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Unconscious Mutterings

January 1, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Celebrate:: party

  2. Resolve:: Will Do

  3. I need to:: do a lot of things

  4. Call:: telephone

  5. Token:: arcade

  6. Brand:: jeans

  7. Comparison:: don't do it

  8. Far away:: yes

  9. Artful:: Dodger

  10. Fantastic:: life

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The Kitties on my Porch

January 1, 2006


These are the kitties that live on my porch. The guy on the other side of my duplex takes care of them. I call the one in the back P.K. She's the first one who came to live here. The neighbor was trying to get her to come in his house, but she wants to stay outside mostly.

The other little cat started coming around trying to eat P.K.'s food. The neighbor tried to drive her off, but it didn't work. Now he feeds her, too. I haven't decided on a name for her, yet. Sometimes I call her Skittles or Snickers. I also thought about naming her Jennifer Grey and calling her "Baby" from Dirty Dancing.

Baby likes to go walking with us when Lily takes me for a walk. When we get to the post office, she likes to climb up in the trees. It's really fun. smile

It's nice to have babies on my porch. smile

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Awww...your porchkitties are cute!

Happy New Year ! clap

You Found Me How?

January 4, 2006

Searches to my site:

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That's really weird, Kim.


I guess that last one depends on if you use the Bill Clinton or the Kenneth Starr definition of sex. grin

So where are the accidental nip pics???

LOL @ Christine!

I don't have any, CM!! cool

I'm Mr. Locke

January 7, 2006

You are Locke. A mystery within a mystery. You're a fountain of backgammon trivia and an expert with knives. You might like pina coladas and definitely like getting caught in the rain. You prefer keeping to yourself mostly, but you'll tell your secrets to the right person. Are you evil? Your accompanying soundtrack sure is sinister.

Which Lost Character Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

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Yeah but, can you eat an orange like that? laugh

I am Kate, apparently.

Kate's sexy. Jack's a leader. You both did very well. happy

Lighted U.T. Tower

January 7, 2006

The tradition at U.T. after a team wins a national title is to light the entire U.T. Tower orange and form a #1 with the lights from the offices. It's like that this weekend after the football team beat USC in the 2006 Rose Bowl. Hook 'em Horns!!

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Nice tradition and excellent pics. Love the top one.

cool pictures! yay longhorns! my team (kansas) actually got to the ft worth bowl this year... and won! go big 12!

Thanks, Rob!

Yay Jayhawks, k-sue! That's awesome!

Yay Texas!! I never thought I'd say that, but I'm glad someone beat USC!

heh! Thanks, Christine!

Unconscious Mutterings

January 8, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Better off:: Dead (the movie, not the sentiment)

  2. Girls:: pink

  3. Uniform:: Marine

  4. Classified:: advertisement

  5. Hard:: naughty thought withheld to protect the seemingly innocent

  6. Kitty:: cute! happy

  7. Team:: Home

  8. Massive:: HUGE

  9. Depressed:: sad

  10. Award:: trophy

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At first, I thought, I've never heard the phrase "hard naughty thought withheld to protect the seemingly innocent!" But now I get it. grin

I'm wearing a skirt today

January 9, 2006

I was at CVS yesterday and saw some cool beige tights. I thought they would go great with a long brown skirt I have, so I bought them. I'm wearing them today. I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt to work.

Three people have asked me if I had an important meeting today. A few others have told me I look nice. Some asked why I'm wearing a skirt. I just answered, "I felt like being weird today." smile

This outfit is very comfortable. That's the only way to go-- comfortable. I'll do it again soon. smile

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Big fan of comfort. If it looks nice, too, it's a no brainer.

Did you get a picture of this? I would love to see you in a skirt. No. I am not a perv!laugh Heh! It's a girl thing!

I'll bet you looked great.

Yay skirts! I guess this implies an improved self-image. eh? clap

We need a photo NOW !!Lovetongue

You rock, Kim!!! clap

No pictures!! :eyepop laugh

Thanks, A! smile

Premonition? Coincidence?

January 12, 2006

About a year and a half ago, I had a dream that I wrote about in my blog. Here's part of my entry:

I was at work. I turned around to say, "Hey David, we going to lunch?", but before the whole sentence was out, I realized there wasn't a David there.

The weird thing is that a year later, we hired a guy named David, and he sits in the cubicle next to me.

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Should we cue Twilight Zone music?

At some point in the near future you'll have to utter that exact phrase "Hey David, we going to lunch?"

dear kim,

could you please have a dream where you say, you know that k-sue who comments on my blog? she just became independently wealthy and is traveling around the world.

thanks. happy

LOL @ k-sue!

