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Happy New Year!!

December 31, 2005

Happy New Year, Y'all!!


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Texas History

March 2, 2005

It's Texas Independence Day, and I was off work. Love it! The next Texas holiday is San Jacinto Day on April 21. Here's all the stuff that happened way back when between today and April 21:
March 2, 1836
Texas Declaration of Independence presented at Washington-on-the-Brazos.
March 6, 1836
The Alamo falls. Remember the Alamo!
March 19-20, 1836
Mexican army surrounds Col. James W. Fannin's troops at Battle of Coleto.
March 27, 1836
Santa Anna orders execution of Fannin's surrendered troops.
April 15, 1836
Santa Anna burns Harrisburg.
April 20, 1836
Sam Houston's 910-man army arrives at San Jacinto River.
April 21, 1836
Texan surprise attack defeats Santa Anna's army. Go Sam!
Information slurped from Texas Independence Trail.

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With all these beans...

January 1, 2005

I'm bound to have good luck this year.

Black Eyed Peas

My first ever batch of black eyed peas in my brand new blue glass baking dish. They turned out pretty good for beans. I used lots of honey, so they taste sweet. I think they already worked, too, because the Longhorns beat the Wolverines in the Rose Bowl. Whooot!!

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2005

Last night, I cooked a whole chicken and mashed a potato for New Year's Eve dinner. For bubbles, I drank sparkling apple juice. Dessert was dutch apple pie. This time I snubbed Sara Lee and got Marie Calendar's version. The jury is still out on which I like better.

This morning, I was up at 9:00 making southern style black eyed peas. For bubbles, I opened some sparkling blood orange grape juice I found at World Market the other day. It's 11:45 now, and the beans are in the oven for 30 more minutes. New Year's Day lunch will be leftover chicken, mashed potato and black eyed peas.

The University of Texas plays in the Rose Bowl at 4:00. I've got my Longhorn shirt on. I've got champagne and orange juice for Mimosas, but I'm not sure I'll make any. They'll probably just make me sleepy.

Lily's retractable leash quit retracting yesterday, so if Petco or Petsmart are open today, I'll take a trip to get a new one. She has a hard time walking me on a short leash.

Happy New Year, friends! I hope it's your best year yet. smile

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Merry Christmas, Friends

December 23, 2004

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, my friends. May your days be filled with joy, your stockings be filled with stuff that's not coal (unless you like coal), and your fantasy fudge be smooth (or nutty, depending on preference).

Christmas Tree Reindeer Snowman Santa Claus

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Christmas Questions

December 15, 2004

Big Orange Michael asks...

  1. Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping yet? For some, have you started? How far along are you? Pretty much finished. I have a few things still to be delivered, and I might get a few more small things, but I can rest easy now.

  2. What is the favorite Christmas present you've bought for someone else and why? I'm not saying, but it takes a couple of different sizes of batteries. happy
  3. Have you had time to do any Christmas baking? What is your favorite Christmas-time cookie or sweet? I don't have a Christmas baking tradition, but sometime in my life, I'd like to have one. Last year I made fudge and magic cookie bars. I might make some this year if I get my act together this weekend. I shouldn't. I'm already too fat.
  4. How many Christmas parties have you been to? How many more left to come? None. I'm not real big on parties. I've been to a couple of holiday luncheons at work. Today, 57 of us went to Spaghetti Warehouse.

BONUS. One of the favorite holiday-party traditions is the White Elephant or Dirty Santa game. Couple of questions. Do you like these games? What is the best or worst White Elephant gift you've received? I like White Elephant. I don't know what Dirty Santa is (*afraid to ask*). I don't know if Chinese Christmas is part of White Elephant, but I love that game. That's where everyone picks a number. Number 1 picks a present and opens it. Number 2 can either steal Number 1's gift or open a fresh one. Number 3 can steal either gift, or open a fresh one. I think any one gift can only be stolen 3 times. I guess the rules are up to the players. At the end, Number 1 can steal anyone's gift, if desired. It's a lot of fun!

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Mad Christmas Libs!

December 9, 2004

Stacy at Outwit, Outblog, Outsnark is hosting a fun game where she's asked bloggers to do Mad Libs on Christmas carols. She sends each blogger a list of words she needs, and then she plops those words into a Christmas carol. My words were:

Noun: hammer
Noun: trophy
Verb: tickle
Verb ending in "ing": watching
plural noun: flashbulbs
plural noun: honeypots
verb (past tense): boiled
adverb: delicately
verb ending in "ing": pruning
adverb: tenderly
term of endearment: snugglepuss
verb: pay

The result worked surprisingly well!. Go read Let It Tickle, Let It Tickle, Let It Snow. Santa Claus Click on the days of her calendar, too. You'll find "Jingle Giblets," "Have an Exotic, Robotic Christmas," "Here Unscrews Santa Claus," and more!

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