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Unconscious Mutterings

November 6, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Deeper and deeper:: Ummmm. I'll take the fifth.

  2. Can�t help .... :: thinking about tomorrow (I know, it's "Don't Stop thinking about tomorrow," but that's what came to mind).

  3. Devil's advocate:: Al Pacino

  4. Superpower:: Russia

  5. Threatening:: mean

  6. Played:: poker

  7. War:: military

  8. Violate:: parole

  9. Invest:: money

  10. Choke:: throat

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Soundtrack from Austin to Lafayette

November 6, 2005

iPod ... car adapter ... my answer to roadtrips through areas with no radio reception. Sometimes when I'm driving, the music is just music. Something to hear; something to sing along with. Sometimes it feels like I'm in a movie, and it's the soundtrack. I had one of those moments going over the big Sabine River bridge into Louisiana. Seven Mary Three's "Blackwing" was playing.

Oh blackwing drown my town
cause I didn't hear her coming
I named a hurricane
don't keep me safe from nothing

the gift she sends to me
a solitary wave
and wings will be my arms
wings will be my legs

There were a couple more soundtrack moments on the drive out of Austin. One was Five For Fighting's "100 Years" and the other The Pretenders "2000 Miles." I put "100 Years" on repeat for a while.

I'm 15 for a moment
Caught in between 10 and 20
And I'm just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are

I'm 22 for a moment
She feels better than ever
And we're on fire
Making our way back from Mars

I'm 33 for a moment
Still the man, but you see I'm a they
A kid on the way
A family on my mind

I'm 45 for a moment
The sea is high
And I'm heading into a crisis
Chasing the years of my life

I'm 99 for a moment
Dying for just another moment
And I'm just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are

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November 6, 2005

The hotel isn’t the best, but it has high speed internet and a fridge.

I got to the Blue Dog Cafe what I thought was 20 minutes before they opened for dinner. The sign said dinner is M-W 5-9 and T-S 5-10. I drove around the neighborhood behind it to kill some time. These trips by myself usually make me feel free and independent, but this time I was feeling somewhat lonely. Looking at these beautiful homes with kids running in the yards made me feel lonely on another level. I guess it’s a consquence of getting older: I wish I had someone special to share these trips with.

Back at the Blue Dog Cafe, I learned they aren’t open on Sunday evenings. I guess the S in “T-S 5-10” means Saturday. What a bummer. I’ll make some adjustments in my itinerary and have lunch there later this week.

So here I sit, writing this on the back of a hotel receipt, eating fried crawfish at Popeyes. As I sat waiting for my food, I heard Five for Fighting’s “100 Years” come over the loudspeaker. I smiled as this is the second time I’d heard the song since leaving home. I wonder if it really is the theme song for this trip. Eating at Popeye’s in Lafayette, LA all of a sudden doesn’t seem so bad. I’ve got a boatload of fried food in front of me to cover with salt. I’ve got great tunes overhead. I don’t have to go to work at all this week. And I can stop by Albertson’s on the way back to the hotel to pick up some diet soda to put in my fridge. Life’s grand.

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Have fun on your trip. Good to have a flexible itinerary.

Thanks, Rob! Baton Rouge is great! smile

Mocha Breve and a Chocolate Chip Muffin

November 7, 2005

Perks Coffee and Tea

I left Lafayette a little before 9:00 a.m., and the fog was thick. I thought to myself that it would be gone by the time I got to Baton Rouge. I stopped at a gas station on the way, and couldn’t figure out how to work the “pay at the pump.” The screen that guides you through the process was broken. I tried to guess the steps, but failed. A lady’s voice came over the loudspeaker to tell me what to do. I did what she said, but it still didn’t work. She came outside to help me. When I finished, I couldn’t figure out how to get the receipt. I got in my car, and was about to drive away, when she came out again and handed me the receipt. She was very nice. It made me think about the times people have trouble with our web site at work, and I’m impatient with them instead of nice.

The fog stuck with me all the way into Baton Rouge. I couldn’t see the swamps very well as I drove over them. Even in Baton Rouge, going over the big Mississippi River bridge, I couldn’t see much of downtown. I’d hoped to get a glimpse of the capitol, but it was too misty.

