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Seeing Things

September 25, 2004

[via So Very Posh]

A father asks Metafilter members about things his 6-year-old daughter sees that other people don't.

I didn't regularly see things when I was a kid, nor did I have imaginary friends, but there's one thing I did see. Tiny people moving about the curtains in my parents' bedroom. My parents had thick curtains covering the window hanging almost from ceiling to floor. Sometimes I'd sleep in there, and when I'd wake up, the thick curtains would be blocking out most of the light. But there was just enough light to see the hundreds of little shadows walking along the top of the curtains and walking up and down the creases. They were very much like ants... walking single file back and forth, up and down. I think they also had covered wagons that they pulled. I think there were animals, too. They didn't scare me. I would just lay in the bed and watch them until I fell back asleep or someone got me up out of bed.

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