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Post Christmas Stuff

December 26, 2010

I had a great Christmas with my family over the last few days. While I was gone, I played my iPod for my cats. It played 793 songs and the song that was playing when I walked in the door was The Partridge Family's "Point Me In The Direction of Albuquerque."

Last night, we played Beatles Rock Band. I did drums, guitar and vocals (not at the same time). I'm pretty good with the drums, but I wish you could flip a switch so it didn't make you do the bass drum. I can't find a comfortable position where my foot can rest on the pedal. I suck at guitar, but it's fun sometimes when the timing and sequence of the buttons you push goes along so well with the music that it feels like you're really playing. I'm best with vocals.

We also played Kinect sports. I want that, but I'm afraid I'd pay for it and then not play it enough to justify the expense. It's a great workout. Boxing and bowling are fun. I like the mini games where it does a twist on the real game. For example, there's a bowling mini game where you get a set amount of time and you can bowl as many balls as possible with both hands. Every time you knock all the pins down, it immediately sets them up again. I was really good at that one. I also liked a volleyball mini game where the computer opponents lob fruit at you and you have to hit the fruit. They also lob bombs at you, and you have to dodge them.

On the way there and back, I listened to a backlog of "You Look Nice Today" podcasts. Those guys make me laugh out loud. One of them is Merlin Mann who is also famous for 43 Folders and a method for managing e-mail. He has a great vocabulary and comes up with the most obscure references at times. I highly recommend that podcast, but mostly if you're a guy. A lot of it is guy humor.

Biggest stocking stuffer hit: The kids in the family (young and old) found great joy with a slime-like substance called Flarp that you squish around in its container to make a farty noise.

I've got some days off work this coming week, so I hope to make them productive. I want to finish off as many of my new year resolutions from this year, roll over the unfinished ones, and think of some more for next year. One of the current resolutions is to leave a mix CD with my song "Valentino's" at Valentino's for someone random to pick up.

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It's Here! Pancake Bellyache

December 12, 2010

My NaSoAlMo album is up: Pancake Bellyache.

There's nothing groundbreaking in it. And by that I mean there probably won't be any surprises. I didn't stretch myself with the music. It's pretty much all folk rock chick stuff except for Jargon which is mostly my Korg keyboard laying down the beats. Serenity Hymn is churchy sounding music.

I didn't write any angry songs this year. I guess I'm pretty content with life right now.

Whatevs. Enjoy!

Pancake Bellyache

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NaSoAlMo 2010 Day 30

December 1, 2010

I was up until 11:30 last night, the last hour of NaSoAlMo, tweaking. I fixed a few things that were bothering me. I made MP3s of all the songs, and I'm going to put them in a folder to "freeze" them as the official NaSoAlMo versions of the songs.

I'm not posting any of the songs yet because I still hear some things I want to fix in a few of the songs. And I'm tired. Maybe this weekend I'll have something ready for public consumption.

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