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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 18

November 18, 2011 | Comments

No slacking tonight. I re-recorded some guitar on "Bright Eyes (Disenchanted)" and added bass. I went through all the songs I've recorded and tweaked the mixes and masters. I have pretty good final or almost final tracks for those now. There may be a little more tweaking to do after I work on other songs and come back to them. I even like the song I didn't like before--On the Strength of Hope.

I feel like I'm so close to coming down with a full blown cold with sore throat. I should do NaSoAlMo in one of the summer months, before cold and allergy season starts. I drank a hot toddie tonight (hot water, honey, lemon and Irish whiskey). That usually helps, but not tonight. It tasted good, though.

Tomorrow I need to record the last song I wrote called What Went Wrong. I also need to pick a cover song and start practicing it.

Something I'm Irritated About

I got two e-mails recently about class action lawsuits in which I'm a party. Both of them make me sick.

The first is a suit against Apple for people who received an iTunes gift card that said "songs are 99 cents" and used it expecting all songs to be 99 cents, even $1.29 songs. The settlement will provide me with $3.25 credit to the iTunes store. It will provide the attorneys a couple of million dollars.

The second suit is hard to decipher, but it has something to do with Netflix and Walmart making an agreement that Netflix wouldn't sell new DVDs and Walmart wouldn't rent DVDs online. I'm subject to the Netflix part of the suit and Netflix is not settling, so I don't know what could be awarded. I hope Netflix wins. Walmart is settling out of court to pay $27 million in cash and gift cards. Walmart could also pay the attorneys around 25% of that amount and the class representatives would get $5,000 each (up to $80,000).

The attorneys are making a killing and guess who is really paying for this. We are... the customers.

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