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Last day of 2009

December 31, 2008

On this, the last day of 2009, I made two trips to the vet and two trips to the pet store. My pets have become high maintenance.

I took Orion to the vet because his stomatitis is back. That's really, really bad mouth sores. Poor little guy... his mouth bleeds, and he never complains. Internet research told me that I might have to get all his teeth pulled behind his fangs, but the vet said we can try to manage it with antibiotics and steroids.

I took Ripley back for a followup after his urinary blockage last week. I just wanted some peace of mind before the holiday tomorrow by having the vet do a look and feel. I've been hypersensitive about him. All he has to do is make a small noise, and I freak out that he's having more problems.

I decided to put them both in boarding this coming weekend while I go celebrate a late Christmas with my family. Orion can only eat soft food and is on meds. Ripley just needs someone to make sure he's going to the bathroom and take care of him quickly if he's not.

The pet store visits were for Mini Jumbones for Lily and another cat carrier. Kennels and carriers are 20% off at Petsmart right now. I already knew the Petsmart I usually go to didn't have the Jumbones, so I went to a different one. The different one had the Jumbones, but not the carrier I wanted. So I bought the Jumbones there and went back to the other one for the carrier.

Now I'm settling in and watching some football. Tonight I'm rooting for Pittsburgh, Vandy, Kansas and LSU. Or as my friend, Crabapple Lane Rob would say, "Geaux Tigers!"

Happy New Year, y'all!

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Mr. Ripley is back home

December 24, 2008

Mr. Ripley Stickertail is back home to celebrate Christmas with me and Orion. Lily's at boarding because I had to pay for it whether she went or not due to high demand over the holiday, and she likes it there. So the cats and I are having some quality time together.

Here's one of the first things Rip did when he got home. Eat!

Ripley eating

He kept going under the bed like he was going to hide for a while (who could blame him!), but then he'd come back out shortly after. It wasn't long after the following picture that he started biting at his red bandage of courage letting me know it was time to remove it.

Ripley lounging around on the floor

Messrs. Ripley and Orion will be changing to prescription food over the next week or so. Something that will help Mr. Ripley's bladder stay unblocked. I'm sure they'll adjust fine. They've never passed up a meal since they adopted me and Lily.

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My cat has a bladder infection

December 22, 2008

Ripley has a bladder infection. The last time he had one, I didn't realize it until he woke me up one morning crying in severe pain. He had been licking himself periodically, but I didn't think anything of it. I think he almost died because of it. Now I know the early signs.

So I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow. I'm sure the vet will give me medicine to give him. So now comes the stressful part. I'm supposed to go to Houston for Christmas. I can't give my cat medicine and go to Houston at the same time. If the medicine is once a day, I can go for an overnight visit and be back in time for the next dose. If it's twice a day, I'm in a pickle.

I'll know more tomorrow.

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Simon's Cat

October 1, 2008

Hi. Here's a video. If you like cats, you gotta watch it. Really.

Simon's Cat "TV Dinner"

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Orion and my blog

September 9, 2008

  • Orion had to spend the day at the vet today. He developed stomatitis (mouth ulcers) again. This time it was pretty bad. Poor kitty never complains, so I didn't realize he was hurting. He was just as much a snuggle bunny as ever. It must have hurt a whole lot because he had stopped eating the crunchy food which was hard for me to tell since there are two cats eating from the same bowl. When I figured that out last night, I fixed him a small bowl of wet food. He slurped it down in record speed! He'd lost two pounds. That's a lot for a little guy. Anyway... he's home now, and I fed him some more of the good soft food. I have to give him medicine for the next three weeks.
  • Robert Doyal: Experienced Web Professional shamed me into redoing the coding on my blog. The layout is now full CSS instead of a table. I still have some problems to work out, the worst of which is that the right column hangs out below everything else in IE6. Since I can't have IE6 and IE7 on my computer at the same time, I'm out of luck trying to fix it and have realtime feedback. If you see any problems, please contact me. I'm sure little things are broken here and there. I think it loads a lot quicker, though. smile

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I support the writers

December 3, 2007

I made a video in response to the "Sorry, Internet" video seen here:

My response - my Orion, Ripley and Lily not being cute:

Sundry and Dodger did it before me!

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Lily's Lump and Orion's Blood

April 20, 2007

I took Lily to the vet today. She had a lump on her lip about 1/3 inch in diameter. It just showed up this week. While at the vet, we noticed her gums were inflamed and rough. So they cut off the lump and took a biopsy of her gums. The lump and biopsy will be sent off to a lab for testing. I'll get the test results late next week.

The vet also looked down her throat because I had noticed her bark's been sounding funny. Her tonsils are inflamed and her windpipe below her larynx is ulcerous. The vet doesn't know what's going on. If antibiotics don't clear it up, the vet wants to give her a shot of steroids.

