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New Drinking Glasses

June 3, 2005

I'd like to buy all new drinking glasses. It would be a waste of money, though, because the glasses I have now don't leak. Some are chipped, but if I tossed those, I'd still have enough to keep me in drinks between dishwasher loads. The glasses I have now are also the same glasses that the Chase household has on "My So Called Life." That's so cool. I still want new glasses, though.

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Just go out and buy new glasses. Donate the old ones to the thrift bin!

This is one of those unnecessary things, but it would bring you happiness! And what...it won't cost you a lot of pocket money!grin

I knew I could count on you to encourage me, P.T. mischief

100 Happy Things: Chimes, Good Days, and Calendars

June 4, 2005

73. Wind Chimes. I’ve been noticing the wind chimes on the houses close to mine lately. I’d like to get some to hang on the hook outside my front door, but I need to ask the guy on the other side of the duplex if it would bother him.

74. Days like today. I got up early enough not to feel like I wasted half the day sleeping in. Then I accomplished many things: cleaned out my car including vacuuming it, did laundry, bought a white camisole, had lunch and dinner for less than $10, baked a potato and sliced it up to saute in butter, cleaned the house some, ripped about 17 CDs to MP3, read 60 pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, burned candles that made my house smell lovely, cleaned out my purse, swept the front porch, set up voicemail on my cellphone, and probably more that I can’t think of right now.

75. Flipping the calendar to the next month. It’s fun to see the new pictures. I have a penguin calendar in my living room and a puppies calendar in my kitchen. Both always make me smile when I look at the next month.

See more progress on: identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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73. I love our wind chimes. I had two expensive sets for many years but weather ultimately took its toll. I picked up a less expensive set a few years ago that were in a box. Had no idea what they sounded like. They are lovely. Better than the expensive ones. When there's a light breeze, they put out the most beautifully melodic, ever-changing song. I can't imagine anyone objecting to them but I suppose there are some cranky crabs in the world.

I like the sound of baked potato.... I will try that one.. cool


Aren't the days that take you where it may, particularly being productive in doing those little things, the best?!

Did you write the code for the 42 Things List? I need one like--tell me how? Pleeeeezeeee! But if not, you know I'll be okay with it.mad


P.T. I got the 42 things list from www.43things.com

It's free and fun!! Probably won't be free forever, though, like anything else.

#74. You got more done with this one than I get done in an entire month...

Yeah, muckdog, I don't know how that happened. The next day was pretty much a waste, and it didn't seem significantly different except I got nothing done. tongue

Second Notice Jury Summons

June 7, 2005

I got a letter in the mail from my county's jury management office. It said I was scheduled to report for jury duty in November, 2004, but that I never showed up nor did I request a postponement or excuse. It said they'd rescheduled me for July.

At the end of the letter, it said failure to appear may result in a mandatory appearance before the judge and a fine of up to $1000.


It's true that I never showed up, but that's because I did the impaneling over the internet. They assigned me to a jury panel by email and told me to call each day to see if I needed to report. After a few days, the recording said my panel had been excused and thanked me.

Luckily, I kept all the emails and the original jury summons with a note about when I did the internet impaneling.

I called the jury office and told the lady who answered that I got a letter saying I failed to report for jury duty. She asked for my juror number and said I was excused from the July jury duty. Simple as that.

Maybe it's just a psych job. Or a glitch in the system. I don't know, but I hope they don't show up and arrest me next December for not showing up in July. Umm

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Holee Crap...See. It's stuff like that which would get me steaming mad, man. So simple as that to fix the "misunderstanding", but not so simple to doublecheck before they send out the fear-inducing letter.

Still, I'm glad you will not pay a fine or have to duty by default, although it must have caused you undue stress.


Jury duty? You work for the goverment?

Kimmy xx Hug

That happened to me. I was supposed to call a number and there was a message saying that my panel didn't have to attend. The next day I got a phone call telling me it was a mistake and I had to turn up that day. I went along and then was dismissed again because the defence wanted extra time to find a forensic expert. That was it for jury service. Goes to show the UK isn't any better !

Kim behind bars grin

Too funny!

Could it be and it's why she's not blogging?!nerd

Tell me it ain't so...

Hey Kimster, you okay?? You haven't blogged since Tuesday!

Lily Dawg, dial 9-1-1!

All the frustration for our civic duty, Pam. tongue

I'm fine, P.T. and b-Man. I've been working late this week. TGIF!