Board games, healthy food, tea and ceramics

January 17, 2006

Because 100 things just isn't enough.

101. Playing board games. Especially the ones where there's a little strategy and a lot of chance involved (like Parcheesi happy).

102. When I'm sick and someone brings me healthy food.

103. Drinking tea. Iced or hot (but not too hot).

104. My new matching ceramic bowl and mug.

See more progress on: identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is play backgammon. I think I could sit around doing that all day long and be very happy... happy

You Found Me How?

January 17, 2006

Searches to my site:

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Hi Kim,

I came here searching for Elisabeth Shue panties and/or Elisabeth Shue bansai pottery. Do you sell these on your site?




I like your new song with woo hoo in it.

Obviously, there must be something here that I've missed, Kim. I thought we were friends. smile

I must have missed those boys showing their pee-pees. laugh

I just ate raw crescent roll dough and was wondering if anyone else did. My husband thinks I might be crazy.

Hi Hilary. Not me, but I do like them a little doughy when cooked. I don't think you're crazy. smile

Dream Journal - Work Travel

January 22, 2006

I was traveling for business with people from work. It was dinner time, so I went with a few people to a chicken restaurant. I think it was called "Johnson's" but that doesn't sound quite right.

I had some things to do before I could eat, so I sat in the car. I thought it would only take a few minutes. When I was done, I went inside. They were almost finished eating. I went to the counter to order, but I'd never been there, and didn't know how to order. I couldn't find the chicken menu. The menu looked like it was all drinks.

I told the person behind the counter that it was my first time there, and I didn't know how to order. She laughed at me, took off her apron and started doing a song and dance. Apparently, they like to embarrass new people.

They served me some food in a to go container, and for some reason I ended up with 4-5 big to go containers. I went to the booth where my coworkers were sitting and had to ask one to scoot over to make room.

Later in the dream, my supervisor asked me if I had the key to my hotel room. I realized I didn't have one, but was confused because I'd been in my room already. I couldn't remember the room number, so I needed to go back to the room to find that out before I went to the front desk.

I went up there and found out there were two doors to my room, both unlocked. They had different numbers on them. I wrote them both down because I knew I wouldn't remember them.

I put my laptop in the closet on the shelf next to some Christmas decorations. My laptop's backpack had Santa on it, so it fit right in. I figured if anyone came in there to rob me, they wouldn't take it because it just looked like Christmas stuff.

My supervisor said they were going to drive around town that evening and asked if I wanted to go. I told him I didn't have time.

Back at work another day, everyone was crowded around the window looking across the street at the top of a building. People were on the rooftop practicing speeches.

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hahaha Some of them are actually up on a closet shelf like in the dream. Christmas Tree

Unconscious Mutterings

January 22, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Alone:: solitary

  2. Science:: project

  3. Deposit:: money

  4. Faithful:: devoted

  5. Tender:: steak

  6. Chocolate:: Mmmmmmm

  7. Homework:: school

  8. Tamper:: mess with

  9. Friend:: Best

  10. Wire:: telephone

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Uncle Frank's WWII Story

January 22, 2006

My Uncle Frank (my Dad's brother) was in the Navy in World War II. About 5 years before he died, he wrote down his story. Shortly before his wife died in 2004, she sent the hand-written story to my Aunt Mary. I've transcribed it and put it on my site. If you're interested, see Uncle Frank's Story.

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Thank you, DJ! smile

Great story. Sorry I'd forgotten his name but which brother was your dad?

Thanks, Rob!

My Dad was Fred. He was the youngest boy, and the one who was home when their Dad died. He went into the service after that, but didn't go to war because of a motocycle wreck injury that put him in the hospital on base in Jacksonville, FL.

That is so neat to see the Texas mission corroborate my Uncle's story. Not that I didn't believe him... it's just neat!! Thanks, DJ! smile

I thoroughly enjoyed your uncle's account of his experiences during World War II. Well done.

Thank you, Ginnie! smile

Dream Journal - Double Booked and Sailboards

January 23, 2006

At work, I had accidently made meeting appointments with two different small groups of people at the same time. One was lead by the acting director of the Texas Legislative Budget Board. I was sitting at my desk, trying to decide which to cancel and trying to think of an excuse. I even considered cancelling both and going home sick.

