: Crap

  8. Change in the air:: nature

  9. Titillating:: sensation

  10. Glorious:: angels

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Just Some Stuff

April 4, 2005

  • This weekend was awesome. It's the first weekend I haven't taken an afternoon nap. I ripped more CDs to MP3, and I started reading the latest Harry Potter book. I also made deviled eggs for a baby shower tomorrow and bought a collapsible cooler on wheels to cart glow punch ingredients to work.
  • I made a great batch of turkey spaghetti tonight. The thing that made it good was that I sauteed mushrooms and yellow bell pepper chunks in butter and added it to the sauce. I kept the bell pepper chunks a little crunchy. I'll be eating turkey spaghetti all week.
  • I like that new show, "Grey's Anatomy" on Sunday nights. I don't think it's going to stay on Sunday nights, though, because it's in the Boston Legal time slot. I hope they don't move it to Wednesday night or another night that I already have a lot of shows to watch.
  • I watched the season premiere of "Tru Calling" this week, and Jason Priestly got on my last nerve. It was hard enough for Tru to keep people alive without him throwing wrenches in every which way. I know it's supposed to be a challenge for her, but it used to be like solving a puzzle. Now it's a stupid competition. Then again... Davis is a great geeky characters.
  • This morning started off badly. The time change has me getting up in the dark again. That was bad enough, but then my toilet overflowed. Luckily, I was still in the bathroom or it would have flowed right out into the hallway.

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I really like Greys Anatomy too. I like the Sunday nite slot but like you I think they will screw with it.

Good point about Locke hmmmmmmmmm.

I love the time change but it takes me a few days to get right. My old house use to have a toilet overflow quite regularly. We had tree roots in our lines. The house we're in now has "water-saving" toilets and I hate them. Never get overflows but always have to flush several times and plunge more than I ever did.

I mean to watch Grey's Anatomy, but I keep on forgetting to! Dag! Anyhow, it's the Patrick Dempsey thing...Oh, and Sandra Oh, I think? I like her--she's sassy. Oooh! I just reminded myself that Sideways is on sale today!

Ps...Overflowing toilets are the stuff of nightmares. I hope you were able to take care of it without much fuss.

I've missed you! Long story short, bookmarks are on computer I rarely use. Will explain more someday!

Hi Karlyn! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes Grey's Anatomy. Perhaps it has a chance to survive.

Rob: My previous landlord was supposed to install low flow toilets before he sold the property, but for whatever reason, he didn't. I'm so thankful... I hate those things, too.

Watch it, P.T.! Patrick Dempsey is great and Sandra Oh is just as sassy as ever! smile I was able to clean the toilet mess up pretty easily. It *almost* got to the carpet in the hall, but I threw a towel down just in time. smile I don't think you've missed much as I haven't been saying a whole heckuva lot lately. Something has come over me that's inhibiting me, and I'm not sure what it is.

PT: Sandra Oh has been a bad girl, and needs to be spanked.

("Sideways" reference, duh ...)

Kim: I read today that Gray's is doing so well in the ratings, Denny Crane may have trouble getting his old time slot back.

Hey! It seems we come to find out that Sandra Oh got "spanked", alright.


I bought the Sideways DVD, sight unseen, watched it yesterday afternoon, and ya know...I just don't know what to think about it. It has its moments, but oh! the humanity. There were things I didn't want to see. Ever.

Kimbo, I'm having the same problem with the loss of words, but in my case, I know why. It's b/c I'm disturbed, as in mentally ill. It's undiagnosed, but I know what is what and that's it. I'm telling you.

If there is need, please do email. Always always have time for you*smile

Thanks, P.T. smile


April 5, 2005

Today I listened to some of the State Affairs Committee hearing that went until 2:30 a.m. last night. They were discussing House Joint Resolution 6 in which Representative Chisum proposes a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

We already have laws here that don’t allow same sex marriages, but a constitutional amendment would prevent a court from ruling those laws unconstitutional.

Representative Chisum says it will strengthen marriage and urges everyone to whom marriage is important to support this resolution.

