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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 10

November 10, 2011 | Comments

I'm starting to feel burnt out with the songwriting/recording. It's evening, and I haven't recorded anything today. I went on an adventure to Blanco, Texas, though. I had lunch at Zocalo (recommended!). I also went to Blanco State Park, walked around, and sat at a picnic table by the Blanco River and listened to music and jotted down whatever came to mind in my songwriting notebook. I also found a wildlife viewing area where you sit behind glass (or probably plastic) and watch birds and squirrels. I saw a few cardinals, both male and female, and other birds I'm not able to name. The cardinals made my day. There were ducks on the river, too.

I think most of the reason I feel burnt out is because I'm suffering from allergies. This week has been a bummer with two days of headache and now two days of allergies. Tomorrow doesn't look to be better because the mold count is going to be the same.

I think I'm going to abandon music for the rest of the evening, and start back on it tomorrow. I have a vocal and possibly some instruments to record plus another 1-2 songs to write.

Some Things I Saw Today

Rest Stop on Devil's Backbone on the way to Blanco

Blanco Trip - Devil's Backbone

Zocalo Eclectic Cafe on Pecan Street in Blanco, Texas

Zocalo Eclectic Cafe

One of the dams on the Blanco River

Blanco Trip - Dam on Blanco River

Rope Swing - I did not swing on the rope swing

Blanco Trip - Rope Swing on the Blanco River

Slide - I did slide down the slide

Blanco Trip - Slide

My notebook on the picnic table by the river

Blanco Trip - Notebook, Picnic Table and River

Me with my hat, sunglasses and headphones

Blanco Trip - Me

In the wildlife watching area

Blanco Trip - Wildlife Watching Area


Blanco Trip - Cardinal

The ducks didn't seem too worried about me walking around them


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