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Unplanned Diet Cheat Averted

August 8, 2005 | Comments

Feeling rather self-destructive due to out of whack hormones and an unproductive day so far, I decided to walk 1/2 mile to Starbucks in 98 degree Texas weather for a mocha. Once I got there, though, mocha didn’t sound so hot. Or, more precisely, it sounded too hot. Iced mocha sounded too heavy. So I got an iced passion tea, which is just fine on my diet. On the way back to work, I stopped at a peaceful shady courtyard with a fountain and sat on an old style metal bench for a few minutes respite from the heat. Happy that I survived this diet crisis, I shall now get back to work. Good day.

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Yahoooo Kim!!!!! You go girl!!!! By the way- you can have tacos. Just use iceberg lettuce cups. I do it all the time. Works like a charm.

Oooo... I've been making the best taco salads ever lately!! I think I like that better than a faux taco, but that's good, too.

God Bless Suzanne Somers! smile