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Quisp is for kids

May 8, 2011

I'm becoming quite the homemaker. For supper, I've started cooking instead of eating out every night (thanks to e-mealz.com meal plans). For breakfast, I've started brewing my own tea and making my own scones instead of going to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf every morning.

I just turned 47. It's taken me this many years to feel like cooking for myself isn't "playing grownup." Does that mean I've finally grown up? I wouldn't go that far.

I found Quisp cereal on clearance at Target this weekend. I didn't know they still made Quisp. It still has the same little alien on the box. I bought a box.

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Did you see Quake, too? smile I haven't seen either in the stores in many years. I used to love them both. I still buy cereal. I love Sugar Pops, Corn Pops, Pops, whatever they're calling them now.

It's not just resistance to being all grown up, it's not easy to cook for just one or even two without committing yourself to overeating or days of leftovers.

haha, quisp. now i'm reminded of saturday morning cartoons. where did all the good ones go?

i have my bowl of boring ol' raisin bran every morning for, um, digestive reasons, but i also have a box of cap'n crunch for fun. something i've never been able to give up!

glad to see your post! happy belated birthday, kim.

So are you still cooking? I love playing with my food even if it's just adding a garnish or an unexpected herb to my dinner.

@Rob - No Quake. But the Quisp was just the same as I remembered.

@k-sue - Cap'n Crunch is another favorite of mine. I like Raisin Bran, too. Not too bad for something that's good for the digestion.

@mike - I'm still cooking except for the scones. The plan was to only eat one each morning, but I would eat more than that, so I decided I shouldn't have them around. I enjoy reading Mike Cooks. smile