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Amazon Unbox

June 7, 2007

Amazon has a service called Unbox. You can use it to rent videos that download to your DVR. TiVo talked about it in a newsletter a few months ago, and offered a $15 credit to sign up. I love the idea. There's one drawback, though, that will cause me to never pay real money to do it. The video downloads, and you have 30 days to watch it. The dealbreaker is that once you start watching it, you have 24 hours to finish it. I hardly ever watch a movie from beginning to end in a 24 hours period.

I downloaded "World Trade Center" a while back, and was luckily able to watch it all. Right now, I have "The Departed" and "Blood Diamond" sitting on TiVo. They're both about 2.5 hours long. I'm afraid to start either one because I don't have 2.5 solid hours that I want to spend sitting in front of the TV.

If not for that one annoyance, I'd be praising the program.

Conclusion: A very tentative Yay! for Unbox.

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