Here I Sit in Corpus Christi

June 11, 2005

Here I sit in a Corpus Christi Hotel room with a view, playing with free wireless internet and starving because I can't decide where to go. I want fried oysters. I might go find the Landry's that's on the shore. It's weird going to Landry's by myself, though.

While driving in, I thought I should go to a Whataburger since they originated here. There are other places that have been recommended by others, too, but I'm waiting on friends to get to Corpus tomorrow or the next day so maybe we can go together.

Let the short vacation begin...

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Back from Dinner and More

June 11, 2005

I was a good girl and didn't go to a national chain restaurant for dinner. I had fried oysters and onion rings at City Diner. The food was delicious. The onion rings were slivers of onion with lots of crispy batter and just enough grease. The decor was art deco and old yearbook style pictures lined the walls.

City Diner Entrance

Well fed, I headed for some spontaneous sight-seeing. I spotted a coffee shop and filed its location away for later. I also spotted an Irish Pub and something called Aloe Tile, both of which made me think of the brykMan. The pub also made me think of Irish Kelly, and if she were here, I'd try to get her to go there with me.

Cassidy's Irish Pub

I drove along the shoreline until I found Cole Park. I stopped and watched the surf. I *love* the sound of the surf. I walked out on a pier where some guys were fishing, too.

Water breaking on rocks

The wind was getting to me. Note to self: Next time take a hat.

I headed back to the coffeeshop, Agua Java, where I got a Latte Chocolate Mexicana with imported Abuelito chocolate. Yummy! It had fresh chocolate whipped cream on top with chocolate sugar sprinkles. I hope to go back there again (and again) before I go home.

Walking back to my car, I passed a bar with a patio and an awesome band playing. I think it was Rodger Wilko because I saw people unloading amps and stuff from a trailer that said Rodger Wilko earlier. [Update: Yep, it was Rodger Wilko. I really really wanted to go see the band because I loved the song they were playing and the singer sounded great. But I haven't had the nerve to go into a bar by myself in years. I sat in my car with the sun roof and windows open for a few minutes and just listened.

Across the street, I saw a sight that made me think of Crabapple Lane Rob.

Bourbon Street Bar and Grill

I drove over the big bridge near my hotel to see what was on the other side. I found gas (which I sorely needed) and an HEB where I bought a candle to try to kill the smoke smell in my room. Reserving a non-smoking room doesn't mean you get a room where no one smokes. It means... I don't know what it means, but I'm hoping the candle will help.

I scoped out the Texas State Aquarium and the U.S.S. Lexington, so I won't be nervous about getting lost when I head over there tomorrow. Isn't it wierd how I'm not nervous when I go out driving with no particular destination in mind, but when I'm actually going somewhere, I'm afraid I'll get lost.

As I sat here writing this, the sun went down. I got up to snap a picture.

Sunset over Corpus Christi

Now I think I'll take a bath and read about Patrick Dempsey in TV Guide. He's Dr. McDreamy in "Grey's Anatomy." I never used to think he was that great until I saw him in a movie where he played a paraplegic. I don't know what movie that was, but I want to see it again.

Let the vacation continue...

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Great, great pics. Bourbon Street Bar & Grille? Cool. I haven't had a Whataburger in many years. Now, I want one.

Ha! I read this post yesterday, but I completely overlooked the reference to me!

Shows how I pay attention ...Umm

CDs to Buy - Rodger Wilko

June 11, 2005

As I mentioned in an earlier post today, I heard a great band playing at the Executive Surf Club in Corpus Christi and was too nervous to go in by myself to listen. I did some Googling and found out it was Rodger Wilko. They're from Manchaca, Texas which is not too far from where I live. I found their CDs for sale. Note to self: Buy at least one of these CDs.

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Sunrise Over the Bay

June 12, 2005

I got up at 6:15 this morning and walked across the street to a bench overlooking the bay. I watched the sunrise.

Sun rising over Corpus Christi Bay

It's amazing how quickly the sun rises after it peaks over the horizon. It couldn't have been more than a minute between the first peak over that cloud bank to when it was fully over the clouds.

I slept okay last night. I know I was having dreams, but I don't remember much. I remember a flock of bird flying away from me. They were all black and brown except for one bright red cardinal.

I'm off in search of breakfast and fishies...

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The only picture that can equal a sunset is a sunrise. Beautiful, Kim. I love the reflection trail in the water from the sun to you.

Kim, do you have a good res of that and may I have it for a personal nature? Pweeeeese? Hug

Thanks, Rob. I'm surprised I actually drug myself out of bed to see it. It was well worth it.

