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Just some stuff - LwB, Jobs, NaSoAlMo, Coffee Bean and Pomplamoose

September 30, 2009

A quick update for youz guyz:

  • When I muster up the energy to write, I usually write on the Lunch with Brian blog. Today, I wrote up the visit to Perry's Steakhouse we made earlier this month.
  • I've changed jobs again. I'm back to doing what I did around 2002... Java programming and general techie data type support. It's a lot less stressful, and I'm sleeping much better at night.
  • National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) is just a month away. I'm already getting excited about writing and recording another album!
  • I haven't been to Starbucks in a couple of weeks. *GASP!* It's because I started going to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I prefer Starbucks mochas, but the pastries and iced teas at Coffee Bean are far superior. Chocolate chip scones, chocolate croissants and Round Rock donuts plus teas like Japanese cherry, apple roiboos and 10 gallon black. Great way to start the morning!
  • A new favorite band is Pomplamoose. They do fun video songs on YouTube. Today's video includes a puppet playing the kick drum on Earth, Wind and Fire's September. They also have a fun cover of Beyonce's Single Ladies that's been making the rounds on the interwebs.
  • Next up? October!

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Geek humor, oh yeah

September 3, 2009

I had a laugh out loud moment at work today. Half of my coworkers (including me) have PCs and the other half, MACs. Outlook 2007 on the PC turns certain strings into symbols. For example, if you do colon close-parenthesis, it turns into a smiley face. If you do 1/2, it turns those three characters into a single character ½.

When we send an e-mail with characters like that to someone with a MAC, their e-mail client, Entourage, turns the symbol into something else. The smiley turns into the letter j.

Today, my supervisor sent an e-mail to everyone saying that approximately 1/2 of the people invited to a breakfast had accepted the invitation. The 1/2 turned into ½. But when it got to the MACs, it turned into π. Much geeky laughter ensued as the estimate went from approximately 1/2 of people invited to the breakfast accepted to approximately 3.14159265 etc. people accepted.

I love being a geek.

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