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Where's my iPhone?

June 24, 2010

I pre-ordered an iPhone 4 on June 15, day 1 of pre-orders. I had great difficulty ordering from the Apple site. After 25-30 tries, I went to the AT&T site and found success the first time I tried.

I got an order confirmation that day. Then, two days later, I got another order confirmation. I went to AT&T's order tracking page and it said I ordered on June 17. I figured it just took a couple of days to get it in the tracking system.

The phone was supposed to be delivered today. I took off work because I figured I'd need to sign for it. But when I look at the AT&T order tracking page, it still says "In Progress." No e-mail to tell me it's shipped. My credit card hasn't be charged. No sign that it's on it's way.

It's fine if demand was too large, and they can't get it to me today. But the complete lack of communication about the issue is maddening. Searching for news on the issue, I find others on an AT&T customer forum in the same boat. They've called AT&T customer service, and don't get answers or get rosey assurances that their phone will be delivered on time. AT&T has posted an assurance that those who ordered the first day will get their phones this week. Am I one of those people? I ordered the first day, but their system says I ordered the third day. Argh.

All I want to know... are there enough phones? Have they just not gotten to my order? Do they anticipate shipping it today, tomorrow, when?

I'm frustrated, not because I must have my iPhone NOW, but because of the lack of communication.

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Geek humor, oh yeah

September 3, 2009

I had a laugh out loud moment at work today. Half of my coworkers (including me) have PCs and the other half, MACs. Outlook 2007 on the PC turns certain strings into symbols. For example, if you do colon close-parenthesis, it turns into a smiley face. If you do 1/2, it turns those three characters into a single character ½.

When we send an e-mail with characters like that to someone with a MAC, their e-mail client, Entourage, turns the symbol into something else. The smiley turns into the letter j.

Today, my supervisor sent an e-mail to everyone saying that approximately 1/2 of the people invited to a breakfast had accepted the invitation. The 1/2 turned into ½. But when it got to the MACs, it turned into π. Much geeky laughter ensued as the estimate went from approximately 1/2 of people invited to the breakfast accepted to approximately 3.14159265 etc. people accepted.

I love being a geek.

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Twitter Frustrations and John Larroquette

June 11, 2009

I enjoy Twitter. Lately, I've started following some celebrities which is VERY cool because it feels like I'm hanging out with them in a way. I can't really put it into words. I'm following Ellen Degeneres, Lisa Loeb, Kal Penn, Rob Thomas (from Matchbox 20), Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe from 24), John Larroquette and some of the American Idol contestants. The AI contestants are fun because they're tweeting about rehearsals for their upcoming tour.

One of my frustrations with Twitter is that sometimes I don't check it but once a day. At that point, I have hundreds of tweets to wade through. But wait... that's not the frustration. The frustration is, they're in reverse order. It wears me out to scroll through several pages of tweets to find where I left off and then start going back the other way. I wonder how hard it is for blind people who have to read one and then backtrack to read the next, etc. Or maybe I'm just weird and everyone else is happy reading them backwards.

Today, John Larroquette did something that made me very happy. He tweeted a quote that was too long for one tweet. He tweeted it in reverse so it showed up in order:

Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself or from holding certain views which others find inadmissable.

Thank you, John Larroquette. The first Twitter client to solve the reverse order annoyance is my new favorite client.

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Copy Machine Blues

August 26, 2006

Back in college, I worked in an office. I knew how to work the copy machine. It wasn't that hard, and I didn't understand why some people just couldn't get it. About every other time they had to make some copies, it would get all screwed up.

Yesterday, I had to make copies of two sets of things. One had two pages and the other four pages. I tried to copy the smaller set first. When the second page went in, I experienced a paper jam. I could only see one that was jammed, so I took it out and tried to convince the new-fangled menu system that I had indeed cleared the jam. It took me several minutes to find the second sheet jammed in there. Once that was cleared, I had to go through the menu system to assure it I was ready to continue copying. At that point, it told me it was out of paper.

Once the second set was copied (with what I thought were no problems), I tried to piece all the papers together. Just like the dryer eats one sock each time, the copier seemed to have eaten one original page. I remembered throwing an extra copy in the recycle bin, so I suspected it was really a good original. I rooted around in there, but couldn't find that paper that I had just thrown in there. I finally found it by bending down and sticking my head and shoulders into the bin--it had wormed its way down under six or seven other sheets of paper. Sadly, it really was an extra un-needed copy. tongue

At this point, I could hear Carolyn on the other side of the cubicle wall, giggling at my efforts.

After a minute or two of obsessively-compulsively reviewing all the papers I had in hand to see if I might have just *missed* that one copy, I decided to make the copy again the old-fashioned way: open the top and place the paper on the glass (instead of feeding it through the jam prone sheet feeder). There was the missing paper, sitting on the glass.

I guess now I'm the idiot. Copying shouldn't be this hard. smile

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