I headed for Perks Coffee and Tea, a place I’d found on a search for free wi-fi. This is where I sit writing this. I’ve got my webcam running and pointing at the counter. Two girls are doing homework. Presumably from LSU, but who knows. There are four other people here with laptops, drinking coffee or tea. This is my kind of place.

I’m having a Mocha Breve (made with half and half instead of milk). It’s rich. I also had a chocolate chip muffin. It looks like the sun is shining, so hopefully the fog has lifted. I’ll be leaving shortly to see the capitol. I might come back here later.

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Louisiana State Capitol Building

November 7, 2005


I spent over an hour walking around the grounds and inside of the Louisiana State Capitol Building. The grounds are well manicured and peaceful. The inside of the building is ornate. I saw the assassination spot and resting place of Huey P. Long (famous governor of Louisiana responsible for the capitol building being built). I went up on the observation deck (27th floor) and looked at Baton Rouge from above. I’ll have a gallery of pictures to show later.

While I was walking around the grounds, a big man in gym clothes was walking toward me. Then he started running toward me and looking at me. I was scared he was going to knock me over and steal my camera bag which serves as my purse while I’m on vacation.

He was getting closer, so I started almost running away. It was more like skipping because I wasn’t fully convinced he was a bad man yet. He smiled at me, and said “How’re you doing?” as he trotted past me. I smiled back, and said, “Good.” Then I laughed because I probably looked silly skipping away from him.

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LSU Drive By

November 7, 2005


I didn’t spend much time at LSU. Like most universities, there wasn’t anywhere to park! I drove around and looked at the students (many of whom had cell phones permanently attached to their ears). I stopped for one picture of Memorial Tower with a storm cloud just behind it.

Geaux Tigers!

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You didn't go see Mike the Tiger? If you swing by later in the week, you'll see the campus getting ready for the big game. It's Alabama week and both teams are highly-ranked. Geaux Tigers.

I didn't see Mike!

Lunch at The Black Forest

November 7, 2005


After visiting the Louisiana State Capitol, I went downtown for lunch at The Black Forest. I’d hoped for a wireless internet connection there because I’d heard that downtown Baton Rouge is wireless, but no go. I ordered a Tuscan Peasant Sandwich (roast beef, sauteed onions, broiled tomatoes and provolone cheese).

They have traditional german food (wienerschitzel, sauer kraut, bratwurst, hot german potato salad). The iced tea was refreshing after walking around the state capitol. The Black Forest Torte was tasty, but I wasn’t able to finish it because I got full (good for my diet, I think).

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Party Ooooh! German food. My favorite. Party

You'd like this place then, A!! smile

City Park Lake

November 7, 2005


City Park Lake in Baton Rouge is home to ducks and geese and egrets (or are they herons?). I spent a few minutes taking in the scenery. smile

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Can't tell from the picture but it looks more like an egret than a heron.

Cool. That was my first guess. smile

Iced Sport Tea

November 7, 2005


Second trip to Perks: I had to drive around 5-6 times before I could park. The iced sport tea is refreshing. A girl set herself at the table behind me until she noticed I had my webcam pointed right at her. Then she moved. heh!

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Hah. That's funny. I wonder if the girl knew she was on 43T.laugh

heh! As I was leaving, she came over and took my table. It was a great table.

Broad Street Baking Company

November 8, 2005

Sandwich, Coffee and Dessert

Free wi-fi and great food! I had the Turkey Breast with Avocado on sourdough bread with a side of fruit. The coffee is an ice mocha (iced mocha in a mug!!). The dessert is a chocolate torte. Yum!

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Blue Dogs Everywhere!

November 8, 2005


I had lunch at the Blue Dog Cafe in Lafayette, Louisiana today. The walls were covered with Blue Dog art! Alas… it’s all too expensive for me. I had the fried seafood platter: crawfish tails, shrimp, oysters, catfish, stuffed crab and onion rings. It also came with dirty rice, corn somethingorother, and french fries. Sheesh! I couldn’t eat it all! No way, no how!!

I browsed the gift shop afterward and bought a t-shirt and note cards. None of the t-shirts had a blue dog on them, though. Urgle!