Sure, CJ. I've uploaded a zip file of 5 pictures I took this morning, so you can take your pick. Hug

Thanks darling, i got em happy

Sunday in Corpus Christi - The Touristy Stuff

June 12, 2005

After watching the sun rise over the bay this morning, I went back to bed. I didn't set the alarm which could have been a bad move given all the stuff I wanted to do today, but housekeeping woke me up at 9:30.

I set out for breakfast, and ended up at the City Diner again. I needed a familiar place to get me started. Breakfast was good: French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and Hash Browns. They served Log Cabin syrup which is what my momma used to serve.

My first stop was the Texas State Aquarium. It's not as big as Moody Gardens in Galveston, but it has stingrays you can pet. I went to Stingray Flats while the dolphin show was going on, so there were hardly any people there. I got to pet a bunch of them. When the dolphin show let out, lots of people showed up and most of the stingrays swam to the center of the tank out of reach. Here's one who was happy to be petted until the crowd showed up:


They had a river otter exhibit, too. They were *very* cute.

Two river otters

I also saw jellyfish, sharks, alligators, hawks, and other critters. I went out back, and some pelicans and I watched a ship come in.

A big ship coming into the harbor

After the aquarium, I walked over the the U.S.S. Lexington aircraft carrier. It's been converted into a museum.

U.S.S. Lexington entry

I thought I might get claustrophobic walking around inside, but I didn't. I didn't like the stairs, though. They're more like ladders, really. Going up was fine, but coming down was scary. I guess if I had to live on a ship, I'd get used to it.

Below is the sick bay which was much more roomy than the regular sleeping quarters.

Sick Bay Bunk Beds

Worn out after the Lexington tour, I decided to drive around a while. I scouted out the Mexican food restaurant that had been recommended (Kikos on Everhart), but didn't eat there. I think one of my coworkers is going to eat there with me tomorrow or the next day. I ended up back at Agua Java for a mug of their excellent Latte Chocolate Mexicano and found the following structure built from jenga and chess pieces:

Jenga and Chess Pieces stacked up together

Tomorrow, the conference I'm attending starts. I have to register in the morning, but the first event doesn't start until afternoon. Whooot!

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Kim it looks like you've been having a fun ole time, Whooot! clap

The best part is I haven't thought about work at all! I needed a break. smile

Conference - Day One

June 13, 2005

Today was the first day of the conference I'm attending in Corpus Christi. I didn't have to be anywhere until 12:30 p.m., so I slept in and went back to City Diner for breakfast. I like having a familiar place to go back to every day.

After breakfast, I drove around downtown some more. I saw at least two more Irish pubs. Hurbs and O'Malley's are the ones I remember.

I also saw art on walls and utility boxes:

A colorful mural on a wall and a dragon and mermaid painted on a utility box

The presentations today were on bonds, retirement and health benefits. I sat on the front row with my friend Brian. No one else braved the front row. There was also a comedian.

They gave out a ton of door prizes, but I didn't win anything. Maybe tomorrow.

I need to go out on the balcony now, and read a book before the sun goes down.

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Do you remember the comedian's name?

J.D. Byars. He called himself the "Unique Antique."

Day Four - Corpus Christi

June 14, 2005

After the spectacular sunrise this morning, I had to get ready and be dressed before 7:15 because I'd ordered room service breakfast, and asked it be delivered between 7:15 and 7:30. At 7:05, there was a knock on the door. Yikes! I was still nekked! I hollered, "Just a second!" and pulled on some clothes real fast.

The breakfast was wonderful: scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, croissant, coffee, orange juice and water. If we didn't have a group breakfast tomorrow morning, I'd order it again.

We had three wonderful speakers today. The first talked about how the workforce was going to change in the next decade. With the baby boomers retiring, there's going to be a shortage of talent to hire. He urged people not to think of this as a problem for the human resources department to figure out. We also have to figure out technological solutions, and (oh the horror) possibly embrace outsourcing solutions. He said we (the state) will also have to get our salaries up to private sector standards. Of course, the legislature will have to be involved with that one.

The second speaker was very preacher-like without all the God stuff. He spoke about integrity and keeping a positive attitude about life. He's a CPA who serves as an expert witness in accounting, fraud, damages, taxes and ethics. I wanted to go into litigation support and testify in accounting and fraud cases when I graduated college, but no one would hire me.

