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September 28, 2010

  • Our office was on lockdown for a while today because of the shooter at the University of Texas. I'm glad the casualties were at a minimum. I wonder if we'll ever have any idea what was going through the guy's mind.
  • One of the reactions in Texas is perplexing to me. It goes something like this: OMG! There was a guy with a gun on the U.T. campus. We need to pass a law so others can carry guns on the U.T. campus!! If you agree with that, no need to post about it here. You're not going to convince me.
  • At Schlotzsky's, the fountain drink machine has 106 flavors of coke products. All in one machine. There's a touch screen to pick your flavor.
  • I pick four college games each week in a football pool. The first two weeks, I went 4-0. The next week, I went 1-3. Last week, I went 0-4. I guess I needed some balance.
  • I hear a cicada.

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September 24, 2010

I think of stuff to write all the time. And then I don't write.

I think about getting sick or just old and wonder if there will be anyone to take care of me.

There's a drip in my chimney. I asked a roofer to fix it, but he couldn't see anything wrong, so he caulked something and didn't charge me. I was happy he didn't charge me. I still have a drip in my chimney. Someone at work offered to help, but didn't say when. Unless he brings it up again and offers a day and time to come, it won't happen. I'm not good with asking for help.

I feel helpless at work sometimes because I used to have the tools, know-how and access to fix problems. I got pushed out of that job. On my current project, my job entails relying on others to do the work and performing damage control. I'm not good at that.

For the most part, I don't identify with Christina on Grey's Anatomy. But sometimes, when she lets us below the surface, she says things that I would say if only I knew how to say them. I think I might be like her, just not as ambitious and not as blunt.

I've been told that my cover of Squeeze's "This Summer" was played as part of the walk-in music to a Chris Difford show. I've also been told my "One Way" album was played as walk-in music at the Paramount Theater when Jon Anderson played this month. Pretty cool.

I don't like shows with laugh tracks (Big Bang Theory). I also don't like shows that have a fake documentary style (My Generation). I do like that new show, The Event. So far.

That's all for now.

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