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Effective Communication Class

July 26, 2005

I took a class on effective communication today. I’d heard great things about the teacher, and found that he knew his stuff and was pretty entertaining.

Most of it was common sense. I’m not sure what I took away with me. I need to go over the notes to really absorb some of it. He talked fast and covered a lot of material.

Something that bothered me about the class was that he kept using examples of married couples and parents and children. I could follow the concepts, but he would always begin an example by asking, “Who in here is married?” or “Who in here has more than one child?” The first couple of times, I hardly noticed. But after the fourth or fifth time, I felt like he was teaching the class to the married people and parents. I felt alienated by it, plus it’s a sore subject with me, so that was an internal distraction.

There you go… I learned about internal distractions: those personal things going on inside a person’s head that might keep them from hearing your message. I lived it today.

Anyway… I’m not sure I learned anything I didn’t already know, or couldn’t figure out on my own, but maybe going through a day’s worth of instruction will reinforce the concepts.

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March of the Penguins

July 17, 2005

I went to see March of the Penguins this morning. It was beautiful and touching. Nature is amazing.

The theater didn’t have junior mints, but I got popcorn and a bottle of water. The popcorn and water cost more than the movie ticket.

After the movie, I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Upon leaving, I overheard two women talking:

Woman1: I ate healthy and didn’t enjoy it.
Woman2: Well I didn’t eat healthy, and I feel miserable.

Isn’t that just the way of it?

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I Got a Cell Phone...

March 2, 2005

... and no, you can't have the number.

I don't have a number yet, anyway.

My quest for a cell phone started off not so well. I didn't want to order one over the internet because they require a signature when they deliver them, and I'm a regular 9 to 5 workerbee, so I'm not home to sign. I looked at some plans over the internet, though, for leverage when I went into the wireless store. I found one for $9.99/month and decided I could deal with that.

I entered the wireless store and a salesman immediately asked if he could help. He didn't really want to help... he wanted to make money. Here's how the dialogue went:

Me: I need to get a cell phone for emergencies only. I wondered what kind of deal you could give me.
Him: Do you travel?
Me: Sometimes.
Him: Where?
Me: Oklahoma. Arkansas. Wherever.
Him: Okay... what I would do is get the [Blah Blah] plan. It's $40.00 a month.
Me: That's way too much.
Him: It is? Okay, well, we have another plan. It's $30.00 a month.
Me: I can get a plan for $9.99 a month over the internet, so that's too much.
Him: What's the coverage on that plan? This plan is nationwide.
Me: It's nationwide.
Him: Oh, well, we have this one (walks across the store and points to a brochure) for $19.99/month. It has (some number) of anytime minutes and 500 weekend minutes.
Me: No.
Him: (walks over to a map). It covers all of this area in the United States. All the major cities.
Me: The one I saw on the internet covered all the major cities.
Him: (walks over to the phones). We could give you this phone for free. (shows me the tiniest freakin' phone I've ever seen).
Me: I need one that goes from my ear to my mouth.
Him: You can still hear with this one.
Me: [Thinking to myself: Are there any phones you knowingly sell in this store that you can't hear? Idiot.] No. I need a phone that goes from my ear to my mouth. Doesn't matter anyway. I can get a plan for $9.99 on the internet.
Him: Okay. *shrug*

After that, I went shopping for fun stuff. I got some little dog magnets and a neat beaded bracelet.

On the way home, I remembered someone talking about cell phones for sale at Walmart. I try to avoid Walmart. Partly for social reasons; partly because of a lack of willpower not to spend lots of money there; partly because of the crowds of people who frequent that place. But I think it might be one of the only places that cater to people who want to buy a cellphone they won't ever use.

I ended up with a nice Motorola flip phone for $69 and a year of service with 150 minutes for $93.42. That's $7.79/month. Whooot! Still too much for something I won't use, but I'll deal.

I haven't activated it yet because it's charging. I'm sensing that charging this phone is going to take forever. Ugh.

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A Trip to Romeos

January 19, 2005

Home from work today, I decided to treat myself to a great Italian meal at Romeos. It's my favorite restaurant, and I can't remember the last time I went.

On the way, it felt as if someone was watching me.

It was cloudy out, but the anticipation of great bread, pasta, and dessert kept my spirits up. Seeing the familiar silhouette of young lovers in the upper window brought a smile to my face.

I ordered chicken parmesan with fettucine alfredo and caesar salad. Everything was excellent, and there was enough left over to bring home for dinner tonight. Too full for dessert on the spot, I ordered the chocolate cheesecake to go. It's the best ever chocolate cheesecake, drizzled with chocolate syrup and sauces of pureed raspberries and apricots with chopped pistachio nuts and strawberries on the side. It was thoughtful how the waiter carefully labeled my to go container with the restaurant name, entree and date.

On the drive home, the sun came out. Then I found a box from Amazon.com in my mailbox with two fantasy books and a combo Patty Griffin CD and DVD.

Ah... some days are quite delightful, no?

