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Meet Christy

June 26, 2005

Meet Christy

Christy is my friend who also likes to read the Amanda Peterson blog. She doesn't have a blog of her own, but reads other people's blogs. I don't know many people who do that. Yay for Christy!

Where Christy Is (or closeby):

Where Christy Would Like To Be:

She said anywhere but Little Rock, so here are a few nice places

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Meet k-sue

December 19, 2004

Meet k-sue - orangecatplays

k-sue used to have a blog called orangecatplays. She used to begin all her entries with a note about what orangecat was doing at that moment. I always thought that was neat. Later she got another cat, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember what she called that cat. I'm not sure why she quit blogging, and I don't want to put her on the spot, but it's cool that she's still reading mine and commenting periodically. smile

Where k-sue Would Like To Be:

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Meet Boogaboo

December 11, 2004

Meet Boogaboo - Boog @ Get Me Music

Boogaboo is one of my internet music friends. My favorite Boogaboo song is "Honorable Thing," a country song you can hear at Get Me Music. Boogaboo and I did one of his songs together, too. There are two versions: Almost Right (AK Kinda Unplugged Mix) and Almost Right (RJR Rock Mix). Boogaboo has a bulletin board called Hidden Soul where more of our internet music friends hang out. Boogaboo claims he doesn't need his pinky to play guitar, but I saw a picture of him using his pinky.

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Meet Kevin

November 29, 2004

Meet Kevin - KevinDonahue.com

Kevin is one of the bloggers behind Fanblogs and Y'all Blog [no longer going]. I found Kevin a couple of years ago when I was searching for college football blogs. That was before Fanblogs. Kevin's always giving tips on making your toys work better and more securely. He recently posted links about Securing your wireless connection. I usually read the latest news about TiVo happenings on his blog, too.

Where Kevin Is:

Where Kevin Would Like To Be (or close to it)

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Meet Rob

November 22, 2004

Meet Rob - CrabAppleLane

Rob recently bought bicycles for him and his wife. He hadn't ridden in 30 years, and no... he didn't forget. Rob posts wonderful pictures of the area around his house in Bush, Louisiana. Bush is on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, and part of his almost daily life is one of the greatest wonders I've seen: the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (longest bridge in the world). Maybe not so much of a wonder to him anymore because of the traffic. He plays fantasy football, and in the real football world, he hopes that next year is the Saint's year.

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Meet Pam

November 21, 2004

Meet Pam - Hurtling towards obscurity

Pam's girlfriend is currently incommunicado due to the release of Halo 2 for Xbox. Pam recently got broadband and found out from a lady on the radio that 30 year olds are "old." She also watched a documentary recently about a high school here in Texas for gay kids. It's a shame there's a reason to even consider sheltering and segregating gay kids. I was hoping that might become a non-issue in my lifetime, but with the ridiculous movement to ban gay marriage, I don't believe it will.

Where Pam Would Like To Be

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Rainbow at Niagara

November 14, 2004

It's depressing here in Austin. It's cold. Cold in an "I live in Texas" kind of way. It's also raining. I haven't seen the sun in days. Cry

So when I clicked on the Niagara webcam and saw the following picture, it made me smile.


Now I'm going to Starbucks.

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Seatac Airport Cam

October 27, 2004

Back in June, I was surfing webcams, and this picture from the Seattle airport made me chuckle out loud:

Seattle Airport Cam

Do those Alaska Airlines faces on the tails of the planes look funny to you, too?

Seatac Cam

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