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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 1

November 1, 2011 | Comments

My plan was to come home from work, do the supper thing, and sit down at the keyboard to write a song. During the supper thing, the fence guy called to say his crew would come tomorrow evening to put up my new fence. I had prep work to do (raking and removing the temporary fence), so instead of sitting down at the keyboard right away, I raked the leaves at the fence line into piles. I also saw one of the neighbors and told him the fence would be replaced tomorrow so he would know to keep his dogs in. Tomorrow, I'll remove the temporary fence.

Then I sat down at the keyboard. The first thing I played didn't turn into anything. But then I played an Am, G, Bflat6, F and C progression. That turned into the sketch of something. I'm not feeling it, though. Probably because I'm giving myself permission not to finish. It's hard to push when you haven't committed. I'll work on it some more tomorrow.

Something I Got In The Mail

TxTag starter kit - Now I can bypass toll booths! They've hired an Xbox avatar to promote these things:

TxTag Dude

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