The third speaker was a professor I had at Southwest Texas State University. She made us laugh and some of us tear up a bit as she talked about character driven success. She stressed that we praise people for their good character traits rather than their achievements.

She singled me out and asked if she knew me. I thought she remembered me from class 17 years ago, but turns out my friend Brian talked to her before hand and tipped her off that I had been in her class in college. Still, she singled me out and praised and thanked me for being so attentive to her during this presentation--that it gave her energy and helped her be a better presenter. It was an example of how to praise someone.

The presentations were very inspirational and the ideas are things I want to incorporate into my life more than I already do.

After all that, I finally got over to Whataburger for a burger and fries. Their fries are so much better than McDonalds. I don't get why people like McDonalds' fries so much.

Then I went over to Agua Java to read and drink my last Latte Chocolate Mexicano of the trip:

Latte, Biscotti and a Harry Potter book

Agua Java shares a courtyard with the Executive Surf Club. In that courtyard, they have the Texas Music Walk of Fame with stars dedicated to Texas musicians. Here's one:

Freddy Fender's star

After that I drove down Ocean Drive farther than I'd been before and saw a lot of beautiful houses overlooking the bay. I always dream of having a house like that myself. I realized tonight, though, that my dream house always has someone in it with me. I don't think I'd want a big empty house. I wouldn't turn one down, though, if someone wanted to give me one for free.

Back at the hotel, I put a chair on the balcony and read some more. Then I noticed someone feeding the seagulls a few floors below. It was fun to watch. As soon as s/he quit feeding them, though, they thought maybe they could get some food from me and started flying very close. At first it was fun, but then it was scary, so I went inside.

I ran a bath and used a bubble bath bar that Irish Kelly gave me at Christmas. I used another fizzy bath bar she gave me the first night I was here.

Bubble Bath

I suppose now, I need to get my stuff packed so I can make a quick getaway once the conference ends tomorrow. I'm already feeling a twinge of post-vacation depression. But I'm grateful to have the chance to come to Corpus and discover what a cool little town it is.

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There is just something about room service breakfast, isn't there? Sounds like a pretty good trip!

i'm glad that you enjoyed a little change of scenery! (note to self: buy bubble bath!)

I want to stick my whole face right into that Latte Chocolate Mexicano....

Room service breakfast is wonderful! happy

Thanks, k-sue! smile

You go right ahead, P.T.! laugh

Thanks, wiseguy.mischief

He only focused on how it would affect the workplace, DJ. I suspect real estate prices will be driven downward like you suggest. It's going to be interesting to see things change over the next couple of decades.

I was born in '64, too. smile

I never felt an attachment to any of the named generations. I always liked the Baby Boomer edition of Trivial Pursuit, though. smile

I didn't know that about UHF. I loved UHF. haha

Here are the Central Market coupons I got in the mail

June 16, 2005

All require a total purchase of $40 or more, and I can only use one coupon per visit.

  • $10 off steak – valid through 6/26.
  • Free half gallon Creamy Creations 1905 vanilla ice cream, Susan Elaine’s hot fudge sauce & 1 pt strawberries – valid 6/20 – 7/3. Yeah… Like I need this.
  • Free 2 lbs chicken breasts (boneless and skinless!) – valid 6/27 – 7/10.
  • $10 off bulk coffee or any other bulk item of my choice – valid 7/4 – 7/17.
  • Free pound of 21/25 ct. Key West Pink Shrimp – valid 7/11 though 7/24.
  • $10 off $50-$99.99 purchase or $20 off $100-$249.99 purchase; $50 off $250 or more – valid 7/18 – 7/31.

Using these coupons will probably put me in the poor house.

See more progress on: Use the Central Market coupons I got in the mail

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The Difference Between Me and Most People

June 16, 2005

While I was at the conference in Corpus Christi this week, I identified a difference between me and most people. Most of the other people were plotting ways (or at least day dreaming of ways) to sneak out of the conference to go to the beach during the day. I liked the daytime conference stuff. I was plotting ways to avoid the nightly social activities, so I could spend time reading and drinking coffee drinks or surfing the internet in my room and talking to my little pet bird.

I wouldn't have minded going to the social events, though, if I had a dedicated partner in crime to go with me. I just don't like walking in by myself not knowing whether I'll get stuck talking with someone who asks me a thousand questions about me and my life, or whether I'll walk up to a table and someone will tell me "There's no room for you here," or whatever other social nightmare that could happen.

I did have a good time this week. I hope I get to take another trip somewhere soon that's not business related where I can spend hours at a coffee shop reading my book or walking around a town taking pictures.

