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The Difference Between Me and Most People

June 16, 2005

While I was at the conference in Corpus Christi this week, I identified a difference between me and most people. Most of the other people were plotting ways (or at least day dreaming of ways) to sneak out of the conference to go to the beach during the day. I liked the daytime conference stuff. I was plotting ways to avoid the nightly social activities, so I could spend time reading and drinking coffee drinks or surfing the internet in my room and talking to my little pet bird.

I wouldn't have minded going to the social events, though, if I had a dedicated partner in crime to go with me. I just don't like walking in by myself not knowing whether I'll get stuck talking with someone who asks me a thousand questions about me and my life, or whether I'll walk up to a table and someone will tell me "There's no room for you here," or whatever other social nightmare that could happen.

I did have a good time this week. I hope I get to take another trip somewhere soon that's not business related where I can spend hours at a coffee shop reading my book or walking around a town taking pictures.

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Happy Birthday to Me

April 28, 2005

I hesitated to post this because I don't feel very birthday-y yet today. I woke up with a nosebleed. I didn't realize it was my birthday until I turned my computer on and for no good reason put my cursor over the clock on the corner. It popped up the date, and there was my birthday date.

So today I start my 42nd year (that means I'm 41 if that confuses you). I was thinking about going to my favorite restaurant after work for italian food and chocolate cheesecake. I'll play it by ear. I better pack a book in my purse, just in case.

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Not The Actress

March 2, 2005

I signed up for a Google Alert that sends me news stories about Kim Novak. This morning, I opened the alert and was shocked to find this:

Google Alert for: "Kim Novak"

Love Stories in the Rosarito Beach Hotel
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
... nights-, with him in the Rosarito Beach Hotel. She is none other than the beautiful Kim Novak. Kim liked the hotel so much that ...

Yay! Blog! v2.0 - Kim Novak's Daily Rambling about Music and More
Kim Novak's daily blog rants and raves about her life, new songs (in free MP3 format), with links to her favorite blogs. ...

 This once a day Google Alert is brought to you by Google.

I've had people suggest that I need to change my name online because people will think I'm the actress or that I'm trying to sponge off her name. This is the name I was born with, so I'm sticking with it. Kim Novak's real name was Marilyn Pauline Novak. If I decided to pursue a real career in music where I needed to change my name, though, I'd change it to Marilyn Novak. That would be a fun twist.

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New Haircut

December 7, 2004

New haircut

See Webcam

Thank you, drive through

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