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One Sun Stained Glass

July 10, 2005

My friend bud makes the most beautiful stained glass. Check out these lamps:

Four Fan Lamps

He makes them to order. He makes all kinds of things like chess boards and business card holders and even the old standby--windows!

One Sun Stained Glass

I don't get a referral or anything... I just think his work is gorgeous and wanted to share. smile

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Hot Apple Pie

June 30, 2005

My high school friend Sparky was playing guitar with the Charlie Daniels Band for a while. I saw him on TV once. Now he plays guitar with Hot Apple Pie. He's on the far right in the picture on that page. Thanks to another high school friend, Wade, who told me about that band. smile

Tonight, I was looking at the new music on iTunes this week, and the Hot Apple Pie CD was on the front page. Here's the CD cover:

Hot Apple Pie CD Cover

How fun is that?

Here's a picture of Sparky on our tour bus when he played guitar for my church choir:


Sparky's the best guitar player I've ever met. It seemed to come so naturally to him. A few days before a church talent show, my friend Mary and I got together with him to learn "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" for the show. He learned the guitar by ear after only one or two listens (and that's a *long* song). Amazing. I think I have that performance on video somewhere. Not very good quality, but good for memory jogging. smile

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24 Posts in 24 Hours

December 31, 2004

My friend Mark (the brykMan!) is doing 24 posts in 24 hours to celebrate his 2nd Blogiversary. He's not doing one post per hour, but 24 posts in a 24 hour period. He started at 8:57 p.m. Texas time last night. He's on post #5. That's 19 more posts in the next 11 hours. Go Mark!

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Grimoire Deploying September 15th

September 12, 2004

My friend Chris (aka Grimoire), a DJ from Ampcast, is deploying on September 15th. Good luck, Grimmy. Please come back home in one piece. *smooch*

Chris (aka Grimoire) holding his dog tags

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