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JazzyHornJazzyHorn | June 17, 2005 9:40 PM

I know the feeling. For 2 years in a row (in 2001 and 2002), my company required us all to go to an offsite overnight team-building meeting in some hotel. I was actively writing music back then, so I brought my keyboard with me to the hotel room, and after dinner, when everyone one else got into the drinking and social activities, I headed to my room and was much happier composing music with no distractions. Of course, the next morning, I was one of the few people therw without a hangover... happy

Just popping in to read your blogs, well I read them yesterday but didn't reply grin

That bubble bath down there looks yummy! smile

There were a couple of nights I wished I'd brought my guitar with me, C.M. I would have loved to play out on my balcony and look at the bay.

Hi boogie! The bubble bath was nice. I'd like a bigger tub to float around in, though. happy

What book were you reading?

I tend to alternate from being rather gregarious during part of a season, then retiring to be by myself. After a while, I emerge from my lair, then become gregarious again. I can switch at the drop of a dime, too, should I feel the need to read, think, or write. And I don't feel I owe anyone an explanation, unless they REALLY are dying to know. cool

I was reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. smile

I wish I was more outgoing, but I don't wish it enough to torture myself trying. Good for you for being able to do both. smile

$10 Off Steak

June 18, 2005

Oh boy… Central Market is sure proud of their T-Bones. I shouldn’t have bought T-Bones as they were incredibly expensive, but they are my favorite steak and everything happened so fast.

Me: I’d like two T-Bones.
Him: [grab, weigh, wrap] Here you go.
Me: [looking at the price] GASP!

That’s okay… I got $10 off, and I need to live a little sometimes.

I also bought cantaloupe slices, a cored pineapple, a yellow bell pepper, some lettuce, and a lindeman’s framboise lambic beer.

See more progress on: Use the Central Market coupons I got in the mail

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Yeah, I'm with you on the price of good steaks. I hardly ever eat them any more and its strictly because of the prices. I like just about any kind of steak except the New York Strips. They do nothing for me and they do it rather expensively.

I've had good New York Strips and bad ones. I don't know how to make sure they're good, though.

I found out these two steaks I bought are so thick, I can spread them out over 4 meals. That makes me feel better about spending the money.

davidkirkdavidkirk | June 19, 2005 7:32 PM

I love hearing aboutwhat you are doing...

JazzyHornJazzyHorn | June 25, 2005 8:29 AM

Kim, your blog is always entertaining! I'm not sure how you manage to chronicle your life in this way, but I always get a kick out of your comments.

In this case: I love steak, but I never buy it at the grocery store because I can't get past the price per pound. Plus I usually do a crappy job cooking steak anyway. So I leave steak for a rare restaurant treat. Which is probably better for my heart anyway...

haha Thanks! smile

I don't blame you. I always walk by the steak section to see if it's on sale, and only buy it on occasion. Once they had mislabeled the t-bones as chuck roast, and I got a great deal. clap

Real World Austin Episode 1

June 21, 2005

My prediction for Real World Austin is that I'm going to hate it, but will watch every episode anyway to see my city. They contrived ways to show off some of the sites on the first show. Three of the housemates took a trip on the riverboat on Town Lake before they went to the house, two visited Mount Bonnell, and two hung around the Capitol.

The sites are great. Yeah. The young punk kids are irritating as hell. The first night, two of the guys bet on who will "hookup" with a roommate first. Ugh. Watching this is going to be painful.

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I missed it but did see a little recap. I think they are going to re-air the first episode. I visited Austin once and I really hope they do this fine city justice. Somehow I doubt they will.

I hope they do, too. They did the sights well in the first episode, but not the people so much. In the first episode, someone punched out one of the cast members. Not a friendly representation of our population.

Dream Journal - A Boy, A Missed Performance and Choppy Waters

June 25, 2005

I was on a trip with my high school or church choir except it was present day. We were in another city, hanging out in a lounge wherever we were going to perform. A guy from there sat near me and we started talking. As time went on, we got close. I played with his foot and touched his leg. We ended up kissing, and he said something in my ear about wishing we could do more. His intentions were leaning toward love not pure lust. I know that because it was my dream. heh! I think this guy was inspired by a guy named Matt whom I know from my internet diversions. When it was time to go, we exchanged cards with phone numbers and email addresses. I'm not sure he put his email address, but I put mine.

I went back to where I was staying. I don't remember what I did after that, but I didn't get back to the place we were performing until they had already started. I was going to tell them I fell asleep, and that's why I missed the performance.

