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Unconscious Mutterings

August 1, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Risks:: danger

  2. Abdominal:: muscle

  3. Radiant:: star

  4. The usual:: drink

  5. Mix and match:: wardrobe

  6. Wireless:: phone

  7. Remedial:: English

  8. Mile:: road

  9. Long lost:: love

  10. Only one:: love

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Dream Journal - Work Stuff Mostly

August 3, 2005

Irish Kelly came to visit at work. We were talking about a movie. I kept doing an impression of one of the characters. The character would say something like "I must re-send my renewal" in an accent from the Northeast U.S. Kelly was doing an impression of a monkey. Then she broke into song. At the end, the whole floor (over 100 people) erupted into applause.

The people all gathered round, and I noticed our cubicles' entryway was blocked with plywood.

Later dream: At work again, my supervisor was showing me my time accounting and telling me I didn't detail out certain items, and it would probably adversely affect me. I complained that "they" (our management) should talk to us instead of making decisions that would adversely affect us. A few seconds later, I noticed our manager standing behind him, and I knew she heard me. It wasn't my real-life manager (although my supervisor was my real-life supervisor).

She moved someone out of our cubicle row, and the impression I got was the person was in trouble. My cubicle was moved in such a way that anyone walking by could see my computer screen. Our manager came by, and she said I had to take my pineapple home. I asked, "Why?" and immediately thought I would get in trouble for questioning her. She just said in a pouty voice, "Because I can't have it."

I thought it would be nice if I made her a pineapple upside down cake. But then I wondered if she meant she was allergice to pineapples or something. The next time I saw her (this time she was our real-life manager), I asked her if she couldn't eat pineapples. She said she could.

Switch: I was driving with my Aunt. We were coming up on a washed out part of the road, and I was mesmerized by the rapids. She yelled, "It's washed out!" I realized I would have driven right in. We stopped to look, and a pink piece of paper fell into the water. I tried to get it, but it was floating away. It had some notes on it, and someone's phone number. Then it floated back to shore, and I picked it up. We got back in the car and started to drive around to MoPac Expressway.

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Your guess is as good as mine! laugh

Unconscious Mutterings

August 7, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Complexion:: pimple

  2. Teach:: school

  3. Back to school:: supplies! Yay!!

  4. Months:: calendar

  5. Nominate:: president

  6. Favorite curse word:: James Lipton

  7. Concerned:: brow

  8. Better:: well

  9. Escalate:: take to a higher level

  10. Unveil:: reveal

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do love school supplies, too? i can spend like half a day in office depot. even in the grocery store, i feel all giddy when i stop at the little section.

I'm an Office Depot nut, too. Thankfully, its in an inconvenient location (Wrong side of the road) for me or I'd probably stop in there more often and spend money I don't have on things I don't really need.

It's an addiction! I was at Office Depot this morning trying to send a fax, and I had to avert my eyes from all the fun stuff for fear I would buy stuff I don't need. tongue

Unplanned Diet Cheat Averted

August 8, 2005

Feeling rather self-destructive due to out of whack hormones and an unproductive day so far, I decided to walk 1/2 mile to Starbucks in 98 degree Texas weather for a mocha. Once I got there, though, mocha didn’t sound so hot. Or, more precisely, it sounded too hot. Iced mocha sounded too heavy. So I got an iced passion tea, which is just fine on my diet. On the way back to work, I stopped at a peaceful shady courtyard with a fountain and sat on an old style metal bench for a few minutes respite from the heat. Happy that I survived this diet crisis, I shall now get back to work. Good day.

See more progress on: lose 43 pounds

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Yahoooo Kim!!!!! You go girl!!!! By the way- you can have tacos. Just use iceberg lettuce cups. I do it all the time. Works like a charm.

Oooo... I've been making the best taco salads ever lately!! I think I like that better than a faux taco, but that's good, too.

God Bless Suzanne Somers! smile

On this Day 2003 (a day late)

August 9, 2005

CrabappleLane Rob sent me an email yesterday to tell me that it was exactly 2 years ago that he featured Yay! Blog! as his Blog of the Day. I can't believe it's been 2 years. I've enjoyed reading Rob's blog ever since. Especially on Sundays when he posts pictures. happy

The entry he featured two years ago was me deciding what to do for Anti-Procrastination Day. I ended up scrubbing down the kitchen counters that day. Enthralling reading, I tell ya! I love blogging. smile

Thanks, Rob!

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It was a fun discovery two years ago. Now a regular stop. I love blogging, too.