The waitress was a sweet young girl with a beautiful accent. I’m not sure what to call the accent. It’s one I’ve only heard in Louisiana. Cajun? Acadian? I’m not sure. Her name was April.

They even had Blue Dog art in the bathroom!!

I loved it and want to go back someday. smile

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Blue Dog in the bathrooms? Really? Well then, which blue dog did you....oh, never mind. nerd

Oh yes... I took a picture of the Blue Dog in the bathroom. wink

It undoubtedly was Cajun and the women's version is particularly pleasant to hear. I talk to them all day.

Thanks, Rob! I hope I hear more Friday! smile

I love the blue dog! But yeah, I can't afford it either. I have to settle for the coffee table books instead.

Mikey!! I just ordered a bunch of note cards from Amazon. I have a coffee table book, too. heh!

Lafayette to Jackson

November 8, 2005


I set out from Lafayette, LA for Jackson, MS at noon. I thought it would take 4.5 hours, but it only took 3.5. Yay!

I saw an 18 wheeler on its side on the south-bound side of I-55. I thought about how one minute things can be going great, and the next minute everything can be changed forever. I hope no one was killed.

I drove through Baton Rouge again. This time, coming over the Mississippi River bridge, there was no fog to block the view of downtown. I saw the Capitol towering over everything. A beautiful sight for one who loves state capitols. smile

I-55 is a smooth drive. Crossing over to Mississippi is anti-climactic. I’m used to river borders, and this was just an invisible line. If I hadn’t been looking for it, I would have missed it. I was still happy to be in Mississippi.

The hotel is cleaner than the one in Lafayette with one exception. The two rolls of toilet paper in my room are stained. Yech!! I went to Kroger and bought my own.

The picture I posted was taken out the window of my car. It’s a swamp around Lake Bigeux between Lafayette and Baton Rouge. I marvel at a highway that goes over a swamp.

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The North-South Louisiana/Mississippi borders are rivers (Mississippi River and Pearl River)but not the East-West border that you crossed. Did you see a Stuckey's? They used to be everywhere up there.

Hey Kim, great to see you're having a fun vacation! smile

Thanks for keeping us posted! Woohoo!

Rob, I saw a Stuckey's and almost stopped. I haven't been since I was a little one. My Mom used to like to get the divinity there. smile

Hi Boog! Thanks for reading along! smile

Mississippi State Capitol (old and current)

November 9, 2005

Mississippi State Capitol

I drove downtown to visit the old capitol (a museum) and the current capitol (state government’s hub). The old capitol was closed due to hurricane Katrina. The War Memorial Building next door was interesting and solemn. The Old Capitol Gift Shop was still open, though, so I picked up some postcards, a shot glass and a book on all the state capitols.

I spent about half an hour at the current capitol building. The dome was pretty inside and out. The architecture was grand, and the elevators had a lot of glass so I could see the stationary walls around it as it moved up and down.

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Cups Espresso Cafe

November 9, 2005

Cups Espresso Cafe

Art adorns the walls of this little coffee shop in The Quarter shopping center on Lakeland in Jackson, MS. The strawberry kiwi tea is good. Not too sweet… just a hint of fruit. The chocolate chip cookies (the small ones with the big chunks) are good, too.

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Broad Street Breakfast

November 9, 2005

omelet, toast and coffee

I went back to Broad Street Baking Company for breakfast. I had an AWESOME omelet with spinach, goat cheese and portabello mushrooms. It came with toast and fruit. I also got a decaf mocha breve. I could enjoy living this life if I didn’t ever have to go back to work. smile

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Mississippi War Memorial

November 9, 2005

stone block

A quiet building with a courtyard. I’m susceptible to the sentiments of war memorials. Around the top of the building in the courtyard, it says:

How sweet must be the peace the heroes find when crusade ended. Death has borne them home. Home to a God who made their soldiers hearts beat with selfless zeal to right satanic wrong.

The “satanic wrong” part didn’t feel right, but the rest gave me pause.

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Second Course

November 9, 2005

After sitting here a while catching up on 43Places/Things and writing postcards, I decided to get some more stuff to put in my belly. I got a chocolate covered cherry frappe and a fruit and granola parfait. I wish someone was here to help me eat all this stuff! smile

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Ross R. Barnett Reservoir

November 9, 2005

reservoir at dusk

The Ross R. Barnett Reservoir is on the Northeast side of Jackson. There’s a spillway at the south end where people can fish. I walked around the fishing area.

