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What I Didn't Do

February 6, 2008

I was home sick today for the third day in a row. Since I didn't do much, I'll make a list of the things I didn't do:

Fly in a plane
Go to work
Star in a movie
See a human face to face (yet... I might order a pizza later)
Write a song
Drink champagne
Photograph an elephant
Wrestle an alligator
Take a nap in the afternoon

This list is not all inclusive.

I have a penguin calendar on my wall by my computer desk. Each week starts with Monday, and that always screws me up because I'm used to weeks starting with Sunday. Yesterday, I thought it was the 6th all day long.

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It's time for the RPM Challenge!

February 1, 2008

But I'm not doing it. tongue

My friend b-Man called me out last night for not posting to my blog for a month. So... Hello World!

I have two friends doing the RPM Challenge where you make an album during the month of February. My new friend from the November NaSoAlMo challenge, Rusting Willpower, and my blogging friend b-Man. There are over 1900 people/bands signed up to do it. Wowie!

It's kinda fun to listen to some of last year's music if you've got time to kill.

I still haven't recovered from making my NaSoAlMo album in November. But as a show of support for my RPM Challenge friends, I'm committing myself to writing and recording one song this month.

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