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Love Letters to Someone I Haven't Met

June 28, 2005

I've considered doing a journal project where I write love letters to my future love. I've gotten the urge to do that at times when I've been down about being alone. Kinda like writing letters to someone who has died and I miss, but in this case, it's someone I miss who I've never met. The other day, someone on 43Things talked about someone who wrote love letters like this, but it was more about getting introspective than really writing to a future someone.

One reason I haven't done it is because I'd probably meet someone and think they were the one and reveal my love letters. That would be a beautiful thing, except the way my luck runs, the relationship wouldn't last, and I'd have wasted my love letters. That's probably not a good reason not to because this is the kind of thing that is more about the journey than the destination.

Maybe I'll do it anyway.

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Thanks, Cupid, But I'm Done With That

December 28, 2004

I gutted my profile at that online dating/friend meeting site. I was wooed by the quizzes and all the questions they use to match you up with people. Once I finished answering all the questions (over a thousand... it was addicting), all that was left was to meet people. I can't even keep up the correspondence with friends I already have (sorry Christy! sorry Walter! sorry everyone else to whom I owe an email!).

I initiated contact with one person, and I responded to another person who messaged me first. My instincts told me they were good people. I left a bunch of messages from other people unanswered, and I felt a little guilty about that. I didn't intend to be snooty, but there's no way I could keep track of that many different people. A couple were kinda creepy, too. Who knows... maybe I'm creepy, too. I don't think creepy people know they're creepy. Then again... would a creepy person realize that creepy people don't know they're creepy?

I noticed something funny about that site. When you set up your profile, you answer a series of questions. On one, you have to name "The SIX things I could never do without." When you view someone's profile, though, a random 2 percent of the time the question changes to "What I think about while masturbating." They don't tell you that's going to happen. I guess it's a little joke the creators are playing on the users. It can be quite funny if you hit it right. For example, one guy's profile would say "What I think about while masturbating: My piano, my iPod, a well-equipped kitchen, a new book to read, a tub to soak in, and my sense of humor." If someone hit my profile just right, it would have said, "What I think about while masturbating: Broadband, the sun, sleep, Tivo, chilled water, a car." Ooooo... how sexy is that? laugh

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Not So Much In Common

December 21, 2004

As I contemplate actively seeking to fill the hole in my life, I reflect upon the time at the beginning of a relationship when you assess what you have in common. Sometimes I'll think I have something in common with a guy, then find out it's not quite what I think it is.

Take the guy who liked to see live music. Perfect. At that time, I was going to at least one or two concerts a month. I'd go by myself most of the time, which was fine. I've never had a problem with going it solo. But since this guy was so into live music, I thought it was a great match. He thought so, too.

Later I found out it was worse than if he'd not liked live music at all. He liked to stand in the back and drink beer or cocktails. I liked to be right up front with the moshers. Well... I could do without the durned moshers, but I liked to make eye contact with the lead singer and catch guitar picks in my cleavage.

Nothing against the guy, though. He was a nice guy; we just didn't do concerts the same way.

On a side note: I don't go see concerts anymore. I have a lot of great memories and memorabilia. And, luckily, no scars from the durned moshers!

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