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Friday Five - Music and Dying

February 27, 2005

friday five

  1. If you were in a band (you know, a successful one...), and you HAD to remake an old song, what band/song would you choose and why? There are so many I'd like to remake. If Annie Lennox hadn't already done Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale," that would be a good one. Maybe a Genesis song from Duke.
  2. If you were a Make-a-Wish child, what would you wish for (and why)? Trying to think of a single wish would probably kill me before the terminal illness. Not that I'm greedy and want them all... it's just hard to pick one. This question prompted me to go look at the real wishes.

  3. If you had the chance to learn when you were going to die, would you take it? Would you tell anyone if you knew (either your date of death or theirs)? I don't want to know. The only reason I'd want to know is to make sure my babies have homes. I would tell people if I knew when I was going to die. I'm not sure how I would handle it if I knew someone else's date of death. I'll cross that bridge when (if) I ever come to it.
  4. If you couldn't die until you helped someone, would you rather live forever selfishly or die earlier? I'd help someone. I'd hate to live forever.
  5. If there's any goal you haven't accomplished yet, what is it and what is stopping you? Seeing all the state capitols. Time and money are stopping me.

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Friday Five

February 11, 2005

friday five

  1. Would you rather live in a world with or without technology such as computers, cars, airplanes, bombs? I'm sure I'd be a lot more social in a world without that technology. I'd probably have a family. Imagine that. I don't know which world I'd rather live in, though. I love reading fantasy novels, and they don't have technology like that. I suppose I have some desire for a simpler life, but I'm careful what I wish for.

  2. If you had to live without either heating in your house or air conditioning, which one would you keep? It would suck in the summer, but I couldn't live without heat in the winter.

  3. If you had to own five dogs, what kind would you get? Pound puppies.

  4. If the world had a front porch, what would you do on it? I'd watch the stars, lightning storms, sunrises and sunsets.

  5. Would you rather live in a neighborhood where you know all of your neighbors by name, or where everyone sticks to their own business? I'd rather live where everyone knows everyone, but I'd sure like to skip the awkward "getting to know you" stage.

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Friday Five - Reading

January 7, 2005

friday five

  1. What is the first book you remember reading? I'm sure I read a lot of children's books (like Berenstain Bears!), but the first novel I ever remember reading that made me want to read more was The Hobbit. It was for an assignment in junior high english class.

  2. What is your favorite book? I can't pick just one, but off the top of my head are The Stand by Stephen King, A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Mordant's Need and The Gap series by Stephen R. Donaldson, Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, and Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

  3. Who is your favorite author? See the prior question.

  4. Pick up the nearest book (magazine or any available printed material will do). Turn to page 24 (or the closest to it). Go to the 7th line. What is it? Page 24 of the nearest magazine (Wired) is an ad. Page 24 of the nearest book (In A Strange Land Poems by Jeremiah Gilbert) is blank. I'm still looking... Page 24 of the coffee table book (History of Czechs in America), line 7 is "In the basement of the church, he arranged a room for a school and a dwelling for its teacher, and behind the vestry, a humble little abode for himself." It's talking about the first Czech priest in St. Louis, Father Jindrich Lipovskļæ½.

  5. If you could be any character in literature, who would you be? Terisa in Stephen R. Donaldson's The Mirror of Her Dreams.

Faintly in the distance over crisp snow-cover hills,

Enchanted music calls to her and fortifies her will.

Through a mirror formed from the purest sand of dreams,

She takes his sturdy faithful hand and gives in to his need.

~~Geraden's Champion

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