Later, something happened to the town that destroyed a lot of buildings. The mayor was parcelling out his prized orchids for others to take care of until his building was re-built.

Night before last, I dreamt there was water in a backyard. I saw a white grand piano vaulted into the water. Then I had a motorboat towing a rowboat, and I vaulted them into the water. I was afraid the rowboat would hit a big rock, but it missed. I was out in the water, and the water started getting really choppy. I was trying to pull the motorboat-towing-a-rowboat back to safety, but it was difficult. I think my supervisor was there, too.

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Roll Call

June 26, 2005

This is an entry I posted a while back that I'm "boinking" to the top again so I can see who answered the roll call and to give other people a chance to answer, too.

Who's here and from where are you?

Or tell me where you'd like to be.

Or both.

Participants to be featured in a future post.

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I am here and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I would like to be in London town in a lovely flat in Chelsea with a decent job.

I'm here in Bush, Louisiana, USA. Most times I like to be here but I wouldn't mind being in Alaska, Wyoming, or New England in the USA. The British Isles, Australia, or New Zealand abroad. Probably too much information for your purpose, huh?

Kevin from Dallas-Fort Worth (specifically Flower Mound). If I had an option, I think I would love to be on Guana Cay in the Abacos. Although I wouldn't mind joining Rob in New Zealand either.

I am here from B.C. Canada
internetting from my custom built igloo cool (they don't come cheap)

I have a pet penguin and grizzly bear, they get along ok these days thumb

On the net people call me boog, however my real name is Gary

I would like to live on a 10 acre farm with a separate recording studio, and also a jam room, where I could invite friends over for the weekend to make up songs.

My proudest internet achievement was doing a collab with Kim! and I like reading her dream blogs the best, and wish she posted more of them

Well, that's bout it, I better go feed the bear now


i'm in kansas city. i had a dream last night that i flew to paris. i woke up this morning and was like, damn. if i could be anywhere, i'd suppose it would be kauai. however, it was sunny, 70 and absolutely gorgeous today in kc-- in the middle of friggin november--so i'm not complaining.

---from little rock, AR. i would rather be anywhere but here these days! the traffic has been terrible these last 2 days with the opening of the clinton presidential center. there are tons of celebrities in town and we have no more hotel rooms or rental cars. i plan to go tour the place after all of the hoopla dies down a bit. it has been very interesting to see the different phases of construction. i love living here but our small city is bursting at the seams these days.


It' cold and dreary right now but once the snow falls it will be a lot of fun!!!

I can't think of a better place to be. Umm

I live in Minnesota, although I'm originally from Wisconsin. I like it here...but I miss my parents who still live in WI, and my daughter who attends college there as well. I'd love to someday have a home on a lake, or some type of water.

Tina here paddling in [arms tired!] from Hawai'i! Which island? O'ahu--that's a little known fact b/c I'm prone to be unspecific as to which island [7 in the chain--Big Island, O'ahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Ni'ihau, too, but it is pretty much off limits!] I reside on! wahoo!

At the moment, I am at work in Austin, Texas.

I would love to be sitting at a Pub in Ireland being warmed by a turf fire and drinking a pint or two of Guinness.

Excellent! Thank you very much, cool people. smile

There's room for more in this not quite fully formed plan for a future post. Yeah... I'm talking to you. I know you're lurking. wink

I am currently in my home studio in Stockport, England. I would like to be in America right now meeting all my good friends.

I am in Dallas,loving it. This is where I chose to live after living in Europe for two years. Also I am The wife of Brykmantra. Just wish we had more time to do the favorite things we love, like music, writing and reading. Too many interests,too little time.

And music. Don't forget music.

And video.

Austin, Texas, Baby!

Just like to know what my neighbors are up to.

Check out http://www.statcounter.com/ and you'll never have to ask again.

Oh yay! Hi Lora! smile

i'm here. i come a lot, just don't generally have anything to say. i'm in blacksburg virginia and pretty much would like to be in blacksburg virginia making stained glass or in floyd virginia on my ex-farm hanging out. the only other place i mostly ever am is at work in radford virginia where i do NOT want to be.

Yay! Hi bud! smile

JazzyHornJazzyHorn | June 29, 2005 6:48 AM

Chris here from central NJ. I have spent several years hiding behind the anonymous-sounding "CM" musical artist name, but since I haven't made any music in a long time, I think I'd rather just be Chris.