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Marriage in Texas

November 10, 2005

After the recent passage of a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage in Texas, there's a stain on the Texas Constitution and, worse, a stain on the institution of marriage. Marriage is no longer about love and commitment between two people in Texas. It's now some meaningless legal status shared by two people who have the "recognized correct" anatomy.

If I ever get married to a man or a woman, it won't be in Texas.

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Hear hear!! I couldn't agree more. It's hard to believe that kind of prejudice still exists in people's hearts to such a great extent that they feel they need to make laws out of it. Shake

The very worst of it is that 76% of voters passed it. I think the only hope in my lifetime for change now is if the U.S. Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional. I doubt they'll touch it.

Yeah, especially if justices keep needing to be replaced during Republican administrations...the court would need to be much liberaller (is that a word? Umm) to do anything about it.

procrastinatressprocrastinatress | November 11, 2005 12:24 PM

Thank you for putting it so candidly. Couldn't agree more with what you said.

I voted against Prop 2 for all the good it did.ohwell

Vicksburg National Military Park

November 10, 2005

Texas Vicksburg Civil War Memorial

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the Civil War. Americans against Americans… nope… can’t get that one straight.

Vicksburg National Military Park commemorates the battle for the last stronghold on the Mississippi River. It fell on July 4, 1836. Driving through this hilly area of Mississippi, it’s amazing that men were able to fight here.

There are over a thousand monuments for both the Confederate and Union soldiers. There’s a memorial for each state represented in the battles. There are cannons all over the grounds. There are signs telling what states and troops fought in each area of the battleground. Red signs mark the Confederate line and blue signs mark the Union line. There’s a cemetary full of those who died.

Before driving through the park, I went to the visitor’s center and watched a short film about the battles and subsequent surrender of the confederate troups. It was a great way to get oriented, and it really helped me put things into perspective while I was driving through. It took about 3.5 hours to drive through the whole park. I stopped to take pictures of most of the big monuments. Pictured here is the Texas memorial.

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There's a Confederate cannon on the bluff at Vicksburg. When you stand beside it, you can see why Union ships couldn't get past it in 1862-1863. They had to slow down to navigate the river there and they were just sitting ducks from those cannons above. They tried anyway.

Awesome place. It really made me feel how hard it was for the fighting. It is that kind of experience everyone needs to have.
We take so much for granted. I will always have a feeling for that land where so many died.

PS Thanks for the post card. Loved it!!!!!!

I stood up there, Rob. It was great! smile

Hi Karlyn! Glad you got the cards! smile

Chocolate Derby

November 10, 2005

Chocolate Derby Facade

After visiting the Vicksburg National Military Park, I stopped at Chocolate Derby for some coffee and dessert. I was hoping for internet access and a webcam session, but I could only connect to the wifi for an instant inside the shop before it disappeared into the ozone.

I had an iced mocha and a slice of red velvet cake. Delectible!! The store is decorated with antiques and a toy train traverses a track overhead. And the young girl behind the counter has a beautiful southern accent.

After having my snack, I sat at a table outside thinking maybe I could connect to the wifi there. I did, but it was less than satisfactory. It was run by the Vicksburg Visitor Center, and I had to register to use it. It required me to validate my email address within 15 minutes or so, but it was so restrictive, I couldn’t get to my email account to validate it. In that 15 minutes, it also blocked me from several websites I wanted to visit. Huge thumbs down for the wifi.

But still. . . if you’re not looking for wifi and just looking for coffee and dessert, I recommend this little coffee shop on Washington Street downtown.

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I do believe the name alone would entice me inside. grin

Yes!! Chocolate!! happy

New Orleans Food and Spirits

November 11, 2005

I met CrabAppleLane Rob today in Covington, LA for lunch at New Orleans Food and Spirits. I had the Blackened Pasta with shrimp (and will have the leftovers for dinner tonight). To start, we shared Voodoo Crawfish Rolls which were heavenly. Rob had the Pasta Lafayette with a blackened ribeye. His leftovers, unfortunately, ended up on his truck’s floorboard on the way home. Oh no!