On top of that, Orion goes to the vet tomorrow to have bloodwork. When I took him 3-4 months ago, the vet found something she was concerned about. Not concerned enough to treat it, but concerned enough for me to bring him in again. I'll get those results next week, too.

I'm too numb from other things in my life to feel the worry. I do hope everything turns out okay, though. I love my babies so much.

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Lily's Got Fat and Antibiotics

March 31, 2007

Lily on the bedThe lump on Lily's chest is just a chunk of fat. Nothing to worry about. The vet didn't know what to say about her bark sounding raspy. Lily wouldn't bark so she could hear or even let her look in her mouth. The vet gave me some antibiotics thinking that it might be an infection. If that doesn't clear it up, I'll take her back.

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Vet Appointment Tomorrow

March 30, 2007

I'm taking Lily to the vet tomorrow. She's had a squishy lump on her chest ever since I got her. I have a ghost of a memory that the vet checked it once and told me not to worry about it unless it changed size or shape. But now I'm second guessing my memory. Maybe I never had the vet look at it.

She is also barking funny. She usually has a strong deep bark, but now it's weak and raspy. I don't know how they'll check that. She doesn't bark often, and I can't make her bark. Plus, she won't sit still for them to look down her throat. She is extremely nervous and wiggly at the vet's office.

I hope it's nothing.

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Cedar Waxwings Get Drunk and Dead

March 6, 2007

Last week, I got pooped on by a Cedar Waxwing. There were a whole slew of them up in a tree going crazy for some red berries (what I call Barbie Tomatoes). I was stupid to walk under the tree, but whatever. *Poop*

This week, about 50 Cedar Waxwings were found dead a little north of downtown Austin. Apparently, they ate a bunch of Barbie Tomatoes that were fermented. They got drunk and forgot how to keep warm when the temperature dropped (i.e., puff up their feathers and sit in a tree).

Then today, when I got back to work from lunch, there were a whole bunch of them pooping all over the picnic tables behind my building. They were pooping like I've never seen birds poop before!!!!

Watch out for the Cedar Waxwings.

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Sleeping Kitty Cats

June 21, 2006

Ripley curled up in the paper bin under my printer. PK got comfortable on the grill.

Ripley Sleeping

PK on her back on the grill

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Ripley Cat

May 23, 2006

Ripley on the couch

The new family member, Ripley. smile

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Spring Break Experiment

March 17, 2006

This week being Spring Break, the doggy play day place where I take LilyDawg on workdays was full with boarding dogs, so they weren't having play day. Usually they let Lily come play anyway since she's a regular, but I decided to conduct an experiment. I took long lunches every day to come home and walk her. Here's what I learned:

  • Lily did great! She was home from 4-5 hours in the morning and from 5-6 hours in the afternoon. I haven't found any "accidents." happy
  • I didn't do so great. frown Not that I had any "accidents." I really hated having the commitment of coming home. I crave flexibility, and lunch time wasn't flexible this week.
  • Every day, I had something that "crowded" my lunchtime. I was taking lunch from 11:00 to 1:00. Monday, I had a presentation at 1:00, and I needed to be back at 12:30 to prepare causing me to really rush home and rush back. Tuesday at 11:00 leaving time, I was doing research for a possible purchase that needed to be done *that* day and ASAP. Wednesday at 11:00, I was deep into programming some php magic on a new html form and didn't want to stop. Thursday, I had a meeting from 10:00 - 11:00 and was scheduled to have another "brief" meeting afterward. Luckily, it didn't happen, but the anticipation of it stressed me out. Conclusion: A long 11:00 - 1:00 lunch sounds like it would relieve stress, but it just causes more.
  • Lily met me at the door with kisses both times I came home each day (lunch and after work). She never does that when I come home from the store or some other small excursion. Nor when I pick her up at day care.
  • I'll be glad to have her back in day care next week. I think she'll be happy to see her doggy friends, too. Especially Ramrod the Beagle. smile

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The Kitties on my Porch

January 1, 2006


These are the kitties that live on my porch. The guy on the other side of my duplex takes care of them. I call the one in the back P.K. She's the first one who came to live here. The neighbor was trying to get her to come in his house, but she wants to stay outside mostly.

The other little cat started coming around trying to eat P.K.'s food. The neighbor tried to drive her off, but it didn't work. Now he feeds her, too. I haven't decided on a name for her, yet. Sometimes I call her Skittles or Snickers. I also thought about naming her Jennifer Grey and calling her "Baby" from Dirty Dancing.

Baby likes to go walking with us when Lily takes me for a walk. When we get to the post office, she likes to climb up in the trees. It's really fun. smile

It's nice to have babies on my porch. smile

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