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New Hairdo!

August 18, 2005 | Comments

I got a new do, today. Yay!

My short wavy hairdo

Like I always say, you're cute as a bean smile

Nice new do Kim!!

Nice do, Kim. I like the mug, too. smile

very cute cut!

Cute and fluffy!!!! Are you getting wild and crazy? You go girl!!!

Ooh, it looks cute! smile

I love your new haircut Kim! The new style looks so cute on you. smile

Yay! New do v2.0! I like it too :-) Hearts

Thanks, everyone!!

Yes Karlyn... I *am* getting wild and crazy!! happy

Whoooo hooo I want details!!!!!!!

It looks good on you.

It's so flippy and perfect for the TX heat!cool

Well.. really, Karlyn.. only in my dreams. haha But I'm down 21 pounds, and feel like a million bucks!!

Thanks Michael and P.T.!!