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Copy Machine Blues

August 26, 2006

Back in college, I worked in an office. I knew how to work the copy machine. It wasn't that hard, and I didn't understand why some people just couldn't get it. About every other time they had to make some copies, it would get all screwed up.

Yesterday, I had to make copies of two sets of things. One had two pages and the other four pages. I tried to copy the smaller set first. When the second page went in, I experienced a paper jam. I could only see one that was jammed, so I took it out and tried to convince the new-fangled menu system that I had indeed cleared the jam. It took me several minutes to find the second sheet jammed in there. Once that was cleared, I had to go through the menu system to assure it I was ready to continue copying. At that point, it told me it was out of paper.

Once the second set was copied (with what I thought were no problems), I tried to piece all the papers together. Just like the dryer eats one sock each time, the copier seemed to have eaten one original page. I remembered throwing an extra copy in the recycle bin, so I suspected it was really a good original. I rooted around in there, but couldn't find that paper that I had just thrown in there. I finally found it by bending down and sticking my head and shoulders into the bin--it had wormed its way down under six or seven other sheets of paper. Sadly, it really was an extra un-needed copy. tongue

At this point, I could hear Carolyn on the other side of the cubicle wall, giggling at my efforts.

After a minute or two of obsessively-compulsively reviewing all the papers I had in hand to see if I might have just *missed* that one copy, I decided to make the copy again the old-fashioned way: open the top and place the paper on the glass (instead of feeding it through the jam prone sheet feeder). There was the missing paper, sitting on the glass.

I guess now I'm the idiot. Copying shouldn't be this hard. smile

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Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

August 24, 2006

I discovered a new FREE script to make photo galleries. If you know a little PHP, you can completely customize the look of it. See Easy Image Photo Gallery (the free version did everything I needed). I customized it to make it look exactly like my other photo galleries. I used the script on my latest sets of pictures:

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Please may I keep my blogging club card?

August 9, 2006

Just some stuff:

  • I went to Mandola's Italian Kitchen for lunch (first time). I was reading the menu and thought some pesto pasta sounded delicious. Then I thought, "I'd rather get something with meat." I continued to read the menu and finally settled on Eggplant Parmesan. I'm glad no one was holding me accountable for that previous thought about meat. I forgot it about two seconds after I thought it.

  • I recommend the Denver Post's "Lyrics Undercover" podcast. Each one is short (less than 10 minutes), and as the site says, "each week Brian gives us ... a podcast that looks behind the words of well-known songs." You don't have to have an iPod to listen. Just download the MP3 file and listen on your computer if you want.

  • I also recommend the FX series "30 Days." It's from the guy who did Super Size Me. Each show, Morgan Spurlock or someone else spends 30 Days experiencing something new to them. The one I watched last night had a guy who was laid off from his job due to outsourcing to India go to India and get a job. He got to see how the "new" jobs there are affecting the people of India.

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I Can't Relax on Weekends

August 5, 2006

I can't ever relax on the weekends because I need/want to do so much. When I force myself to relax and not do much of anything, I forget to do important things like car inspections and buying dog food and the stress gets worse. Here's a bunch of stuff I have on my mind to do this weekend:

  • do the laundry
  • play on the internet
  • read Kurt Cobain's Journals
  • clean the carpet
  • write a song
  • work on picture galleries from trips and outings
  • finish a music meme I started
  • go grocery shopping
  • change my comment and trackback script filename to cut the d*** spam
  • work on recording the song I'm recording
  • Upgrade the software on the search engine at work
  • declutter
  • clean the living room
  • change the sheets
  • read "Exiles Challenge"
  • balance my checkbook
  • get the files ready to send off to get more Raspberry Silk CDs made
  • blog (doing this now!)
  • go to the library
  • make the skins on my website change automatically according to date
  • answer the emails that are backed up
  • watch movies and TV shows I've recorded on TiVo
  • sweep the front porch
  • wash my car
  • make steak and polenta
  • dust
  • start working on the Christmas part of my Website so it's ready before Thanksgiving
  • stop making this list (done)

There's never a shortage of things to do. The laundry's calling...

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