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Get Motivated

November 28, 2011 | Comments

I went to a Get Motivated seminar featuring Howard Putnam (SW Airlines), Colin Powell, Mary Lou Retton, Bill Cosby and Lou Holtz. General Stanley McChrystal and Rudy Giuliani were there, too, but I missed seeing them because of lunch and leaving a little early to beat the traffic.

The famous speakers were fun to watch, but they had short presentations sandwiched between long sales pitches from financial advisors. The sales pitches were only marginally painful because of the time waste, but there were no hard sell tactics.

Colin Powell was impressive... he talked about leadership and the value of people and compromise.

Mary Lou Retton's main point was "Don't let anyone try to limit you." Doctors told her she would not be able to compete in the Olympics because of knee surgery, yet six weeks later I watched her stick her landing on the vault to win gold.

Lou Holtz was hilarious. When he was a kid, he told his mom he wanted to be a garbage collector. When his mom asked why, he said, "Because they only have to work on Tuesdays."

Bill Cosby was classic Cosby. He copped his advice from James Brown, saying that if you have an idea, "Get Up!" and "Do It!" He also advised that if you don't have any ideas, go talk to people who smoke dope. They have the best ideas.

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