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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 2

November 2, 2011 | Comments

  • I was up at 9:30 and cooked an Americanized (American bacon and sausage), paleo (no bread, no beans) full English breakfast. Not as good as they make at Full English Cafe, but a damn fine meal to start the day.

  • Then I showered and took down the temporary fence and raked leaves in anticipation of the fence guys (who got delayed and aren't coming until tomorrow).

  • Not wanting to seem too eager to get more work done on music, I played iPhone games (Words with Friends, Scrabble, Hanging with Friends, Tiny Tower).

  • Just after noon, I sat down at the keyboard and worked out a bridge for the song I started last night and adjusted some of the other chord progessions.

  • Then I checked e-mealz.com for next week's menu. Nothing sparked my interest, so I'm winging the menu next week.

  • At 1:30, I took Orion to the vet for an overgrown claw. It turned into a full exam because the vet is always worried about his Feline Leukemia. They clipped all his nails, took blood and then took an awfully long time to figure up my bill. The blood work package I decided on apparently isn't available anymore. 'Corporate' discontinued it without telling them and they couldn't enter it into the computer. So we finally settled on a different package and in all the confusion, they forgot to charge me the $53 for the exam. Deal!

  • Back at home, I took my new pooper scooper rake and dustpan-on-a-stick outside to pick up poop in anticipation of the fence guys. I didn't think it would be that easy to use, but it really made picking up the poop a breeze.

  • It was almost 3:00, so I heated up some Primal Chili and cut up an avocado and squirted it with lime juice. Yum!

  • Again, not wanting to seem too eager to get back to the music, I worked on my music web site. That project is going well.

  • Then I got back to the music. I spent a couple of hours recording the piano part to the song I started last night. At 7:15, I had the track done and on my iPod. Now I can listen to it tomorrow and hope some lyrics seep out of it.

  • Now I'm writing this and not wanting to do any more music tonight. I'm in true "productive procrastination" mode--I want to clean house.

Something I Cooked Today

Americanized Full English Breakfast

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