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Two Blue Trucks

November 25, 2007

These pictures of blue trucks were made possible by the new little camera I bought to keep in my purse. The first is a puzzle.

I noticed something odd about the following truck (not the license plate... I blanked that out myself). Do you see what's odd?


The owner of the next truck thinks his truck needs two parking spaces.

Truck straddling the line between two parking spaces

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April 21, 2007

Another picture from my friend Rich's trip to Malaysia.

Sign that says Kimpretty

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Kim Novak Music School

April 21, 2007

My friend Rich went to Malaysia recently. He took this picture of a music school named after me:

Kim Novak Music School

It's not really named after me, of course. I'm not even on the map in Malaysia.

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Phoenix in Phebruary (aka Foenix in February)

February 26, 2007

Last week, I declared I didn't have time for writing stuff here anymore. Then I found some time. Then I found I had something to show you. I went to Phoenix for a weekend early this month and took pictures. Included are two memorials at the state capitol added since I was there last, a pyramid shaped tomb containing a multi-term governor, and some hiking pictures from Piestewa (Squaw) Peak. Enjoy!

Phoenix in February, 2007

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Saints Fans, Protestors and the Intel Implosion

February 26, 2007

Shoal Creek Saloon with Saints Helmet on top
This one's for Rob. Shoal Creek Saloon is on the edge of downtown Austin. I've never been there (yet), but they appear to be Saints fans. That helmet has been up there ever since I can remember, so they haven't just jumped on the post-Katrina Saints bandwagon.
War protesters in front of the Texas state capitol
War protestors are not an uncommon sight around the Texas Capitol these days.
Collapsed building shell
Yesterday, an eyesore that's marred Austin's downtown area since the tech bust was imploded to make way for a federal courthouse.
Here's a bigger photo.
Here's what it used to look like.
For even more implosion fun, watch the implosion videos from the Austin American Statesman (scroll down on the left).

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Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

August 24, 2006

I discovered a new FREE script to make photo galleries. If you know a little PHP, you can completely customize the look of it. See Easy Image Photo Gallery (the free version did everything I needed). I customized it to make it look exactly like my other photo galleries. I used the script on my latest sets of pictures:

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Pennsylvania State Capitol

July 23, 2006

I snuck up north for a weekend not too long ago and saw 3 state capitols in two days. Here's the first:

Harrisburg, PA

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