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Happy Birthday, BrykMan!

May 19, 2005

A big 'Happy Birthday' to Brykmantra! He's hitting the half century mark today.

Woohoo! Party Woohoo! Party Woohoo! Party

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My New Monitor

May 6, 2005

I know you've been dying to hear about my new monitor for days and days, and I've been keeping it all to myself. Here it is, peeps:

20.1 inch computer monitor

It's a 20.1 inch ViewSonic. I'm loving it! Compared to my last one, it's larger and smaller at the same time. Larger picture, smaller footprint. See my last monitor.

The guy at Fry's probably thinks I'm an idiot. I was looking at this model, but it was plugged into a computer that output at 1280 x whatever. Native resolution is 1600, so it looked crappy. I told a sales guy about it so he'd change it, but he misunderstood and gave me a long explanation about *why* it was plugged into a computer that output at 1280 (that several monitors were plugged into the same computer). I didn't care why... I just wanted to see it with the correct resolution.

He seemed a little put out, but unplugged and plugged some cables. Then the monitor was showing a Star Wars trailer. I thought it was a DVD or TV or something, so I said, "Can I see 'computer'?" He seemed put out again, and hit the ESC key or something that made Windows Media Player go from full screen mode to regular window. That's when I thought he probably thought I was an idiot. Whatever.

I liked the way it looked, so I took one home with me. Yay! happy

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