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Where's my iPhone?

June 24, 2010

I pre-ordered an iPhone 4 on June 15, day 1 of pre-orders. I had great difficulty ordering from the Apple site. After 25-30 tries, I went to the AT&T site and found success the first time I tried.

I got an order confirmation that day. Then, two days later, I got another order confirmation. I went to AT&T's order tracking page and it said I ordered on June 17. I figured it just took a couple of days to get it in the tracking system.

The phone was supposed to be delivered today. I took off work because I figured I'd need to sign for it. But when I look at the AT&T order tracking page, it still says "In Progress." No e-mail to tell me it's shipped. My credit card hasn't be charged. No sign that it's on it's way.

It's fine if demand was too large, and they can't get it to me today. But the complete lack of communication about the issue is maddening. Searching for news on the issue, I find others on an AT&T customer forum in the same boat. They've called AT&T customer service, and don't get answers or get rosey assurances that their phone will be delivered on time. AT&T has posted an assurance that those who ordered the first day will get their phones this week. Am I one of those people? I ordered the first day, but their system says I ordered the third day. Argh.

All I want to know... are there enough phones? Have they just not gotten to my order? Do they anticipate shipping it today, tomorrow, when?

I'm frustrated, not because I must have my iPhone NOW, but because of the lack of communication.

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