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I Went to Work Twice Today

October 15, 2004

I've been working my hiney off lately trying to get our work website tidy on the back end. Oooo... I said "hiney" and "back end" in the same sentence.

I worked late every night this week. Tonight I worked until 6:00. When I got home, I thought of something else I wanted to do to a file and decided to look at it. I typed in the URL of our homepage and got a different page with a lot of broken images. It was a page that goes in a different area of the site. Looks like someone uploaded it over the homepage. It could have been me, but I didn't go near that page today. It could have been a couple other people, but I can't imagine they would be doing anything with that page today.

Bottom line... I had to go up to work to put the homepage back. I signed into the after hours log at 8:19 and signed out at 8:27. Eight minutes at work, and an hour round trip from home. I wish I had access to do it from home. I guess I should look into that.

The guard at the front desk is so young. I've seen him before, but never in his guard gear. I thought he was just some kid they hired to sit at the desk and ask people to sign in, but tonight he was all decked out in his cowboy hat and uniform.

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Jury Duty

October 12, 2004

Today I did the jury impaneling process over the internet. How freakin' cool is that? I got a summons on Saturday. Last time I got a summons, I had to go to an empty warehouse place and get herded with all the other cattle into lines for this and that. It took all afternoon. Then I didn't get called for a jury.

This time, I just had to answer a few questions over the internet. Now I wait to get an assignment by email. It'll be sometime between tomorrow and December 26th. I've never served on a jury. I've only actually gotten called to the courthouse once. It was traffic court, and they dismissed us all after an hour saying they didn't need us.

I think I'd like to serve on a jury at least once in my life. I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

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A little luck (good and bad) and storage galore!

September 6, 2004

I was up at 9:30 this morning, so I figured I'd get a lot done on my to do list like I did Saturday and Sunday. Today was different, though. Saturday and Sunday went by like days used to go by before I got, um, older. Plenty of time to do things. It was awesome. But today went by too fast. I think it's because I went shopping. That takes a big ol' chunk out of the day, and doesn't feel like I really *did* anything.

One item on my to do list was to acquire and install a second hard drive. I've been agonizing over a hard drive purchase for weeks. My computer keeps complaining about low storage space which is funny because it still had 2 or 3 gig. I remember when we only had 20 megabytes total on a computer! So I'd move some things to my backup drive to free up space.

I'd been to CompUSA once, and looked at hard drives, but couldn't bring myself to purchase one. I'm glad I waited. Today they had 200 gig hard drives on sale for $99. Whooot! So I'm 200 gig richer in storage space!

At the grocery, I had bad luck and good luck. The eggs I bought disappeared between the time they scanned them and the time I got home. Poop. The good luck was that I won $4 on a $1 lottery scratch off. I rarely ever do lottery stuff, so that was way cool. Too bad I lost most of that on the disappearing egg purchase.

I didn't do much else on my to do list. I got sidetracked on a project dealing with my email addresses. And during that project, I got sidetracked at EMusic.com and ended up getting a subscription for a month. I had some tunes that I got there quite a while back with a free trial. I'd lost the MP3s, so I wanted to download them again. Turns out I had to subscribe again to download them. It wouldn't count against my monthly downloads, and I figured I could find 40 more songs to download for $10. I got some great tunes from Mother Jane and Tanya Donnelly, and I stilll have 24 more songs I can download.

It's back to work tomorrow...

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To Do List Update

September 5, 2004

I know you're dying to know the progress of my to do list....

Things I worked on (accomplishments are scratched out)

  • clean up my PC desktop I didn't get everything... there's a bunch of free and legal MP3 downloads I need to trash or file, but they're tucked away in a folder, so they're not cluttering the desktop.
  • make CDs for the brykMan Whew... I had some CD writing errors that about made me cry, but I adjusted my methods and got things back on track.
  • go through my emails and answer/delete/archive as needed Finally got it to where I can see all the emails in my inbox on one screen.
  • watch stuff on TiVo I watched Tart, Johns, an episode of "All In The Family" that was supposed to have Christopher Guest in it but didn't, and started watching Men Don't Leave.
  • watch football I didn't watch any full games, but I had some on. I picked 7 of 14 games correctly in an ncaa football pool against the spread. Not too bad... the 1st place people picked 9 games correctly.
  • do my FlyLady missions from this week Nothin' to it!
  • walk at least a mile each day So far, so good... two days, two walks.
  • rip mp3s from my CD collection I did some... I have a looong way to go!

Leftover stuff I still need to do

  • Design some promo stuff for the upcoming Freeaudioplayer compilation CD
  • archive stuff on my hard drive
  • acquire and install a second hard drive
  • make a photo album with the pictures from my Portland trip last May
  • make a CD for Lynn
  • put a new CD together to sell at CDBaby
  • clean out my car
  • clean my garage some
  • make CDs from the songs I've purchased at iTunes

Stuff I'm adding

  • Thank you note to Elan
  • Buy groceries

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