I'm about to be laid off from my job at the end of July (after 5 1/2 fairly happy years). I was able to be creative during 2000-2003 because of the relative stability and low job stress I was enjoying. When my job situation started to get shaky in 2004, my ability to focus and be musically creative dried up and hasn't returned. During 2004 I wrote a bunch of music reviews on Gods of Music, I organized the (unsuccessful) FAP charity album and even tried to write a novel, but none of that was very satisfying.

So where I'd like to be is back in that creative and stable state of mind I enjoyed a few years ago. I also need to find a way to lose a lot of weight without putting it all back on at the end, but that's a different story... smile

Hello Chris! smile
I'm sorry to hear of the impending layoff. frown I can totally understand about creativity drying up when things get unstable. Some do their best work when things are not so good, but I can't concentrate on creative efforts when I'm worrying about other things.

Losing weight and keeping it off is easy... diet and exercise and then more exercise! (yeah... right... easy Foot Tap)


No Llama's at Doris Day's Inn, Please

June 26, 2005

There's a goofy article in the Vancouver Province complaining about the rejection of exotic pets in hotels and restaurants in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Just as silly, the article points out a picture on the Cypress Inn website of Kim Novak and one of her Llamas in 1992. Click "Pets" and then watch the short Flash slideshow here: Cypress Inn website. Apparently, the Cypress Inn is owned by Doris Day.

Thank you, drive through.

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100 Happy Things: Waves, Love Dreams, and Good Hair Days

June 26, 2005

76. People who wave who don’t even know me. The other day, I saw an old man driving a riding lawn mower in his front yard and waving at all the cars that passed. When I was in college, sometimes I’d take detours on the country roads driving back to school on weekends. I’d run across lots of people in pickup trucks going the opposite direction who would wave as they passed. I’d always wave back, and sometimes would wave first. smile

77. Dreams about love. I don’t dream about love very often. Sometimes I wake up feeling disappointed that it was just a dream, but sometimes it feels wonderful like a memory of something that really happened.

78. Good hair days. I wish I could learn the secret formula to make every day a good hair day.

See more progress on: identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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Just this evening, heading home on Kamehameha Hwy, a girl waved to me. We were stopped at a traffic light and I was looking to my left at a scrapbooking store that was on the second floor of a building when a car came up. I think the girl thought I was looking at her, so she smiled and then waved! I was surprised, and wanted to look around and mouth the words, "ME?", but being the cool kat that I am, I waved back.

I'm nuts.

I love that you wave! If there was a smilie waving, I'd stick her here X!

That's cool, P.T.! Sometimes I wave to people who look perturbed at something I've done (like not accelerated quickly enough from a stop light). Then, maybe, they wonder if they know me and not dislike me so much. hee hee

You didn't see the wave smilie? It's right by the hearts at the end of the smilies.


Meet Christy

June 26, 2005

Meet Christy

Christy is my friend who also likes to read the Amanda Peterson blog. She doesn't have a blog of her own, but reads other people's blogs. I don't know many people who do that. Yay for Christy!

Where Christy Is (or closeby):

Where Christy Would Like To Be:

She said anywhere but Little Rock, so here are a few nice places

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Aloha, Christy!grin

Hi Tina! All of the hoopla has died down from the Clinton Presidential Center opening so I am very happy to be in Little Rock these days. It is a little warm but no complaints other than that.

That's good to know, Christy! I scoped out the state capitol on that satellite image. One of these days, I'll visit that!

hi christy! glad to hear you're enjoying your town again. i'm currently blogless as well, but i enjoy reading others.

Must visit the museum.

I must get off my own rock...Heh!

100 Happy Things: Holidays, Government and Hug from Behind

June 28, 2005

79. Monday Holidays. Any holiday, really, but Monday holidays are cool because they’re followed by a short work week. happy

80. Working in State Government. It’s not always a bed of roses, but I like working for the people of the State of Texas.

81. A hug from behind. A hug from the front is good, too.

See more progress on: identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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*81's* Rock!

*81's* back atcha! grin

Love Letters to Someone I Haven't Met

June 28, 2005

I've considered doing a journal project where I write love letters to my future love. I've gotten the urge to do that at times when I've been down about being alone. Kinda like writing letters to someone who has died and I miss, but in this case, it's someone I miss who I've never met. The other day, someone on 43Things talked about someone who wrote love letters like this, but it was more about getting introspective than really writing to a future someone.

