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Unconscious Mutterings

October 2, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Quaint:: bed and breakfast

  2. Rind:: orange

  3. Disease:: sick

  4. Queer:: strange

  5. Pork:: rinds

  6. Soaked:: wet

  7. Skeleton:: halloween

  8. Mold:: black

  9. Finished:: done!

  10. Buffalo:: furry head

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What happened to the picture of the flower? Umm

The Three A's

October 3, 2005

Lately, I’ve let the three A’s slip in my relationships. I’m very disappointed in myself because of this.

The first A is appreciation. I appreciate my friends, and I think I succeed at showing my appreciation. I think. I appreciate them for their kindness, generosity, sensitivity, and intellect. I appreciate the attention they give me when I’m sure it would be easier for them to walk away.

The second A is admiration. I admire my friends for who they are. I think I’m less successful showing my admiration. I admire them for their leadership, humor, strength and uniqueness. Honestly… I have the most admirable friends. I am so blessed.

The third A is acceptance. This is where I fail in a big way. I need to learn not to expect my friends to be someone they’re not… learn not to expect them to be like me. I need to remember why I wanted them for friends to begin with… many times, the very things I am resistant to accept later in a relationship are the very things for which I admired them from the start.

I think that it would help if I read Flashgirl’s Be Impeccable entries every so often.

I resolve to do better with this. My friends deserve it. I would even seek professional help if I can’t figure out how to do this by myself. My friends are that important to me.

See more progress on: Be a better friend

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I really like those three As. What a great world it would be if everyone remembered those simple rules!

Great post. Since I am old and have many many miles on me, I do have one thing that always helps. Never, never put YOUR expectations on someone else. It is not fair to you or them. Makes life a whole lot easier and a lot less diappointing.

Do not be so hard on yourself Kim. You are very special and I am delighted to know you and call you friend.

I agree, Christine. I need to remember them, for sure. smile

Thanks, Karlyn. smile

I've read Wayne Dyer's book "The Power of Intentions" and in between how many words he had to write to make it a book there were some gems.

"When you change the way you look at things...you change the things you see"

Maybe we're not different from friends and others...we just need to "see" what we are seeing differently (?)

That sounds like what I need to do, Dick. I'm not sure how to do it. Are the gems in the book just soundbytes like that, or is there any practical guidance on implementation?

Lily's Boyfriend

October 5, 2005

Lily has a boyfriend at doggy daycare. His name is Ramrod. He's the dog of the day there today:


I've met him, and he's a very sweet pup. smile

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Hearts Puppy Love! He's so cute!

Beagles rule !

Unconscious Mutterings

October 10, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Quirk:: eccentric

  2. Crystal:: prism

  3. Pet Peeve:: annoyance

  4. Cuban:: cigar yech

  5. Breasts:: Ummm, I better not say. heh!

  6. Whispers:: sweet nothings

  7. Complicated:: me

  8. Promise me:: wish

  9. Murder:: death

  10. Filament:: lightbulb

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Dear Ms. Kim:

Hullo and how are ya? Would you please explain item # 3, annoyance. You are peeved when others are annoyed, or you get easily annoyed by others pet peeves? Forgive me, I'm not feeling real bright today.

Hi jean-pierre,
#3 is more of a definition. A pet peeve is an annoyance. smile

Unconscious Mutterings

October 16, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. On the verge:: beginning

  2. Tempestuous:: stormy

  3. Coherent:: clear

  4. Near death:: experience

  5. Illiterate:: can't read

  6. Why not?:: Okay then

  7. Period:: blasted woman's curse

  8. Long lost:: love

  9. Torrid:: affair

  10. Nail:: coffin

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Letter to Mom

October 21, 2005

Dear Mom,

I miss you. Things are pretty good here. No... I'm not married yet. I knew you'd ask. smile You should learn to embrace the fact that I might not ever get married. I have. I'm getting too old for having kids, too. Not physically... I just don't think I want to be over 60 when they're going to college. Plus, it's hard enough just raising a dog. Speaking of...