None of his arguments made any sense.

One committee member kept asking him how it will strengthen marriage. He only spoke in circles saying that same sex marriages would degrade the institution of marriage.

Another committee member talked about how the constitution is normally used to grant rights to people, not take them away.

It’s a shame. I can only hope the resolution is left pending in that committee. Let the courts decide.

See more progress on: Listen to Texas Legislative Committee Hearings

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Just Some Stuff - Dishwalla, Accessibility and Trail Mix

April 8, 2005

  • Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat who will throw up in the bed when it's time to get up?
  • I went to Waterloo Records on the way home from work tonight. I haven't been there in ages. It's a true "Keep Austin Weird" institution. That means it's a local establishment. Anyway... I bought the new Dishwalla CD, a bunch of magnets, and a pig catapult for my friend Terry.
  • I went to some web accessibility training today. I'm all about accessibility, but I learned that they are building screen readers to not read things that are styled as "display: none" and the other "invisible" style. I thought those styles were for things you wanted screen readers to read to blind people, but didn't want sighted people to see (like links to skip navigation and such, not secret messages, although if it worked I guess you could write secret messages to the blind people). Blah. Now I have to redo some things on my site and the site at work.
  • The new Dishwalla CD is titled "Dishwalla." I don't like when bands release self-titled CDs after they've already released several CDs. It's like they couldn't think of a name or something.
  • Texas state employees might get a raise this year. Assuming it goes through... between that and paying off my car payment, I'll be living large. Or putting some money away in savings if I'm smart about it.
  • I won some trail mix at the accessibility training. It looks like frou frou trail mix with soy nuts and pumpkins seeds. Someone else won a basil plant. Another person won a bar of glycerin soap. Anyone want these walnuts?
  • I've seen Dishwalla three times. Always in October. Two times a week apart. One time by myself. That was the time I got one of J.R. Richards' guitar picks.

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laugh That pig catapult is hilarious!

plate o shrimp. i just got the new Dishwalla CD today too! i agree with you about the title.

Didn't J.R. Richard pitch for the Astros?

My cat always throws up about 45 minutes before the alarm would go off so that it's pretty useless trying to get back to sleep.

I hope that raise comes through for you!

I hate that you had to clean up cat puke first thing in the morning! My cat loves to get into plants and ends up throwing them right back up again. Aren't you glad I shared?

Hi Kim! Isn't it? laugh

Oh cool, k-sue! I love Dishwalla. The new CD isn't much different from all the other Dishwalla CDs. But when you love them, that's a good thing, I think.

You're so right, Rob. I didn't remember about the Astro's J.R. Richard. This is a different one, though. haha

Thanks, Christy! Funny... I just this minute had to get my cat away from my ivy plants. I need to rearrange my living room, so they're not as accessible.

Dream Journal - Going to a Show

April 9, 2005

I went by myself to Liberty Lunch to see Seven Mary Three. In the waking world, Liberty Lunch is closed down. I got there early as I used to when I'd go see a show. I trotted to the stage at the back of the bar so I could stand front row. A few other people did, too. More people got up there, and I lost my place against the stage, but people would come and go, and I would get back up against the stage.

The show hadn't started yet, and I had to go to the bathroom. I was afraid I'd lose my spot, but I knew if I didn't go then, I'd have to go later when the show was on. There was still about 20 minutes before the show started, so I thought I'd try.

Two other girls went into the bathroom before me, but there were enough stalls for all of us. The bathroom was changed since I'd been there last. Before, there was only one toilet with no stall around it. I went in a middle stall. There was a hole in the right wall close to the door. You couldn't see the other person unless you leaned forward off the toilet, so it wasn't too weird. The girl in the next stall put her hand through the hole and started caressing the lock on my door. She had red painted fingernails. I think she thought it was the other girl in my stall.

