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Unconscious Mutterings

April 2, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Desire:: lust

  2. Sleep:: night

  3. Lost:: TV

  4. 2006:: now

  5. Pump:: sump

  6. Space:: sky

  7. Stuck:: not moving

  8. Reference:: library

  9. Birth:: baby

  10. Hand:: lotion

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Dern... you're still cute as hek! Hug

Some things never change


heh! Thanks, Boogie. Have you got a computer now?


A Moment of Panic

April 11, 2006

Yesterday, I stopped by a post office to mail something, and when I came out, I walked up to my car and clicked the remote unlock thingy. Nothing happened. I clicked it again. Nothing happened. I started getting that panicky feeling because it wasn't working. Then I looked into the car. I saw some headphones that looked like mine on the passenger seat. But then I realized that I didn't have those headphones with me. It wasn't my car!

It looked just like my car, though.

It was almost an hour later when I realized if it really had been my car and my remote unlock thingy stopped working, I could have just used to key to get in. tongue

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Oh that's funny! I've gotten so used to using the remote that I do forget about the "actually use the key itself" option! However some cars will set off an alarm if you use the key to open it when you've used the remote to lock it...my mother's Camry does that, but my Altima and Ranger doesn't do that. I'm glad that I have a somewhat unique car color now, what you're describing doesn't happen as much to me any more.

darn technology! i knew someone who tried to get in a look-alike car in the late 80s with a regular key. the actual owner saw him fiddling with the lock and, thinking that a car theft was in progress, pepper sprayed him liberally. many apologies ensued.

It could be more embarrassing. The remote could have worked on the car..you get in and your key doesn't work and then the owner of the car comes back out, think you're trying to steal his or her car and they call the police who arrest you for grand theft auto. You're taken to jail and use your one phone call to call up a lawyer who is in the process of being disbarred but thinks if they can win your case, it will save them. They agree to take your case free of charge but are actually in troulbe with the mob and...well, you can see why this would be bad. LOL

Doh ! Reminds me of the time my mother and I were just about ready to call the cops and report our car stolen when we realised we had parked right out front and not in the car park. We had actually walked right by our car. Eejits. :eyepop

That reminds me of a couple of Aggie Jokes:

1. Aggie calls the locksmith and says:

"I've locked my keys in my car -- and please hurry, because it's about to rain I left the top down!"

2. Aggie calls the locksmith and says:

"I've locked my keys in my car -- and please hurry, because I locked my wife inside!"

And on the subject of keys: One time in college I was visiting my parents, and my mom was cooking dinner and told me to run to the store for some butter.

My dad had parked his pickup behind my car, so I just drove his pickup to the store. I went in, bought the butter, then came back out to the pickup, and I couldn't get the key to turn in the ignition.

It turned out that I had somehow used my Mustang key to start my dad's Ford pickup! Unfortunately, I couldn't duplicate the feat, and I was having a hard time explaining what happened when I called them to come pick me up ...

Pictures are Done

April 15, 2006

It's taken 5 months, but I finally finished up the picture galleries from my trip to Louisiana and Mississippi. This weekend, I did two galleries for Vicksburg and one for miscellaneous pictures from Louisiana and Texas. Here's the whole set:

Louisiana and Mississippi, 2005

*kim does the happy dance*

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Nice pics, Kim. I'm going to run through them a little more thoroughly tomorrow (Today, really).

Great pics, Kim. You need to someday cross that Lake Charles Bridge at night. The city's eerie yellow glow (From the refineries) is a sight you won't forget.

Thanks, Rob! I'd love to do that someday (or somenight). Perhaps I will. smile

Just Some Stuff including Beth Orton (who knew?)

April 28, 2006

  • I really like Beth Orton. How come I only just discovered her?
  • Two weeks ago on a Friday, I went to the Apple Store to buy a new iPod. I had a $50 off thing from a class action lawsuit about batteries. They told me I'd have to order online to use it. Poop. So I ordered online and got it by Monday. It was even engraved ("Yay! iPod!" what else?). I was terribly impressed. Until the click wheel broke, and I couldn't control it anymore. So I sent it back to Apple, and I'm waiting for them to send me another new one. I'm not impressed anymore.
  • I went to the spa today for a massage, haircut, lunch, manicure and pedicure. It was a great way to spend my birthday.
  • Don't you hate it when public restrooms serve you toilet paper rolls that won't roll? You either get one square at a time, or you have to unwrap the paper manually from the roll.

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Have a birthday week like I do. You deserve it !!!!!!

Happy belated birthday Kim! Party

BoogabooBoogaboo | May 2, 2006 1:59 PM

Drats missed your Birthday... grrrr, darn, shucks Cry

Well... you're getting cuter every year!Hug

hey, belated birthday happies to you, Kim! i hope you had a great day and have an excellent year to come! clap Hug

Awwww... Thanks, everyone! happy

Happy belated birthday from me too! Party
I've never even heard of Beth Orton. I'll have to check her out.

Thank you, Christine! happy