The restaurant is in a small house at the end of Lee Lane in downtown Covington surrounded by antique and gift shops, coffee houses, and other small local establishments. It’s quaint and fun!

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St. John's Coffeehouse

November 11, 2005

CrabAppleLane Rob and I went to St. John’s Coffeehouse for an after lunch treat. It’s a great little corner shop with free wifi. I didn’t take my laptop in, but I saw no less than 8 people with laptops there. The coffee was tasty, and the company was delightful. The walls were lined with paintings of musicians. Rob says on the last Friday of each month from March to October, they close off the street it’s on and have a street party. Sounds like fun!

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Covington and CrabAppleLane Rob

November 11, 2005


I met a fellow blogger and friend today in Covington, LA. I've been enjoying Rob's Blog for several years now, and it was great to finally meet him. He's the first blogger I've met face-to-face in this funny internet world.

We had lunch at New Orleans Food and Spirits and a treat at St. John's Coffeehouse. We also took a nice tour around downtown Covington before I hit the road back to Lafayette.

Thanks for the wondeful lunch, treat, tour and company, Rob! You and Patsy let me know when you'll be in Austin! smile

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So, how was the traffic heading out?

It was thick, but not awful. I stopped at a gas station at I-12 and 21, and 21 still looked very congested. I think going back the way I did was a good idea! smile

yay! bloggers meet! i love it when that happens.

That is so cool!cool

k-sue and Tina! I'm coming to see you one of these days. smile

i think that would be super fabulous! smile

Bogue Falaya Park

November 11, 2005

Bogue Falaya Park is near downtown Covington, LA. I spent a few minutes playing there before meeting my friend Rob for lunch downtown. I did something I haven’t done in years. I swung on a swing! That was fun. Then I tried to walk across this balance beam. I couldn’t even take one step!

The river next to the park was tranquil. I think these trees are damage from Hurricane Katrina, but maybe they were like that before. As I got close to the trees, I heard and saw something splash into the water. Turtle? I don’t know. smile

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PJ's Coffee & Tea Co.

November 12, 2005


My last day of vacation and a long drive ahead of me, I drove around Lafayette looking for a coffee house with internet access. I’d written two down on a piece of paper from a Google search. The first was Caffe Cottage which seemed to be an independent. I drove up, but it looked closed, so I headed toward CC’s Coffeehouse (a chain). I found myself driving through the campus of the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

On the corner of E. Saint Mary and Smith streets, I saw PJ’s. Perfect!! It’s a chain, but it looks eclectic. The Mocha Cappucinno is tasty, as is the strawberry cream cheese croissant. I wonder if I’ll be able to tear myself away and head back to real life. Probably, but not without a struggle. smile

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I like PJ's, too. They're a chain but they're a local chain and they're one of the many reasons Starbucks hasn't taken over Louisiana. Good coffeehouses sprung up in Louisiana before Starbucks became all the rage and they're all very well established with loyal clientele. I do Starbucks, too, but I'm thankful we have a tremendous variety in Louisiana. Two more to try the next time you're here are Java Grotto and Royal Blend. Royal is my favorite. They're also a chain if you call three stores a chain. Java Grotto is on the lakefront in Old Mandeville and was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina I hear. Haven't been out there yet. I hope they'll be back.

I think I meant sprang but it sounds wrong to me either way.

Sprung or sprang? Both sound wrong to me, too. smile

Java Grotto and Royal Blend. On the list!

The bad thing about Starbucks is that the wi-fi isn't free. But it doesn't seem to hurt their business, so it's not bad for them. I still go there for a consistently good and quick cup of mocha, though.

DJ's Country Store

November 12, 2005

to flush toilet... please push white button on top of tank it's inside the tank

I was almost to Houston on I-10. I was starving, and I needed to visit a lay-dee’s room. I saw DJ’s Country Store: Pit B-B-Q and Clean Restrooms. With a name like “DJ’s” Country Store, it couldn’t miss!!

But it did. frown

I think the picture of the toilet says it all. I drove a little farther to Deni’s (I mean Denny’s). wink

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Bad link on the toilet photo...

Hi CM,
For some reason, you have to click twice on links to that site sometimes. Right now it's totally down, so I think I need to move the pictures to my server when it comes back up.