I was thinking about my backpack. It was stuffed full, and I thought it was probably annoying to other people. When I was watching the show, I didn't want to put it on the ground because I thought I would lose it. Then I wondered if anyone had stolen anything. I noticed the main compartment zipper was open, but when I looked in, I saw the bright blue notebook I kept in there. I checked other pockets, and everything seemed to be there.

All three of us walked out of the bathroom together and talked a little. We walked back up to the stage. I ended up on the far right side, but I wanted to be on the left side. I got back over to the left side. The stage was a bar now. The girls were ordering drinks. When they got their drinks, they went and sat at a table. I looked around and realized the stage was in a different place than it used to be. It was up at the front of the building. I was thinking I might ask the girls if I could sit with them. I was standing next to a guy, deciding if I wanted a drink. I ordered a Vodka Tonic.

I started worrying about my backpack again. And then I wondered what I had done with my purse. I couldn't remember putting it in the trunk of my car, which meant it might be sitting on the passenger seat of my car in full view. I wanted to leave and put my purse and backpack in the trunk and come back. I asked the bartender if they allowed "in and out." He asked me if I was there to drink or to see the show. I couldn't understand him, so I didn't say anything while I tried to work it out. The other bartender repeated the question. I knew if I said I was there to see the show, he would say, "No," but I didn't want to lie. I said dejectedly, "I'm here to see the show." He said, "You need to learn how to lie."

I was thinking about leaving and not coming back.

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Found a Pink Note

April 9, 2005

Pink Note that says Sometimes I find stuff in the field where I walk Lily. Today I found a pink note. I thought it might be neat to collect things I find in the field and paste them to a piece of poster board to make some “found art.” I’ll put this note away somewhere until I find some more stuff. I need to buy a piece of poster board, too.

See more progress on: Cover a poster with things I find in the field where I walk LilyDawg.

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Hmm ... looks like a note written by a supervisor just prior to a "Come to Jesus meeting" with a troublesome subordinate ...

You've seen the websites dedicated to found art like this, right?

I used to do montage art, composed mostly of bits of photos and cartoons I found in newspapers and magazines, juxtaposed in funny ways, but sometimes I used found art.

A long time ago my friends and I had been eating at a small local hamburger place, and the waitress wrote on the back, in a huge but beautiful script, "Thank you much!"

I liked it so much I put it in my little clipping box, and years alter when I started doing the montages, I made that receipt the centerpiece of one piece, and entitled the piece "Thank You Much!"

In fact, I still say Thank You Much to people all the time, and I trace it back to that receipt ...

Hmm ... in fact I think I may use it for a title of one of my upcoming projects ...

Wow, thanks for this opportunity to talk about it ...

Or rather: THANK YOU MUCH!

I used to have a link to one of those "found stuff" sites. I thought about sending something to them one time, but didn't.

That's a neat story about "Thank you much!" I can imagine it making a great centerpiece.

Irish Kelly found a card on the ground yesterday that said "You Suck. Love, Doc" I told her I wished I'd found it in the field for my poster. heh!

I Wasted the Last Passbook I Got

April 10, 2005

2005 PassbookI bought a Passbook full of coupons from a girl on my street last year for a school fund-raiser. The coupons expire November 1st. The last Passbook I bought a few years ago expired before I used one coupon. I’ve had them before when I was in a relationship without a problem. It was easier to use them when I had someone with whom to do things.

Still… there are some coupons I can use by myself. I just need to do it.

See more progress on: Use my passbook coupons.

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I bought one of those things a long time ago. It had a free flight lesson in it. When we went to use it, we took the class and that was the end of it. We never got to go on a plane although that was supposed to be part of it. I used a few of the other coupons but the vast majority of the booklet went to waste and I never bought another one. For charity and a reasonable price (That one was $24.95 back in 1978), I might consider one again. But I doubt it.

How disappointing... going on the plane would be the best part. mad

This book was $25. My problem is that I set it aside and never think about it. I need to cut the ones I'll use out and get out there and use them.

Unconscious Mutterings

April 10, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Horrendous:: Augh!

