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Monitor *Kaboom*

May 1, 2005 | Comments

I was at the tail end of a nap on the couch yesterday. I'd already woken up, but I was having a hard time getting up. Then I heard a series of quick clicks behind me that sounded like the kitty cat disturbing the vertical blinds. Lily barked at the noise.

I looked over and saw the cat on the back of the couch, so I knew it wasn't him. The blinds looked normal, too.

A short while later, I went to the computer to check what was going on in the cyber world, and found a black screen. After turning my desktop off and on a few times with no change, I hooked my laptop up to the monitor to see if it was a monitor problem. Yep. It just went kablooey, I guess.

I'd been wanting a new flat panel, so I wasn't devastated. It couldn't have happened at a better time, too... Saturday evening when I don't have anywhere to be on Sunday.

I spent about an hour agonizing over monitors at CompUSA. I don't know anything about buying flat panel monitors. I ended up getting the cheapest 19 inch, an Envision brand.

I got it home and found out I can't make it go to a higher resolution than 1280 x whatever. Waaaaaaa! Photographs don't look crisp and beautiful like I'm used to seeing on my old monitor.

So today, I'm agonizing over taking it back. Do I stick with the cheap model and complain a lot for the next however many years I have it, or do I put out the cash and be happy with the quality? I'll probably take it back.

I looked online this morning, and found out the monitor I bought yesterday is $50 cheaper today than it was yesterday. I'll at least go back and get a credit for that.

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | May 1, 2005 10:01 AM

Check out

I highly recommend them. Fast shipping and great service. Read the reviews of the products and see which monitor meets your needs.

Return it. You do too much on your computer to tolerate an inferior monitor. You'll never be happy with it.

Yeah, what Rob said.

Monitors can be scary. A few years ago (1990-91) I was working in a "cube farm" (it was a mortgage company) with four-foot-tall cubicle walls. One day, Margie our department manager was away from her desk, when all of a sudden I and everybody else nearby, started hearing a high-pitched squealing sound, slowly increasing in volume. Then, just as it was loud enough so that it was obvious that it was coming from Margie's desk, and everybody was looking in that direction, there was a quiet little pop, and a thin wisp of smoke trailed up from the monitor.

There were six of us scrambling over to it -- three guys actually climbed over the cube wall -- to unplug it and make sure it wasn't on fire.

I tell ya, there's nothing to perk up an office like a little monitor meltdown.

Go get what you want. You deserve it!!! You will be glad you did get the best one or you will kick yourself that you did not go ahead and bite the bullet. You are so very worth the best Kim!!!!

Thanks, Kelly! I need instant gratification and went to Fry's, though. That newegg website has great prices.

Got another one, Rob. I'll talk about it later when I feel like taking a picture and showing it off. smile

Scary, b-Man! I've heard monitors don't work anymore when their smoke leaks out. smile

Thank you, Karlyn! You are so very encouraging! I got what I wanted. More on that later. happy

Put out the cash and get a better monitor!

ha! I did! clap