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Happy (erhm) Tax Day!

April 15, 2005

I got my refund over a month ago. If you're still working on yours or someone else's taxes, here's a song for today...

Tax Lady Blues

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Celebrate Life

January 22, 2005

Twenty-one years ago, I went on tour to Florida with my church's youth choir. We were performing the Christian musical Celebrate Life at a bunch of churches between Houston and Orlando. I was 19 or 20 years old.

Most of us wore colored t-shirts with white overalls. There were 5 male narrators who wore white t-shirts with colored overalls. Here's a picture of our first gig, which I *think* was Moody Memorial First United Methodist Church in Galveston.

Youth Choir Performing

I had a solo during the show. It was a song sung from the perspective of that lady who touched Jesus' robe in the crowd and her 12 year bleeding illness was immediately healed. While I sang, another girl, Tina, did an interpretive dance around Jesus (played by Chris). That was cool because all eyes were on her and not me. You can see me singing in the pulpit below. Tina is the blur to the right:

Me singing and Tina dancing

I've never liked performing because I have a hard time remembering lyrics. This wasn't that bad, though, because I only had one song to sing. Even so, after a performance in either Louisiana or Mobile, AL, my friend Mary told me I had flubbed up the lyrics. It was only when she told me that I recalled doing it. My confidence was high during the performance, and I let myself relax and really get into the song rather than concentrating on getting the words right. That's what sucks about performing... it sounds fun, but to do it right, it's work. No thanks.

Here's a closer picture of me and three of the narrators watching Tina dance:

Me singing and narrators watching

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Bird of Sorrow and Dreamers Two

October 23, 2004

My friend CJ Wray asked me to sing on a song on his upcoming CD, Dreamers Two. It's a touching, sad song called "Bird of Sorrow." The CD will be released on December 1st, and CJ has set up a website with clips: Dreamers Two Mini-Site.

CJ is also going to perform a live concert of the music on the CD online December 1st at Ampcast.com. I'll post a reminder when it gets closer. smile

CJ Wray: Future Live 2004 Concert Poster

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