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October 3, 2010

  • I spent the afternoon recording a vocal for a 24 minute song. I got about 66% of it done. The place where I left off is a high singing part and my voice got tired. I'll rest my chords and try again another day.
  • If the Houston Texans had won by less than 3 today, I would have won a little bit of dough. I would have won a little bit of dough if they had lost, too, but I didn't want them to lose.
  • I've started using reading glasses. I know now why people wear glasses at the tip of their nose. I love my tip-of-the-nose glasses. They make me feel wise. And they make the display on my iPhone so crisp I can almost feel the edges of the icons.
  • Today would be my Mom's 79th birthday. She's been gone 15 years. I might have those numbers wrong. In any case... Happy Birthday, Mom.

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Ten Things I Like About Me

August 17, 2007

My friend Sundry over at Any Given Sundry tagged me to do this list. It's the ol' "Ten Things I Like About Myself" list. Luckily, I'd already thought of ten during a "fix my self-esteem" phase earlier this year. So here goes:

1. My choices are my own
When I buy clothing, it�s because I like it, not because it�s in fashion. That�s true for everything I buy. When I�m making a decision about something, I listen to advice, but I don�t feel pressure to follow the advice even if I asked for it. I do things because I believe they�re right for me, not because someone else thinks so.

2. My naturally wavy hair
It took many years to realize I have wonderful natural waves that can be brought out with the right haircut. I�m glad I finally figured it out. The morning routine is shorter since I don�t have to spend time styling it (much).

3. No pressure on others
I like that I don�t try to pressure or guilt or nag people into doing things they might not want to do.

4. My voice
I like my speaking and singing voice. I can sound real sultry sometimes. One time, I sang �Your Song� by Elton John in a really low key for friends. I thought the key was too low for me, but they said it wasn�t. One said, �It sounded all sultry and sh*t.� heh

5. Focus
I like that I have the ability to focus on a task no matter how mundane. In fact, the more mundane, the easier it is for me to focus. Programming, html coding, fixing the ID3 tags in MP3s, ironing, whatever� I can focus!

6. I'm not terribly competitive
I like that I don�t take joy in beating people at things or acting superior. I�m a very gracious loser and winner. I don�t even like to talk trash about my favorite sports teams being better than someone else�s. MAC vs. PC? Who cares? Use the system you like best and have a blast!

7. I can entertain myself
I *rarely* get bored when I�m by myself. I can spend hours and hours alone and never get bored. There are books and the internet and music and TV and cleaning house and napping and cooking and walking around the neighborhood and driving to a coffee shop and shopping and ... and ... and ....

8. I can type pretty fast
When I was in junior high (if not earlier), I got a used typing book (the ones that are really tall and bound at the top), and taught myself to type. I helped my mom with her home business typing addresses on envelopes, labels and pre-printed letters for direct mail advertisers. That�s how it was done before computers. My mom had a couple of those IBM typewriters with the ball that you could switch out if you wanted a different typeface. I think the ball was called the �element.� Anyway, I got so I could type pretty fast. I took a 3 minute typing test a while back, and the result was 86 WPM with 99% accuracy.

9. I have a sense of wonder about ordinary things
I notice things that make me take pause and fill me with wonder quite a bit. Things like:

* a full moon
* a cardinal on a wire
* an airplane flying overhead
* sunflowers
* Venus and Jupiter
* the sound of a train

10. I can put the 5 gallon Ozarka bottle on the dispenser

I like that I can pick up, pour and place that big old bottle on the dispenser without spilling it. It�s a lot easier now that I�ve been going to Curves, too. A 5 gallon bottle of water weighs over 41 pounds!

I don't want to tag anyone. See item #3 above. If you have a blog, and feel like doing it, though, I'd love to read your list. smile

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