Sitting at my desk, I looked into the mirror on my overhead bin. I had colored my hair recently, and noticed I did a poor job—that my roots were still the old color (brown and gray). I also noticed skin flakes in my hair. I started pulling them out of my hair and started finding some big flakes. I must have burned my scalp because it was peeling.

I got up and went somewhere. When I came back, I noticed a monitor right outside my cubicle that showed everything that was on my monitor at my desk. I started to dismantle it, when I noticed that both my meeting appointments were at my desk. I had to admit to them that I'd double-booked the meetings.

I decided to try to stand between the groups and attend both meetings at once. Of course, I wasn't able to pay attention to either when I tried to pay attention to both.

Later, I was at the beach in the ocean. I found out that the company who rents beach umbrellas was now renting sailboards. I didn't rent one, but I had something in my hand that would catch the wind. I was sailing for a minute on my feet. There were many people out with the rented sailboards. The sails were beige with a light blue design on them. I kept getting tangled in strings that were holding inner tubes full of kids together. I think the kids were yelling at me. I got tangled in some string underwater, and was afraid I would drown.

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Dream Journal - Laptop Spyware

January 25, 2006

I had my laptop and my desktop on. I was using my desktop to chat with a friend. My laptop had a screensaver on it that was pretty elaborate. I think it had a beach background. There were four characters on it. One was Snoopy. Another was Anthony Keidis from Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony kept singing songs. Sometimes Snoopy would howl.

I realized that I hadn't installed the screen saver and thought it must be spyware or a virus. I was trying to chat and work on my laptop at the same time. I tried to start Adaware or Spyware S&D on the laptop, but got big red warnings on the screen.

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hee hee. Dilbert's funny. smile

Dream Journal - Fan Light Kit

January 26, 2006

I dreamed that I looked up at the ceiling fan in my living room, and it had a light on it.

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heh! I don't have a light fixture, but I want a light fixture. I have a ceiling fan. I tried to install a light fixture one time, but I think the wires I connected it to weren't hooked up to the juice. Or I'm stoopid. Umm grin

You Found Me How?

January 26, 2006

Searches to my site:

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Set the thermostat.... WTH?! In my imagination, the person is la. zy. Well, unless s/he doesn't want to overheat the shih tzu...


heh! Hi P.T.!!

How could a shih tzu set the thermostat? It doesn't have opposable thumbs!

Dream Journal - Bad Storm Coming

January 29, 2006

I was on a trip with my church choir. We'd traveled to another city. There were supposed to be bad storms there in the afternoon. I was outside, and it was sunny and beautiful. There was a waterway across the road, but no water in it. Then they opened a dam, and I saw muddy water flowing into it. I watched the water rise and thought it would keep rising over the banks, but then it didn't. Then I saw cars driving in the water.

I wanted to take pictures of the beautiful buildings on the campus. There was one that looked like a cathedral from Paris. I decided to go back into the hotel because I needed something else for my camera. I couldn't find my room at first. There were people with no arms and legs sliding down some staircases, but they didn't seem to be having trouble.

I found my room, and called my brother. He said a bad storm was coming and to be careful. I looked out the window, and saw Mammatus Clouds covering the sky. Giant drops of water were forming in patches in the clouds. Then they started falling. When they hit the ground, it sounded like an explosion. I asked my brother if he could hear the sounds. He said, "Yes." I told him those were the raindrops hitting the ground.

He told me to be careful because people with automatic weapons would be coming out. Then something was happening, and a boy was flying through the air. He came right through the glass of my window and landed on the floor. He got up and went out the door.

I gathered my camera and decided to go find the rest of my group. I thought they were probably rehearsing now and that I'd be in trouble for not being there yet. There was something about another couple who had left their stuff in my room. I got the lady's purse and took some of her things out (keys, wallet), and put them in my purse so she would have them.

Then I was in the accounting room. I saw that the group from Norway had cancelled their trip. They were highlighted in a ledger. I wasn't surprised they'd cancelled.

Then I was taking an exam. A coworker, Brian, was talking to me out loud and showing me his exam. I told him people would think I was cheating, but he didn't care. He was trying to help me.

Then I was doing a large load of laundry. Wet clothes were in a rectangular bin. To dry them, I had to spray them with a cool mist and hang them up to dry, so I started doing that.

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Unconscious Mutterings

January 29, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Long distance:: relationship

  2. Meant to be:: yes

  3. Here:: and now

  4. Endless:: book

  5. Resentment:: negativity

  6. Insipid:: comment

  7. Bunny:: pink

  8. Slogan:: advertising

  9. Naked:: buff

  10. Sarcasm:: biting

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