  2. Home video:: amateur

  3. What a girl wants:: like you can generalize that... Pfft!

  4. Grounded:: airplane

  5. Trusting:: essential

  6. Simplistic:: simple is good

  7. Buzz:: kill

  8. Balcony:: Cory (a guy I used to work with)

  9. Roar:: Lion

  10. Hooker:: short skirt

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Horrendous:: Awfull!
Home video:: Unhappy couple
What a girl wants:: What a guy wants
Grounded:: caught grin
Trusting:: real
Simplistic:: Country
Buzz:: inside scoop
Balcony:: nice view
Roar:: Lion
Hooker:: strange society

No interesting spam lately

April 11, 2005

I haven't gotten any interesting spam subject lines lately. I guess our spam filter at work got better at filtering. Here are the last two interesting subject lines I got:

  • blvd clamshell
  • mastodon financier

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Mike McClaskeyMike McClaskey | April 11, 2005 5:32 PM

I collect artwork for a hobby and I'd like to know if anyone has any information about Ms. Novaks (Mrs. Malloy) artwork-it's breathtaking. Thanks.

I sent you an email, Mike. smile

Ha! Ask and ye shall receive -- interesting spam!laugh

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

April 13, 2005

My garage is filled mostly with big empty boxes. Today I tore a few down and stuffed some flattened boxes into another box to put out for the trash men.

I have a box cutter that I use, but I’m a little scared to use it. I’m afraid I’ll get careless and cut a big gash in my arm or leg. I’ll persevere, though.

Someday, maybe I’ll be able to park my car in there. smile

See more progress on: Clean out my garage

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That you're quite an interesting lady.

Thanks for the cheer on 43 Things.

When you're finished, my garage could use a dustup.

Hi Joel. Thank *you*! smile

Yeah, sure, Rob. When I'm finished. wink

Dream Journal - Emmy Awards

April 14, 2005

I dreamt I was going to co-host the Emmy awards. My co-host was a man that I knew in the dream, but not in real life. I realized the awards were a few days away, and no one had called any meetings or had dress rehearsals. I thought they should at least have a run through at the theater so I would know what to do.

I saw Rosie O'Donnell out walking with her friend, so I asked her about it. She didn't know anything. I asked her if I was supposed to dress up (duh). At first Rosie was wearing sweats, but then I noticed she was wearing a white ruffle shirt and bowtie with black jacket. Her friend was wearing something similar. I thought I had a white ruffle shirt with black jacket in my wardrobe, but not a bowtie.

It was Saturday, and the awards were Sunday night. I was practicing in my head and thought again that they should have us practice so we'd know where the teleprompter was and to make sure we could pronounce everyone's names correctly.

I thought when I introduced myself, I'd have to say something witty about my name being Kim Novak. In 40 years with that name, I've still not come up with anything witty.

Then I realized I'd made plans with Irish Kelly on that same night, and I'd have to cancel my plans with her to host the Emmy Awards. I actually do have plans with Irish Kelly on Sunday night, so that was a little reality slipping into the dream. I felt bad and was irritated with myself for scheduling two things on the same night.

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You Found Me How?

April 14, 2005

Searches to my site:

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I decline to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

Happy (erhm) Tax Day!

April 15, 2005

I got my refund over a month ago. If you're still working on yours or someone else's taxes, here's a song for today...

Tax Lady Blues

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Joan of Tru Arcadia Calling

April 15, 2005

I've been disappointed with this season's "Tru Calling." Last night had an interesting twist with Jack having feelings for a dying girl, but for the most part, I'm not digging the Good Girl (Tru) vs. Bad Guy (Jack) thing.

Now it looks like "Joan of Arcadia" is going down the same path with Ryan Hunter (Wentworth Miller) as Joan's adversary. I'm not sure why he helped Adam unless "he" guided him to because "he" knew it would lead Ryan to Joan.

The writing on "Joan" is much better than on "Tru," so I'm open to what's ahead. I just hope they don't start doing a bunch of Joan vs. Ryan shows.

Note to the b-Man: have you started trying to find anagrams for Ryan Hunter, yet? smile

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How about "Nun Try Earth"? Or "Nun Try Heart?"