Lynchburg Ferry

November 12, 2005

water, a ferry, and the San Jacinto Monument

Driving into Houston on I-10 East, I saw the San Jacinto Monument in the distance. I had time to stop and look and take pictures, but not much more. I exited the freeway, and headed in that direction. Then I saw the sign: Ferries ahead. Oh no!! A ferry! I’ve never driven onto a ferry before. I’ve been on them with others driving, but not me. I was nervous, and I wondered if they charged a fee. I didn’t want to pay.

I kept going, though, with a mixture of dread and excitement. When I saw the ferry, a man was waving me to drive on board. They were waiting just for me, as I got the last spot!

It was a blast!!! It was too crowded for me to get out, so I opened my sunroof and stuck my head out and felt the wind in my hair. I saw some big ships, another ferry, some seagulls and an airplane fly overhead. When I got to the other side, I was right there at the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas. Woo-Hoo!!

I definitely want to go on the ferry again!!

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I've never been on a ferry as anything but a pedestrian. I don't know if I'd like being stuck in my car. At least, you had a sunroof in the event the ferry capsized.

Yeah.. I could swim out the top. It was a very short ferry ride.

Unconscious Mutterings

November 13, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Mighty:: mouse

  2. Gotta find time to ....:: constant struggle

  3. Statistic:: number

  4. Midnight:: black

  5. Thaw:: ice

  6. Hips:: bones

  7. Reader:: 's Digest

  8. Related:: aunts

  9. Brilliant:: diamond

  10. Posture:: back

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Welcome home Kim!

Now you can finally rest wink

Thanks, Boogaboo. Unfortunately, there's no rest for the weary. smile


November 15, 2005

Walking Lily this evening, the moon was almost full and so bright and lit up the cotton clouds all around it. I remembered my coat. I wish I'd remembered my winter hat. At 63 degrees, some would laugh at me for wanting my winter hat.

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Ah, a balmy 63! It's only in the 20's here in Minnesota, the wind is howling, and we're having our first snowfall tonight!

laugh Yeah, I'm laughing at you...it's in the 20's here too, with snow falling all around! But I remember living in Texas and getting cold when it hit the 60's, so I'm not laughing very hard. smile

When I was a kid, my Mom, who is from Minneapolis, called home to her Mom, who was still there, to say it was cold here in New Orleans at 60�. When she asked my grandmother what the weather was like back home, she was told it was "brisk" up there at 11�. My grandmother had a talent for understatement. Quite common in Minneapolis. Its in the 60s here now and the breeze is steady. Its a little on the cool side for me, too, Kim.

You northerners!! I do wish we had snow here more than once every 2-5 years, though. smile

"Brisk" heh!

To me you're all Southeners! coolgrin

You're almost in Santa Claus country, Boog! Santa Claus

I'll put in a good word for you wink

ReindeerChristmas TreeSanta Claus

Dream Journal - Firey Plane Crash

November 18, 2005

I was in my house (but not a house I recognize in real life). Looking out the back window, I saw most of a plane hurtling toward the earth. I thought it might hit my house, but then it sailed overhead. I picked up my dog. I think it was my prior dog, Mandy. I held her tight and went to the front window. The plane kept going a little ways, but then plunged to the ground. I held Mandy tight, waiting for the resulting fireball to engulf us. The fire started coming through the house, but stopped short of us. A couple of things caught on fire, but I was able to put them out quickly by swatting them with a pillow.

There was more to the dream, and I think some of it was at the house I grew up in in Houston. My Dad was in it, although I didn't see him. It's like he was at work or something. I don't remember my Mom being in it.

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November 19, 2005

I saw a billboard yesterday that caught my eye. It was a closeup of two margaritas. They were frozen with salt on the rim, and looked enticing. It was advertising a bank. A bank?? Using margaritas to advertise a bank doesn't work for me. On the other hand, if I was thirsty at the same moment I needed to open a checking account, maybe it would work.

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Margaritas and banks? Nope, I can't make the connection.

i think in a michael moore film, the one about gun control and kids, there was a segment about a bank that gave customers a free gun when they opened an account...

i'd rather have a margarita!

I went by the billboard again today, and saw that they're giving away free margarita glasses. It's still kind of weird.

