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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 20

November 20, 2011 | Comments

Last night I searched traditional folk songs for a song to record for my album. I wanted something I can offer for free download without worrying about licensing. I settled on "Kimmage" or "Three Lovely Lassies From Kimmage."

Today, after a big breakfast, I recorded the vocals for "What Went Wrong." I really like the way that one is turning out. I got choked up at one point because I feel so fortunate to be able to write songs and have good equipment to record them. I'm not as good at recording as a professional, but it's nothing to sneeze at.

This evening, after baking a meatloaf, I recorded the guitar parts for Kimmage. I just have vocals and possibly bass left on that one. This song is going to be lighthearted with some speaking parts. I might not get back to it until after Thanksgiving.


  • NaSoAlMo 1: Count the Sunrises (Finished ~ 4:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 2: Bright Eyes (Disenchanted) (Finished ~ 4:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 3: Personal Space (Finished ~ 2:34)
  • NaSoAlMo 4: Scoggins and Kay (Finished ~ 3:20)
  • NaSoAlMo 5: On the Strength of Hope (Finished ~ 5:00)
  • NaSoAlMo 6: What Went Wrong (Almost finished ~ 5:42)
  • NaSoAlMo 7: Kimmage (Instruments recorded ~ 4:34)

29:50 total (I think)

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