I don't think it's necessarily an anagram like Ethan Rom so obviously was ... I mean, Rom??? Outside of Deep Space Nine or Tron, I'm not sure that's a real name.

You did recognize the music that played whenever they showed him, right? So that means he's Beelzeboob himself, right? (I mean, the red and black poncho is a dead giveaway!) So, like you, I wonder why he led Dumbass, I mean Adam, out of the woods.

What I want to know, since you know that actor's name, is who the actor is who played Forest Ranger God. He almost looked like Ryan Stiles. I know I've seen him somewhere before.

(Obligatory Boo-Boo reference: "Hey Yogi, Ranger God's not gonna like that!")

Yeah... it was the music that made me think he wasn't "good."

He said, "I was wondering why he wanted me to go hiking on a day like this." So I don't think he's the devil. I think he's the devil's "joan."

Then again... let's say he is the devil. Maybe he wants to make Adam his "Joan."

Forest Ranger God was Don McManus. He's been in a lot of things. Funny... I was struck by him, too, but I thought he acted like he could be Joe Montegna's brother. I forgot about him when old red-poncho showed up, though.

I just read this over at TV Tome:

"God tells Joan that her last two years were just practice for her greatest challenge, which will be to face off against a mysterious man who, though he also talks to God, has a sinister agenda...

Initially, Joan is simply curious about Ryan Hunter, the charming, wealthy and influential man who revealed to her that he also speaks to God, and who rescued Adam from the woods during a storm. However, she soon discovers Ryan's dark side and is alarmed that he's insinuated himself into the lives of her loved ones, who are quick to dismiss Joan's qualms about him."

Now I'm worried again they're going to change the show up too much. frown

don't know about anagrams, but Ryan sound a bit like Orion, the "hunter" from Greek mythology.

Oh yeah! That's an interesting observation, too.

Dream Journal - Keely's House

April 16, 2005

I dreamt I went to my friend Keely's house. I've never been there before. We were in the living room. There was a TV and a bed and I think a bookshelf or chest. There was a window looking out to the backyard, but I don't remember the view.

She was showing me pictures. The one I remember was her and her boyfriend standing chest deep in a swimming pool. Keely was on the left, her boyfriend on the right. The water was ripply and dark with a great reflection of them. On the concrete in front of them to the left was her dog laying down with his head on his paws. All three were looking into the camera. Keely and her boyfriend were smiling.

Then we were in a bedroom. She was showing me jewelry. She had a see-through jewelry chest like one that I have except it was about four feet wide and sat on the floor.

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Sounds like a dream with positive vibes! smile

A Little Headway on Ripping my CDs

April 16, 2005

I’ve been doing a few CDs almost every day. It’s amazing how many CDs I hadn’t already ripped… favorites like Dishwalla, Stabbing Westward and Seven Mary Three.

When I first got iTunes and my iPod, I didn't have near-infinite space on my PC for MP3 files, so I was careful about not ripping too many songs. Plus my iPod is only 20 GBs. Now I have lots and lots of space on my PC. smile

My iTunes library is up to 17.4 GBs now, so I'll either need a bigger iPod soon, or I'll have to manage what songs go in it. Maybe that 60 GB iPod photo will come down in price. **wish**

This process is allowing me to organize my CDs, too. I’ve even found CDs I forgot I had. happy

See more progress on: Convert my entire CD collection to MP3

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Things I learned from Jerry Maguire: The human head weighs eight pounds. happy

That's the cutest kid ever!

Unconscious Mutterings

April 17, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Great escape:: Steve McQueen movie

  2. Cluster:: almond

  3. Wrong place, wrong time:: pity

  4. Guided:: by Voices

  5. Forensics:: autopsy

  6. Pros:: Cons

  7. Safety deposit box:: key

  8. Quadrant:: grid

  9. Precisely:: yes

  10. Who are you?:: The Who

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The Garbage Men Aren't Helping

April 18, 2005

I put the boxes I tore down last week out for the recycling truck early this morning. There they sat this afternoon, long after the truck went through. I guess they’re not cut down small enough. So I hauled them back into the garage.

