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My Generation and Blacktino

July 29, 2010

I drove by two filming locations today. One was "My Generation" being filmed at the Texas School for the Deaf. It's a new show that will be on ABC in the fall brought to you by the person who wrote/produced "The Unusuals", a favorite show that was canceled far too soon.

The other was a movie called Blacktino, a dark teen comedy due out next year.

Over the last year, I've driven by locations for the Coen brother's True Grit remake and Robert Rodriguez' Machete.

The only celebrity I've seen, though, is Danny Trejo stretched out on a gurney in an alley as I drove by Machete.

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Richard's Conservation

July 15, 2010

My coworker, Richard, is conservation minded. I'll give you an example. I found a typo on one of the web pages he manages. There was an extra word in the sentence. It started "There are a two ways to...." So I notified him. He asked if I had noticed a missing "a" anywhere else on the page because he wasn't sure what to do with it. He didn't want to delete it and waste a perfectly good letter. So we decided the best course of action was to cut and paste it into notepad to save for later when he needed an "a." In our current budget crisis, Richard is a hero for that kind of thinking.

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On Hold

July 6, 2010

I'm on hold. There's music. There's also a lady who breaks in every 40 seconds to say "We appreciate your patience. All of our agents are assisting other customers, but your call is very important to us. Please continue to hold for the next available agent. Your call will be answered in the order it was received."

Why do I need that repeated every 40 seconds? My short term memory isn't *that* bad. Plus, every time that voice breaks in, I think they're answering. Soon, I'll become immune and when they do answer, I won't realize it. Then they'll hang up on me. Waaah.

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Unconscious Mutterings

July 1, 2010

By special request from Boogaboo:

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Collectors :: Item

  2. Passion :: Fruit

  3. Winner :: Medal

  4. Uninhibited :: HEB Crazy Lady

  5. Challenge :: Contest

  6. Self :: Me

  7. Your :: Welcome (inside joke)

  8. Viewer :: Mail

  9. Random :: Playlist

  10. Vice :: Squad

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