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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 12

November 12, 2011 | Comments

Today was a chore. I recorded vocals and guitar for "On the Strength of Hope" which has drums, bass and electric guitar. It got better as the day went on, but I only deem it a tolerable song. Ugh.

Recording it was like when you're reading a book and you don't like it, but you think you should press on because you've already invested quite a bit of time hoping it will get better. I'm pretty good about quitting a book like that because life is too short, but if I quit this song, I'd have to write another one to take its place. Plus, I thought maybe I could learn something if I kept trying to make it better. Maybe I did learn, but that will only become apparent later.

One problem with the song was the chorus was poorly sung. When I recorded it, I only had drum and bass to go by and it sounded on key, but weak. Then I added electric guitar strums and realized the vocal wasn't weak, it was sharp. A retake on the vocal fixed it.

I haven't done a final mix yet. I thought I would let it sit overnight (or several nights). Sometimes things sound better later.

Something I Bought Today

RSVP Endurance 15" Splatter Screen

I was making my Americanized Big British Breakfast this morning, and a piece of egg splattered out of the pan and hit my face just a half inch under my eye. I have a burnt spot there. I'm grateful it didn't go in my eye.

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