I’m considering being anti-environmentally friendly and paying someone with a truck to come take all the boxes to a dump. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

See more progress on: clean out the garage

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We've had that same problem in the past, with boxes. Hmmm...guess they're pretty fussy about those. ohwell

our recycling people take only completely flattened boxes. i don't think there's a size limit though. the most irritating thing is that they DON'T TAKE GLASS, which is like THE MOST RECYCLABLE MATERIAL EVER. whatever. can't really complain-- i don't have to pay anything for recycling OR trash pick up in my city.

I might try again this weekend.

Sheesh... no glass? Weird.

Tori and Matt

April 19, 2005

Thanks to Irish Kelly, I actually got out into the world and did something fun this weekend. On Sunday afternoon, Kelly rented a cruiser, and we headed north to Dallas. We scoped out our ultimate destination and then went searching for food.

At the far end of my favorite Six Flags roller coaster (Judge Roy Scream) sits Humperdinks. They have *great* hamburgers. Kelly had a brew pub beer. I'll let her comment on that. You can see Humpberdinks on the left side of this roller coaster picture.

After dinner, we headed to the Nokia Theatre where they must make $300 trillion dollars on parking. We were there to see Tori Amos and Matt Nathanson with 5th row center seats (again thanks to Irish Kelly).

The timing was right as we weren't seated for long when a funny boy with messy hair came through the curtain with a couple of guitars. Matt Nathanson was so cool. His voice and the way he played his twelve string were inspiring. I even bought a couple of his CDs the next day.

Then came Tori. Woo Boy that woman has talent. Not that I didn't know it already, but seeing it from the 5th row is awe-inspiring. My favorite songs from the show were "Winter," "Silent All These Years" and "The Beekeeper." The first two probably because I fell in love with her music way back when Little Earthquakes came out. "The Beekeeper" was a favorite because it touched me even though I'd only heard it once or twice before.

"Do you know who I am" she said
"I'm the one who taps you on the shoulder when it's your time
Don't be afraid I promise that she will awake
Tomorrow somewhere
Tomorrow somewhere"

After two encores, the lights came up, and it was time to head back to Austin. But first a stop at the Fina station with a goofy name that I can't remember for a trip to the potty and a Coke with Lime. What a great trip to the potty, too. Anyone insecure about their looks should stop off there for an affirmation that they look marvelous.

I was home again at 4:00 a.m. Pretty good outing for an old girl, eh?

Thanks, Irish Kelly!

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that sounds great! i'm glad you two had fun!!

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | April 21, 2005 8:47 AM

The Tori show was great and the trip was fun. I only tried the low carb beer at Humperdinks and it tasted like water which is in line with all the other low carb beers I have tasted. I want to go back and sample the rest of the their brews at a later date and when I am not driving home on the same night. nerd

Tori and Matt were awesome and I was glad you made the trip!

Thanks, k-sue! happy

Kelly... I forgot that you said it tasted like water. I also forgot until just now that the rough looking waitress kept calling us "honey."

Love the mahvelous elbow shot at the FINA. Hehe!

Lily Dawg, wet spots, a holiday and Survivor

April 21, 2005

  • Lily Dawg spent Tuesday at the doggy hospital while I was at work. She had the hershey squirts and wasn't eating her dog food. She'd still eat treats, so I knew she wasn't on her death bed. The vet said she had stress-induced colonitis or something like that. She's all better now. Yesterday, the vet called mid-day to ask how Lily was doing. How nice is that?
  • While Lily was sick, I found wet spots on the carpet and tile near the entryway. I thought she had done it, but it turns out my air conditioner is leaking. This is the third time since I've lived here that it's happened. The first time it happened, I blamed it on Mandy Dawg. Poor doggies.
  • Today is San Jacinto Day, the day Texas won our independence from Mexico. It's a work holiday, but I went to work anyway since I'd only worked one day this week so far. I thought it would be quiet and I could catch up on things, but it was busier than ever.
  • Survivor was interesting tonight. Coby looked cute all cleaned up. I never liked Janu much until I saw her dance after finally getting her fire started. I would have danced in the solitude under the stars, too.

