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Panda Express Online Menu

May 16, 2009

I'm thinking about going through the Panda Express drive through for supper tonight. I wanted to look at the menu before I go, so I can consider ordering something different than usual. Drive throughs aren't conducive to thoughtful consideration of menu items.

They must have hired some fancy animated graphics person who knows nothing about good Web design, though, because it's freaking annoying. I wanted one page where I can scan the entrees. What I got, is game-like. There are little bowls that move when you try to click them. Chasing them with the mouse gave me a headache.

I suppose the people who approved of this site don't actually need to USE the site. Screw Panda Express.

I'll still eat there because it's fast, and I like the food. But their Web site sucks a$$.

See for yourself and let me know what you think.

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Spam Attack!

May 10, 2009

I got hit by a spammer yesterday. He wasn't sending e-mails to me. He was using my domain as the "from" address on his e-mails, and I was getting all the bouncebacks from bad "to" addresses. Luckily, I have Mailwasher, where I can see the e-mails on the server before I download them and delete them before they go into my Outlook.

When it was happening, I could click "Get Mail" and it would add 10-20 e-mails to the list. A couple of seconds later, I'd click it again, and it would add another 10-20 e-mails. It was crazy. I ended up blocking the e-mails at the server after that, so I wouldn't have to deal with them in Mailwasher.

I had an aggravating exchange with tech support until someone who speaks English well finally took over my ticket. I'm not disparaging people who don't speak English well... I'm just saying it was a very frustrating conversation because I had no idea what the guy was saying. His responses didn't connect to my questions and concerns.

I also noticed a lot of referral spam in my Web stats. That's where a spammer makes it appear as if someone clicked on a link from their site to come to my site. That's supposed to make me say, "Oh look! Someone links to me!" and go to their site to see. Then they've got me on their site.

Sadly, most of the referrals in my stats now are spam, so the real referrals get lost in a long, long list.

The third kind of spam I've been aggravated with lately is Twitter spam. I said something about a RAV4 on Twitter yesterday, and shortly after, someone sent me a message to check out their site where I could watch video demos of RAV4 or something. So I blocked them. Not that they care. They already spammed me.

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Reasons people ask why

May 7, 2009

I didn't sleep much last night. Too many things going through my head that won't gel into something cohesive to allow me to get to a better place.

One thing I thought about is why people ask why, and why I get so defensive when they do. I think there are two reasons people ask why:

  1. They genuinely want to learn something.
  2. They want to gather evidence to mount their defense.

When someone asks me why I do something the way I do or why I'm telling them they need to change the way they do things, I tend to assume it's the second. A patient person would assume the first and go from there.

When people ask the second kind of why, I feel extremely disrespected. I'm not patient when I feel disrespected. They put me on the defensive instead of making me feel accepted.

I think if they said it differently... if they said, "Really? That's interesting. Why should it be done that way?" And then finish it with a reaction of appreciation for the new knowledge. But I can't control people, so that's just a nice dream. I just have to try to learn to not get defensive when I feel disrespected. Or get away from the people.

I'm tired.

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