A free gun... heh!

Dream Journal - Serena's House

November 20, 2005

I think I was still on vacation. I went to a house in Tennessee. I wasn't sure whose house it was, but I went inside. There were 4-5 people there. I thought one was Serena Matthews from MP3.com and one was John Ingram from Ampcast.com. I've not met either of them in real life. I didn't want to tell them who I am because of my weight. I thought they'd be disappointed.

I don't think I stayed long. I was driving away. I felt bad, and decided to go back and tell them who I am. I went down one street and got stopped by a train. I turned around to go another street, and got stopped by a couple more trains. I went a long way around and found myself in a party district. The buildings were colorful. There were a few blocks of non-party businesses, then another party area. It had the word balloon in its name. I don't remember stopping, but I ended up with a cake. It was shaped like a clown or pirate and had a bottle of tequila baked into the legs. I think the nose was an upside down shot glass.

I went back to the house. The front of it was like a piece of antique furniture with doors in the front. I opened one door and there was a board to take out behind that. Then there was a door with slots. I could hear a woman singing and playing guitar. I thought it was Serena, but her voice wasn't as light and angelic as I'm used to. Then I could see through the slots a little, and thought I saw people making love. I started to leave again.

I don't know what happened, but then I was back inside. I was getting into my purse to get some money. Serena came into the room. I told her it was my purse that I was getting money from. I asked her if she knew who I was. She said yes, but she was only trying to save herself embarrassment because she didn't really know. I gave her the cake.

In a little bit, I told her who I was. She was happy, and we hugged. I got confirmation that one of the guys was John Ingram, too.

There was more to the dream, but I'm having a hard time remembering the details. In some parts, I remember that there were details, but not the details themselves. Like I know there was writing on the front of Serena's house. The trains that stopped me were unique, but I don't remember in what way. Ah well.

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Unconscious Mutterings

November 20, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Heads up:: warning

  2. Kicker :: clincher

  3. Aggressive:: fight

  4. Getting ugly:: fight

  5. To be continued:: sequel

  6. Twist:: tornado

  7. Form:: fill it out

  8. On the road:: traveling

  9. Import:: ship

  10. Flowers:: pretty

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I would like to ask, how are these mutterings uttered, or when are they used. Are these things that you say as you go about your business, throughout the day? ohwell Umm Snowman

I say them once, and then never again. As far as I know, anyway... I'm unconscious when I mutter them. grin

To Do List for After Thanksgiving Weekend

November 23, 2005

Here's my after-Thanksgiving To Do list (gotta hold myself accountable for these things):

  • Christmas Shop

  • Balance my checkbook

  • Decorate for Christmas

  • Christmas Cards

  • Backup my computer files

  • Work on my vacation pictures

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Even though the UK doesn't celebrate it, have a happy Thanksgiving Day, Kim!! Hug

Hope you had a good day, Kim, and are well on your way through your To Do List. If you're spending your days recharging your batteries, that's time well spent, too. Ignore the guilt.

Thanks, CJ smile

Thanks, Rob. Not a whole lot of luck with the To Do List. I did some shopping and balanced my check book. I can't get motivated to do the fun stuff. tongue

Unconscious Mutterings

November 27, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Stuffed:: turkey

  2. Armstrong:: Lance

  3. Bruise:: black

  4. Content:: at peace

  5. Musical:: yuck

  6. Assistance:: medical

  7. Scrambling:: eggs

  8. Battle:: war

  9. Extended:: warranty

  10. Discount:: tire

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Dream Journal - Bicycle Lady

November 27, 2005

I was in the street in a neighborhood. There was a kid shooting baskets on the side of the road. There was a truck/van parked under the basket, and it had tools scattered on its roof. When the kid made a basket, it would bounce onto the roof and the tools would clatter.

A lady was riding by on a bicycle. She was complaining about the kid shooting baskets. I told her to "Shut Up!" She rode over to me. I put my hand on her handlebars, but quickly removed it because I thought she might hurt me. She said something to me, and ended it with, "It's as natural as Mada Para" (pronounced Mah-ta Pair-a).

I think she wanted someone to move the truck, but while she spoke, someone moved the basketball goal back several feet away from the truck.

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