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Lynchburg Ferry

November 12, 2005

water, a ferry, and the San Jacinto Monument

Driving into Houston on I-10 East, I saw the San Jacinto Monument in the distance. I had time to stop and look and take pictures, but not much more. I exited the freeway, and headed in that direction. Then I saw the sign: Ferries ahead. Oh no!! A ferry! I’ve never driven onto a ferry before. I’ve been on them with others driving, but not me. I was nervous, and I wondered if they charged a fee. I didn’t want to pay.

I kept going, though, with a mixture of dread and excitement. When I saw the ferry, a man was waving me to drive on board. They were waiting just for me, as I got the last spot!

It was a blast!!! It was too crowded for me to get out, so I opened my sunroof and stuck my head out and felt the wind in my hair. I saw some big ships, another ferry, some seagulls and an airplane fly overhead. When I got to the other side, I was right there at the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas. Woo-Hoo!!

I definitely want to go on the ferry again!!

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DJ's Country Store

November 12, 2005

to flush toilet... please push white button on top of tank it's inside the tank

I was almost to Houston on I-10. I was starving, and I needed to visit a lay-dee’s room. I saw DJ’s Country Store: Pit B-B-Q and Clean Restrooms. With a name like “DJ’s” Country Store, it couldn’t miss!!

But it did. frown

I think the picture of the toilet says it all. I drove a little farther to Deni’s (I mean Denny’s). wink

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PJ's Coffee & Tea Co.

November 12, 2005


My last day of vacation and a long drive ahead of me, I drove around Lafayette looking for a coffee house with internet access. I’d written two down on a piece of paper from a Google search. The first was Caffe Cottage which seemed to be an independent. I drove up, but it looked closed, so I headed toward CC’s Coffeehouse (a chain). I found myself driving through the campus of the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

On the corner of E. Saint Mary and Smith streets, I saw PJ’s. Perfect!! It’s a chain, but it looks eclectic. The Mocha Cappucinno is tasty, as is the strawberry cream cheese croissant. I wonder if I’ll be able to tear myself away and head back to real life. Probably, but not without a struggle. smile

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Bogue Falaya Park

November 11, 2005

Bogue Falaya Park is near downtown Covington, LA. I spent a few minutes playing there before meeting my friend Rob for lunch downtown. I did something I haven’t done in years. I swung on a swing! That was fun. Then I tried to walk across this balance beam. I couldn’t even take one step!

The river next to the park was tranquil. I think these trees are damage from Hurricane Katrina, but maybe they were like that before. As I got close to the trees, I heard and saw something splash into the water. Turtle? I don’t know. smile

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Covington and CrabAppleLane Rob

November 11, 2005


I met a fellow blogger and friend today in Covington, LA. I've been enjoying Rob's Blog for several years now, and it was great to finally meet him. He's the first blogger I've met face-to-face in this funny internet world.

We had lunch at New Orleans Food and Spirits and a treat at St. John's Coffeehouse. We also took a nice tour around downtown Covington before I hit the road back to Lafayette.

Thanks for the wondeful lunch, treat, tour and company, Rob! You and Patsy let me know when you'll be in Austin! smile

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St. John's Coffeehouse

November 11, 2005

CrabAppleLane Rob and I went to St. John’s Coffeehouse for an after lunch treat. It’s a great little corner shop with free wifi. I didn’t take my laptop in, but I saw no less than 8 people with laptops there. The coffee was tasty, and the company was delightful. The walls were lined with paintings of musicians. Rob says on the last Friday of each month from March to October, they close off the street it’s on and have a street party. Sounds like fun!

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New Orleans Food and Spirits

November 11, 2005

I met CrabAppleLane Rob today in Covington, LA for lunch at New Orleans Food and Spirits. I had the Blackened Pasta with shrimp (and will have the leftovers for dinner tonight). To start, we shared Voodoo Crawfish Rolls which were heavenly. Rob had the Pasta Lafayette with a blackened ribeye. His leftovers, unfortunately, ended up on his truck’s floorboard on the way home. Oh no!

The restaurant is in a small house at the end of Lee Lane in downtown Covington surrounded by antique and gift shops, coffee houses, and other small local establishments. It’s quaint and fun!

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Chocolate Derby

November 10, 2005

Chocolate Derby Facade

After visiting the Vicksburg National Military Park, I stopped at Chocolate Derby for some coffee and dessert. I was hoping for internet access and a webcam session, but I could only connect to the wifi for an instant inside the shop before it disappeared into the ozone.

I had an iced mocha and a slice of red velvet cake. Delectible!! The store is decorated with antiques and a toy train traverses a track overhead. And the young girl behind the counter has a beautiful southern accent.

After having my snack, I sat at a table outside thinking maybe I could connect to the wifi there. I did, but it was less than satisfactory. It was run by the Vicksburg Visitor Center, and I had to register to use it. It required me to validate my email address within 15 minutes or so, but it was so restrictive, I couldn’t get to my email account to validate it. In that 15 minutes, it also blocked me from several websites I wanted to visit. Huge thumbs down for the wifi.

But still. . . if you’re not looking for wifi and just looking for coffee and dessert, I recommend this little coffee shop on Washington Street downtown.

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Vicksburg National Military Park

November 10, 2005

Texas Vicksburg Civil War Memorial

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the Civil War. Americans against Americans… nope… can’t get that one straight.

Vicksburg National Military Park commemorates the battle for the last stronghold on the Mississippi River. It fell on July 4, 1836. Driving through this hilly area of Mississippi, it’s amazing that men were able to fight here.

There are over a thousand monuments for both the Confederate and Union soldiers. There’s a memorial for each state represented in the battles. There are cannons all over the grounds. There are signs telling what states and troops fought in each area of the battleground. Red signs mark the Confederate line and blue signs mark the Union line. There’s a cemetary full of those who died.

Before driving through the park, I went to the visitor’s center and watched a short film about the battles and subsequent surrender of the confederate troups. It was a great way to get oriented, and it really helped me put things into perspective while I was driving through. It took about 3.5 hours to drive through the whole park. I stopped to take pictures of most of the big monuments. Pictured here is the Texas memorial.

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Ross R. Barnett Reservoir

November 9, 2005

reservoir at dusk

The Ross R. Barnett Reservoir is on the Northeast side of Jackson. There’s a spillway at the south end where people can fish. I walked around the fishing area.

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