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October 3, 2010

  • I spent the afternoon recording a vocal for a 24 minute song. I got about 66% of it done. The place where I left off is a high singing part and my voice got tired. I'll rest my chords and try again another day.
  • If the Houston Texans had won by less than 3 today, I would have won a little bit of dough. I would have won a little bit of dough if they had lost, too, but I didn't want them to lose.
  • I've started using reading glasses. I know now why people wear glasses at the tip of their nose. I love my tip-of-the-nose glasses. They make me feel wise. And they make the display on my iPhone so crisp I can almost feel the edges of the icons.
  • Today would be my Mom's 79th birthday. She's been gone 15 years. I might have those numbers wrong. In any case... Happy Birthday, Mom.

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October 2, 2010

  • I won a $50 gift card in a Dallas Morning News drawing. I'll probably use it for groceries. I haven't been grocery shopping in weeks.
  • Lately at work, I've been doing more phone support than I used to. It entails working on the computer while talking on the phone. I asked for a headset for my phone, so I could have both hands free. The cost to state taxpayers was going to be $66. Amazon.com has a headset for $20, so I opted to spend the money myself instead of asking the state to pay for it. The $66 headset is the only headset the state could buy because of a contract. This is where government contracting goes wrong. If the $20 headset I buy is a piece of crap, I'll take that statement back. Not all government contracts are like this. The state can get some software titles for less. So, anyway, Texas... I saved you $46.
  • Speaking of Texas... The Texas/OU game I'm watching is painful. There's just one quarter left to turn it around. Hook 'em!
  • I've been practicing a vocal for a 24 minute prog rock song. I'll start recording it tomorrow. I like it!

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