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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 11

November 11, 2011 | Comments

I loved today. I always make a wish when I see that it's 11:11, but today I set an alarm for 11:11 a.m. because it's 11/11/11. I made several wishes.

One of my wishes was to have the discipline to stick to the Primal Blueprint paleo program for life. I mentioned before that this isn't about losing weight as much as it's about feeling good and staying healthy. Even so, I broke down and weighed today. I've lost 20-25 pounds since Sept. 20. That was such good news. I don't want to weigh again until Jan. 1.

Feeling good about that, I sat down with my notebook to look over what I'd jotted down at Blanco State Park yesterday. I put some of the words together in what could constitute verses, but I realized I needed the musical framework to put the words into. So I picked up my guitar, my regular capo and my spider capo to ring out some chords.

I put the capo on the first fret (this raises the key up a half step and I find it easier to press down on the strings). I put the spider capo on the 4th fret but only pressing the first and last strings down to make an almost G# chord. The spider capo makes it so I can play real chords using fewer fingers and sometimes chords that I couldn't otherwise play. I figured out which strings to touch to make cool sounding chords, and it wasn't long before I had some simple chords in 6/8 time (my favorite!).

Once I had the framework, the words poured right in. I had 5 verses in no time and needed one more. At some point, I was playing and singing through the verses and a short, repetitive chorus blurted out "I wonder, what went wrong." It was another one of those times I thought it was a placeholder lyric, but it ended up sticking.

I worked a long time to write a 6th verse. At any one time, I had 3 of the 4 lines written, but then I would erase one and add another and erase one of the others and add another. Then I would get up and do something else and come back to it. But I couldn't get it right and realized I was writing one of those "this is the moral of the story" verses. I didn't want to spell out the moral of the story, so that's when I decided to make it an instrumental verse and be done. And I was done! And it's my favorite song of this year. And it could possibly be 5:00 long which means all I have to do is pick a 4:35 minute cover song to record and the NaSoAlMo plan will be in the can.

I still have a lot of recording and mix-mastering to do, but with all the songs written, I feel a great relief. I gave myself permission not to finish, but I'm going to finish anyway. Yay!

Something I Saw Today

Creepy Mailbox Decoration

Creepy Mailbox Decoration

Definitely looking forward to hearing this one smile

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