One reason I haven't done it is because I'd probably meet someone and think they were the one and reveal my love letters. That would be a beautiful thing, except the way my luck runs, the relationship wouldn't last, and I'd have wasted my love letters. That's probably not a good reason not to because this is the kind of thing that is more about the journey than the destination.

Maybe I'll do it anyway.

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This is my thought. Focusing on love letters to a future love will blind you you the realities of love. It puts the spotlight on what you don't have not on what you have. Therefore it won't make you anymore happy with your life now or in the future. Does that make sense to you?

JazzyHornJazzyHorn | June 29, 2005 6:24 AM

I think your love letter to a hypothetical person would end up being you describing the attributes you'd like to find in a future love. Is that what you have in mind?

BTW I think writing this kind of letter as a song lyric would be kinda interesting... Rock!

Good thinking... I do need to focus on what I have more than what I don't.

I'd steer clear of attributes. There are a few things that I want in a person, but if I got too detailed, I'd limit myself too much. The more I think about it, it would be difficult to write love letters to someone I've not met. If I did it, it would probably be more like a diary with the entries addressed to a future love. The song lyric idea is great. smile

Sometimes I think it's good to creatively visualize events. Writing love letters may help that process and bring it into focus so that the mind then thinks along those lines moreso than upon being alone

Well, just a thought smile

That's a good way to look at it, boogie. I've still been thinking about it, and I'm not sure I want to go there. I think I would be setting myself up for more disappointment.

300,000th Visitor

June 29, 2005

Today, my sitemeter counted its 300,000th visitor. The lucky soul connected from Poland with a monitor set at 1024x768 resolution and 32 bits of color depth. She or he used Windows XP and was searching AltaVista for images of "weed." S/he got this page...

Yay! Pictures! Flowers and Plants 2

... and promptly left the site. I guess s/he didn't find what what s/he was looking for.

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Hmmmmm I wonder what he or she was looking for? What could it be????

the nerve of that person... you have beautiful weed pictures!

I wonder, Karlyn! wink

Thanks, k-sue. That made me laugh out loud. laugh

Congrats on 300k. Wow.

Thanks, Rob! If only hits were dollars! mischief

haha Yeah... cents would be nice, too. smile

I'm always late to the party, but congrats. 300K is AWESOME! Woohoo!

Thanks, Kev!

Flat Bottomed Clouds

June 29, 2005

I noticed that the clouds over Town Lake today were pretty low and flat on the bottom. It's as if they were descending and hit an invisible glass roof:

more clouds
even more clouds

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Flat-bottomed clouds, you make my rockin' world go round!

That is the strangest thing! I must see it.

Reminds me of muffins.

Queen! smile

P.T., I showed these pictures to my friend Bruce at work, and apparently this happens every summer. The clouds were even cooler today, but I didn't take a picture. They were like this, but there were rows upon rows as far as I could see.

wow that is weird but so cool. hehehe

Hi feli! It's good to see you! smile

Hot Apple Pie

June 30, 2005

My high school friend Sparky was playing guitar with the Charlie Daniels Band for a while. I saw him on TV once. Now he plays guitar with Hot Apple Pie. He's on the far right in the picture on that page. Thanks to another high school friend, Wade, who told me about that band. smile

Tonight, I was looking at the new music on iTunes this week, and the Hot Apple Pie CD was on the front page. Here's the CD cover:

Hot Apple Pie CD Cover

How fun is that?

Here's a picture of Sparky on our tour bus when he played guitar for my church choir:


Sparky's the best guitar player I've ever met. It seemed to come so naturally to him. A few days before a church talent show, my friend Mary and I got together with him to learn "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" for the show. He learned the guitar by ear after only one or two listens (and that's a *long* song). Amazing. I think I have that performance on video somewhere. Not very good quality, but good for memory jogging. smile

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Hardly looks the same in the later pictures. Hair seems darker and frizzier in your tour bus pic.

I never actually met Stephen Stills but he went to East Jefferson High School right up the street from where I grew up. He's older than me. He wrote Suite: Judy Blue Eyes and was a fave of mine way back when. Would like to see your version.

Very cool, man!clap

that's cool. hey, i like your fireworks skin. hope you have a great weekend and happy independence day, kim!

He's 20 years older now. I don't look anything like I did back then. ha!

That's neat, Rob. I like Stephen Stills. I might be able to run that video tape through my TiVo and get that clip on DVD. It's pretty poor quality, though, so I don't know how it'll turn out.

P.T.! happy

Thanks, k-sue! I hope you have a great one, too! smile