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Bill Watch: This One Even Has Football

December 23, 2006

Let them make movies!
A film company will be allowed to use a state building or grounds as long as it doesn't significantly interfere with business. The state can't charge anything for it, but they can ask for reimbursement for any resulting costs. I'm not sure why they're putting it in law that the state can't charge more than cost. Seems we'd want the revenue.
Compensation for Lottery Commissioners
Right now, commissioners for the Texas Lottery don't get any pay. This law would allow them to receive an amount not to exceed $175,000 per year. It stipulates that they have to be a full-time employee, though, and have to devote full time to official duties. Thank you very much.
Junior Colleges to Provide State Training
If a junior college in the area can provide some training, then a state agency can't contract out for that kind of training.
Barking Dogs are a Nuisance
The odd thing about this law is that it only applies to an unincorporated area of a county with a population of 275,000 or more that is adjacent to a county with a population of 3.3 million or more. Seems if dog barking is a nuisance, it's a nuisance anywhere.
Register that Keg!
This law would require kegs of alcohol to be registered (I'm not sure with whom). Then someone who buys (rents?) the keg has to give a whole bunch of information like name and address and a statement that they are 21 years or older and do not intend to allow anyone under 21 to drink the alcohol in it. They can't transfer the keg to anyone else, and can't remove the registration sticker. It would be a criminal offense to remove the registration sticker.
But I gotta go!
A retail establishment under certain conditions would have to let someone with certain ailments use the employee's bathroom if they don't have a public restroom. If an employee denies access, they could be fined $100.
Internet Safety for Kids
This would require that the Texas Education Agency make available an Internet safety curriculum to school districts.
Give Us Football!
This one urging cable television providers and the NFL Network to work out their differences caused a "waste of taxpayer dollars" ruckus at my office. I don't mind the legislators dipping their feet into football. Let's make the lawmaking accessible to sports nuts.

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Unconscious Mutterings

December 10, 2006

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Research :: Boulevard

  2. Chuck :: Bride of Chuckie

  3. Insert :: Key

  4. Bang :: Firecracker

  5. Lousy :: Loser

  6. Rehearsal :: Choir

  7. Critics :: Movies

  8. Memory :: Card

  9. Squid :: Calamari

  10. Remove :: Sticker

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