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Good to hear Lily Dawg is ok! Is she ready for some lime peel tea yet! grin

Oh poor Lilydawg!!!!!!! Give that sweet baby girl doggie a kiss from me. Glad she is better now!!!!!!

Definitely, Boogaboo. Lime peel tea and a cookie!

I gave her a kiss for you, Karlyn! She is doing much better. smile

Eeeuuuwww, Hershey squirts!

"New, from Hershey: Hershey Squirts! Look for them in the candy aisle!"

Poor baby girl, I'm glad she's better. Nothing more stressful than an ailing puppy ...

Hershey Squirts... won't melt *in* your hand because they're already melted! nerd

My Uncle Emery

April 23, 2005

My Uncle Emery passed away last week. He was my Aunt Alice's husband. She's one of my aunts who passed away in January. He's the one who let me drive his tractor when I visited Oregon last year.

Uncle Emery loved peanut brittle from See's Candies. He had a dry sense of humor, and I always felt comfortable saying goofy things around him.

There's a nice article about Uncle Emery in the The Oregonian: When there was a need, there was Emery. I'll copy the text in the extended entry in case the article goes away.

I'm so thankful I took the time to visit them last year.

Continue reading My Uncle Emery.

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Unconscious Mutterings

April 24, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Detachment:: aloof

  2. Regard:: (s) signature

  3. Community:: bulletin board

  4. Strike three:: YOU'RE OUT!

  5. Congregation:: church

  6. Generous:: kind and

  7. Pretention:: unnecessary

  8. Pregnant:: big belly

  9. Drinking:: water

  10. Brilliance:: diamond

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100 Happy Things: Pets and The Sun

April 24, 2005

1. Waking up with Orion cat snuggled into my armpit and Lily dawg asleep on the other side with her head on the pillow. Especially on mornings that I don’t have to get up right away.

2. The Sun. Light streaming through the blinds. Rays warming my skin on a cool day. Sunrises. Sunsets. Rainbows on the wall when the sunlight hits the prisms in my windows.

See more progress on: identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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A wonderful list!! Proves that there is more to this world than money.

Yay! deserves a big cheer!!!!!!clap

Numbers One and Two are at the top of my list, too. I love being hemmed in by my two cats.

100 Happy Things: Laughter and Lightning

April 25, 2005

3. Saying something clever that makes someone laugh out loud.

4. Lightning in the clouds on a rainless night. Bonus points for watching from a distance through a plane window.

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100 Happy Things: Clean Sheets and Starting a Book

April 26, 2005

5. Clean sheets against my skin. The kind that are cool to the touch.

6. Starting a book, new or old. I’m a very slow reader, so starting a book doesn’t happen very often. It’s a treat.

The thought of crawling under clean sheets with a fresh book sounds like heaven.

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Just out of the shower into the clean sheets is heaven. I'll take a book or the TV remote with me but only for a minute. Those conditions make me sleepy.

So true! Clean sheets and clean skin.

A good nap makes me happy! smile

A warm bath. When you think how is wasn't that long ago when a bath was somewhat of a luxury. It consisted of a lot of work. Now we just simply turn on the faucet.

And listening to it rain when I don't have to get out in it . Love that!!!!!

Clean sheets are up there too. If you think about it we are all so blessed to enjoy these wonderful things everyday.

I could use a good nap, Boogaboo! smile

Hey Karlyn, I was telling Boogaboo the other day I'd like to take a bath in one of those big tubs with jets. I think that would make me happy. smile You are so right about being blessed. clap

Happy Birthday to Me

April 28, 2005

I hesitated to post this because I don't feel very birthday-y yet today. I woke up with a nosebleed. I didn't realize it was my birthday until I turned my computer on and for no good reason put my cursor over the clock on the corner. It popped up the date, and there was my birthday date.