I remember your old blog at Rods place, and then oneday you left a link to this blog fron the chatbox if I remember right

Wow it's been a long time! tongue

Oh yeah, boog. 1Sound.com. I think everything I posted there came from here. Time flies. I guess I must be having fun. tongue

Preparation for the Perseids

August 12, 2005

When I get home from work tonight, I need to evict the spiders from the lawn chair in the backyard. I want a clean place to sit to watch the Perseid Meteor shower. Last time I saw meteors, it was purely accidental. Lily dawg got me up to go outside to pee pee (her, not me), and I just happened to look up as a meteor shot through the sky.

Are meteors considered shooting stars? I have some wishes I’d like to make. smile

See more progress on: see the Perseid meteor shower

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I just saw one but, alas, I have to work tomorrow and I am exhausted. Have fun and have meteors.

Work?? Yech! There's always the Leonids in November.

They are, from our point of view and without the knowledge that they are meteors, not stars...thumb:
Soooo, I hope you make as many wishes as you'd like and may all of them come true!

I saw a few meteors

August 13, 2005

I went out about 12:30 a.m. and sat in my lawn chair. About 1:00 a.m., I was tired of craning my neck, so I went back in and brought out a comforter and two pillows. I watched the sky for a while, made some wishes and fell asleep under the stars.

At one point, there were two cloud masses. One looked like a bunny. The other looked like a ghost hand making a shadow puppet of a bunny. They were almost touching noses. It was surreal.

See more progress on: see the Perseid meteor shower

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I hope your wishes come true!

Thanks, Christine! smile

Dream Journal - My Dad, a restaurant, and competing remotes

August 14, 2005

I dreamed that my father was alive. He had just gotten out of the hospital from being very sick. He was feeling good, though. He was flashing me that wonderful smile of his with a twinkle in his eye. He told me that there was a play being put on in Houston. I can't remember what the play was. I couldn't understand why he was telling me, though. I sat on a bench with him, and he pointed to the listing in the newspaper and told me again.

I told him I was so happy he was feeling better, and that I loved him so much. I gave him a hug.

He was supposed to go somewhere with my friend. Later I saw my friend and asked how it went. She said he started feeling sick, and they didn't go.

In another part of the dream, I was looking at a 3D model of a restaurant layout. I think it was supposed to be an offshoot of Starbucks. It was built into a hollowed out iMAC, the latest ones that have the computer all built into a thick monitor. Someone asked me if I'd been to the real one, and I confirmed that I had. He asked if it was nice. I told him it was, but not in an elegant kind of way. I told him it was all white inside.

In another part of the dream, my friend Keely was over. We were watching something on TV. At the end, I had missed something, so I wanted to rewind it a few seconds to see what it said. I has having a lot of trouble making the remote work right. I dropped the F-bomb. Keely asked what was the matter. That's when I noticed she had a remote, too, and she was trying to rewind all the way, and we were competing with each other.

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Unconscious Mutterings

August 14, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Idiot:: fool

  2. Rocket:: basketball

  3. Liability:: insurance

  4. Harmless:: I hope

  5. Stringy:: cheese

  6. Theater:: Miller Outdoor

  7. Gwyneth:: Paltrow

  8. Use it or lose it:: coupon

  9. Sonic:: cherry limeade

  10. Pucker:: SMOOCH!! smile

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Yay Phil!

August 15, 2005

My favorite golfer finally won his second major. Go Phil!

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Ooh, he's my favorite too! Yay Phil! Woohoo!

Dream Journal - Boog and Gail, a new bird, and a missed Christmas

August 18, 2005

My friend Boogaboo from Canada and my friend Gail from work were in my dream. Boogaboo told me they were getting together and running off to a hippie commune nudist colony. I saw Boogaboo drive away in a beat up truck with Gail in the passenger seat.

I followed them to a store. I parked in a spot in the corner where I had to maneuver between trucks at different angles.

Inside, they had a lot of bird cages like my bird's cage. The store morphed into a big community house (but more commercial looking than a house). Boogaboo needed a shower, so I showed him where the three public showers were. Then I went back to the bird cages.

I decided to buy another bird. I got one parrotlet out of its cage. Then I noticed its eye was messed up, so I put it back, not intending to buy it. The lady there told me I had to pay a $35 fee for touching the bird. I started yelling at her that it was too much to pay, and that I shouldn't have to pay since they didn't have a sign posted that warned me before I touched the bird.

