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NaSoAlMo 2011, Day 27

November 27, 2011 | Comments

I didn't put the heater on last night despite the cold outside. My blanket and cat were enough to keep me warm, and I sleep better when it's colder in the room anyway. When I got up, though, I switched the thermostat to heat and went into the kitchen to cook a big breakfast. After breakfast, I noticed it was still chilly inside. The heater never came on because the pilot light was out.


It's been burning for over four years when I had an HVAC company come out and light it for me. The guy showed me how to light it, but I've watched a lot of brain cell sucking TV since then. Through the miracle of the internet, I found several step-by-step instructions. The key to it all, though, was my own documentation of where the pilot light is. The cover of my first NaSoAlMo is a picture of my pilot light, and if I hadn't taken that picture, I never would have thought that's where you have to hold the lighter to light it.

Pilot Light Album Cover

My plan this afternoon was to go to a coffee shop, drink coffee, listen to my NaSo music and take notes about how to make the songs better. I went to Strange Brew first. No place to sit. Next was Flipnotics. No place to park. Next was Summermoon. Again, no place to park. How about Red Table Coffee? Closed, seemingly for good. Circle back to Strange Brew. Same damn people taking up all the seats an hour later. So I got a coffee to go and came home.

This is the kind of thing that makes me angry, even though I know it's my own problem. What are businesses supposed to do, save me a parking place and a seat? I wish.

Instead of working on music when I got home, I cut up 3 butternut squashes for roasting. When the squash was in the oven, I sat down to listen to the tunes. I only got through 1.5 songs before Lily wanted to go out. Then I had to go to the bathroom. Then the squash was ready. Then it was time to feed the animals. Then it was time to feed me. So I gave up on music.

I'm annoyed by days like this... when there's something I want to do and it feels like time and the world are conspiring against me. The way I coped today can be summed up by something my friend Richard used to say.

Someone would say: I'm upset because I want to [XYZ] and I can't.
He'd say: Stop wanting that.

But I did light my pilot light, and that's a damn fine thing.

Something I Heard on a Podcast

Regarding shopping at Goodwill.

John Roderick: Every once in a while I'll go into a Goodwill, and I'll catch this whiff of... Do you smell mothballs? And I'll run to the back and some guy died and ... 25 suits from the 50s are in there.
Merlin Mann: It's kind of, there's a slight smell of... there's definitely mothballs, mildew and dreams deferred. And go fast because that's going to be some good ass suits.

Roderick on the Line, Episode 9

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