So today I start my 42nd year (that means I'm 41 if that confuses you). I was thinking about going to my favorite restaurant after work for italian food and chocolate cheesecake. I'll play it by ear. I better pack a book in my purse, just in case.

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I keep forgetting when your birthday is from one year to another ... I promise to remember next year!

Happy Birthday to you. My son turned 7 today. April 28th is a great day.

As one who is in his 40th year, I begin my 41st year in November, I have to tell you, that you look great for one born at the end of the baby boom.

*I promise I am not some creep on the net. Just ran into your blog from 43 things.*

Yes, a very very happy happpy birthday to you, Kim.Party

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday, dear Kimmyyyyyyyy,
Happy Birthday To You!!


Irish KellyIrish Kelly | April 28, 2005 9:44 AM

Happy Birthday!!!Party

Party Happy Birthday Kim!!!

Hey gorgeous - HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!
This will be a glorious year for you.
I always have a birthday week - go for it !!! You deserve it !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KIMMMMMMMM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AND MANY MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clap best wishes, Kim! Wave

Thanks, Everyone! Party

Happy, Happy. Hope you had fun today.

I'm a day late to the party. Happy B-Day! clap

Ack I'm late! I had a hunch your Birthday was coming soon! Happy Birthday Kim!!

Whooot! Hearts

Happy belated birthday !Woohoo!Partyclap

Let me add my belated birthday wishes! (my son's birthday was 4/27, so yay! to both of you...) smile

Late's just as nice! Thanks, all! happy

Dammit! I can't believe I missed this SPECIALx1000 day!
Happy Birfday, Sweetheart!

[No such belated crap--My wish is as fresh as a Hawaiian Lei!]

'salright! I'm still celebrating! Party

Thanks, P.T.! Hug

100 Happy Things: Shooting Stars and Flaming Lips

April 28, 2005

7. Shooting stars/meteors. I’m filled with a sense of wonder when I see a meteor streak through our atmosphere. I usually forget to make a wish because it’s so not about me.

8. The Flaming Lips song “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.” That song always makes me smile.

‘Cause she knows that

it’d be tragic

if those evil robots win

I know she can beat them

Oh Yoshimi, they don’t believe me

but you won’t let those robots defeat me

See more progress on: identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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Well, you know how I feel about #7. Seeing one of them and realizing that it may be several million or billion years old and may have traveled several billion miles to give me that spectacular sight for just a fraction of a second.....well, it's humbling that I was in the right place at the right time to see it.

You said what I wanted to say, but couldn't figure out how to say it. smile

100 Happy Things: The Blue Dog and a well timed adult beverage

April 29, 2005

Blue Dog

9. The Blue Dog. (KBB reminded me). I first discovered the Blue Dog on a trip to New Orleans when I was in college. I hope to have a Blue Dog of my own someday. smile

10. A tasty margarita with chambord or a raspberry belgian lambic beer or a mimosa when I don’t have to worry about driving or anyone else driving, and I don’t have to go anywhere the next morning. I had a mimosa tonight. Yum.

See more progress on: identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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many thanks for the link Kim. Quite interesting I might add. It will come in handy. Love information!!!Thanks again!!

You go get 'em, Karlyn! smile

Does my blog do this?

April 30, 2005

I had to get a new monitor tonight. More on that later... I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it back tomorrow. tongue

When I opened my browser, this is what I found:

screenshot of my blog all messed up

The main column of my blog overlaps the left column when I squeeze the window. I don't understand why it would look that way on one monitor and not another.

Is that what you see when you look at my blog? If so, I'm embarrassed. I've never seen it do that.

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looks ok to me, Kim smile

actually, you probably have the most colourful, cleanest blog i've ever read.

Thanks, CJ!

Whatever was happening worked itself out. It doesn't look that way to me anymore. I guess it was trying to trick me. Umm

What C J said. I've always been enamored (Envious is probably a better word) with the look of your blog.