Then I thought maybe I would buy the bird anyway. I asked her if his eye had always been like that. She said yes, that he was an old hippie bird. I figured if his eye had been like that a long time, it probably didn't indicate something currently wrong with him.

I bought him. I brought him home, and my brother said he was probably a good bird if his beak was long and healthy. I decided it was (even though I remember it looked gnarly). I put him in with my other bird. In the dream, my other bird was a girl. Maybe it was my prior bird, Kayla.

Then I realized while I was out buying birds, I had missed Christmas. No one had any presents for me. I think they were mad at me for not coming to Christmas, so they gave my presents to other people. My brother told me he had considered giving me a funny gift, but decided against it. It was a Mr. Potato Head that he had dressed up in some way that had meaning in the dream. He gave the Mr. Potato head to a kid.

I thought it was probably good I missed Christmas because I had forgotten to buy anyone any gifts. My parents were in the Christmas part of the dream, too, but I don't remember what happened.

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I would never run off to join a nudist colony Kim, my beak is too gnarly grin

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | August 19, 2005 5:59 AM

Is it wrong to day that I like the dreams where I am doing an impression of a monkey better?

Well, maybe.

Well, boog... I can't comment on that, but it's not about looks, it's about freedom! wink

Ah, Kelly.. so you *liked* the dream where you were doing a monkey impression. laugh

Irish KellyIrish Kelly | August 22, 2005 11:57 AM

In the grand scheme of things doing monkey impressions is not so bad.

The word "day" was supposed to be the word "say" in my first comment. Hitting the wrong key is more likely to happen before 6am for me.

Hey, where did my icon go? Darn.

haha That avatar always reminds me of Mike Reissig. laugh

I could change your typo, but I think I'll leave it just to haunt you. wink

New Hairdo!

August 18, 2005

I got a new do, today. Yay!

My short wavy hairdo

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Like I always say, you're cute as a bean smile

Nice new do Kim!!

Nice do, Kim. I like the mug, too. smile

very cute cut!

Cute and fluffy!!!! Are you getting wild and crazy? You go girl!!!

Ooh, it looks cute! smile

I love your new haircut Kim! The new style looks so cute on you. smile

Yay! New do v2.0! I like it too :-) Hearts

Thanks, everyone!!

Yes Karlyn... I *am* getting wild and crazy!! happy

Whoooo hooo I want details!!!!!!!

It looks good on you.

It's so flippy and perfect for the TX heat!cool

Well.. really, Karlyn.. only in my dreams. haha But I'm down 21 pounds, and feel like a million bucks!!

Thanks Michael and P.T.!!

Unconscious Mutterings

August 21, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Fan:: club

  2. Scum:: yucky person

  3. Lily:: my sweet dog!!

  4. Humid:: Houston

  5. Ghetto:: poor

  6. Remember me?:: Who are you?

  7. Polished:: shiny

  8. Compose:: music

  9. Squish:: splattered

  10. Future:: time

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I was reading this as I was listening to an 80's rock band April Wine. They had a song Future Tense, so my answer to #10 would've been that. Not a great song or a great band. Somehow they're on the MP3 player, though.

When I think of ghetto, I think of those tricked out cars. Ghetto-ize your car.

I remember April Wine!

I can juggle, oh yes I can

August 22, 2005

I made a video of me juggling to prove that I can juggle to a dear friend who didn't believe me. Or maybe he believed me and just wanted a video of me. heh! If you'd like to see, here you go...

Kim Juggling (10 MB AVI file)

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Ha!! That sure brightened up my day*happy laugh

haha! I'm glad!! happy

Nice! I'm impressed; I can never juggle no matter how hard I try. And I like the little wink at the end. smile

Cool! Clearly a multi-talented woman. Plus I also liked the wink... clap

That wink was amazing wink

The juggling was ok too! grin

At the Capitol

August 24, 2005

I was at the Texas Capitol at lunchtime. Walking by an elevator as the doors were closing, I heard a man say, "We've all had our indiscretions." Hmmmm.

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Kind of makes you wish you were there a few seconds earlier, huh?

was it bill clinton? wink

Unconscious Mutterings

August 28, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Girlfriends:: nail painting party

  2. Here to stay:: forever

  3. Call me:: telephone

  4. Frustrated:: by the unknown

  5. Public school:: bus

  6. Glitch:: system

  7. Cheese:: mouse

  8. Director:: choir

  9. Pivotal:: experience

  10. Exclusive:: premiere

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The unknown will get you all the time.