Your grand-dogter has a boyfriend. His name is Ramrod. He's a 1.5 year old Beagle. What a lucky girl Lily is. smile

Anyway... the reason I write is to let you know that your beloved Astros have finally made it to the World Series. I remember all those years you sat at your desk in the family room and watched baseball games. I remember the year you were heartbroken because the baseball players went on strike. I'll be watching as the Astros make history. Whether they win or not, it's the first World Series in Texas. smile

I know you already know all this stuff because you watch over me. I hope what you see makes you happy. I'm happy. smile


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Go Astros. It should be fun.

aw, that's so sweet kim. Hug

You have very interesting blog!Woohoo!

Your letter makes me happy and sad. happyCry. I hope your mom is watching both you and the Astros from above, and I wish she were here to watch it with you.

Your mom will have the best seat in the house!

Hiya Kimbo!happy

procrastinatressprocrastinatress | November 11, 2005 12:26 PM

Kim, you really have a gift with words. This is a lovely letter. Maybe I should write one to my mom too...

Unconscious Mutterings

October 23, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Infiltration:: spy

  2. Nice person:: friend

  3. Debt:: money

  4. Settle down:: relax

  5. Thomas:: Dylan

  6. Unforgivable:: Clint Eastwood (I know... It's Unforgiven)

  7. Medicine:: pill bottles

  8. A year from now:: unknown

  9. Neighbors:: either side

  10. Dripping:: water

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Unconscious Mutterings

October 30, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Unbreakable:: plastic

  2. Have mercy:: Peter Gabriel (first thought was of his song "Mercy Street")

  3. Do it better:: improve

  4. Settle scores:: revenge

  5. Comments:: blog

  6. Craziest thing:: story

  7. Apple:: green

  8. Halloween:: black and orange

  9. Manageable:: hair

  10. Trick:: or Treat

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"Have Mercy" makes me think of the early ZZ Top song ...

Just Some Stuff - Tea and 39 Pounds

October 30, 2005

  • Tazo Tea makes a flavor called "Citron." It's "a light, aromatic tea with hints of lemon and orange essences." I'd change that description to: "a bitter tea with hints of Fruit Loops." It tastes like strong tea and Fruit Loops!!
  • I'm not suppposed to be drinking the Citron tea. It has caffeine. I've found, though, that I can have a small amount of caffeine and not suffer the bad effects. I don't want caffeine for the sake of caffeine, though. I just can't avoid if I want to drink some tasty drinks.
  • I've lost 39 pounds now. I still have a double chin and big belly that causes people to ask me if I'm pregnant. That's okay, though. I feel skinny some days. I wonder how I'll feel when I've lost 47 more pounds? Downright sexy, I think!
  • Fruit Loops, I tell ya!!
  • Pictures from my trip to Corpus Christi this summer are coming soon. Maybe later today.
  • Happy Halloween!!

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WTG on the 39 pounds!

yeah, that's great kim! congrats!smile

39 pounds? I need to do that. Congrats.

Hey you go girl!!!!! That is awesome!!!!
And YES you will be downright sexy. Do you watch the greatest loser on Tuesday nite? I am always amazed at how much weight they lose and how fast. Of course if all you do is work out with a trainer all day I guess you have to lose faster. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

Woo hoo! 39 pounds!
And you're already downright sexy. winkWoohoo!

Dream Journal - A Hotel and Mom

October 30, 2005

I was at a hotel. I had to go to a storage room and get some stuff. When I left the room, I had two or three bags with long straps hanging off my shoulder. I thought I could just walk across the hall to find my room, but it wasn't there. I walked through a bar and into a lobby. I saw a lady from work (Phyllis), and pretended I knew where I was going.

I found a staircase, and started to go down. The steps were large wooden crates. I had to sit on each one and kind of jump down to the next. I got a splinter in my finger or palm.

When I got close to the bottom, I saw some guys from work on the next floor down. One of them (Hank), said something to me. I think he was giving me directions for finding my room. Then I noticed the next step was broken. I had to go back up.

I thought I was on the 10th floor, but when I found my room finally, it was on the 17th floor.

My Dad and Mom were in the room with a few other people. I realized I hadn't called home in a long time, and I thought my Mom would be really mad at me.

I went over to kiss my Mom and apologize for not calling, but she said, "I'm sorry I haven't called you." That surprised me. I hugged her and kissed her.

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